In this latest blog I will analyse the political degradation of the political party,s of the European Left. Such as Syriza Greece, Podemos Spain and the Socialist party Netherlands.

I will explain how these partys,s which a few years ago tried to position themselves to the left of the party,s of the socialist international such as the SPD Germany, Socialist party France and Spain etc are now no different from these party,s. As both accept neo liberalism, privatization and the European Union dictatorship.

The political party,s of the European Left largely came to the fore as a response to the rightward shift of the party,s of the socialist international. These partys,s as I have already mentioned accept neo liberalism privatization and the EU dictatorship. Of course these party,s have suffered in electoral terms. For instance the Netherlands Labour party winning only 5.9%
of the vote in the recent election. They used to obtain over 30% of the vote.

Tragically however the party,s of the European Left have quickly turned out to be no different from the party,s of the socialist international. The obvious example being the disgusting Syriza government in Greece led by the spineless Tsipras, who has gone along with the EU dictatorship privatization and austerity programme. Pablo Iglesias the leader of the Spanish party Podemos defended the Syriza sell out of September 2015.

Since the Syriza sell out of September 2015 the party of the European Left have lost any credibility that it had. This is best summed up by a recent statement by Harry Van Bommel the former foreign affairs spokes person of the Netherlands Socialist party that his party is prepared to go into a coalition government with centre right party,s.

Of course we must analyse why the party,s of the European Left have degenerated politically. Basically there are a few reasons for this.

Firstly there political activists tend to come from well off comfortable off backgrounds with no base in the working class. Thus they have no inner feeling to fight for the working class. They would rather defend their comfortable political careers and at the same time sell out the interests of the working class.

Secondly they have accepted like most of post modernist left the fake internationalism of the fascist European Union. They are prepared to adopt neo liberalism and privatization to keep the Euro currency and the EU dictatorship on the road.

Of course the key question is what can be done to counter the party of the European Left disaster. What needs to be done in my opinion is to build an anti EU/ anti globalist left. Which campaigns for their countries to leave the fascist EU and support socialist policies. The party that I am a member of the Socialist Labour party supports such policies.

In conclusion I would urge you to read the following two books. Larry Elliot book Europe didn,t work and Takis Fotopoulos book The new world order in action.

Best wishes to all for the future.



Now there is only one major thinker who I can honestly say has helped me in my personal life and that person is Eckhart Tolle. I would strongly urge all people reading this blog to read his two major works The Power of Now and a New Earth.

His main thesis is that our thoughts are not who we really are they are our ego based form built on our emotions of everyday life. They are not our real being which is our presence and consciousness, which is separate from our egoistical thoughts.

Eckhart states that people cannot just get rid of their ego. You cannot just say I have got rid of my ego and negativity and then become conscious as this would just be another ego thought form.

What you should do is be aware of your ego and negative thought form and observe them like watching a play. Your ego will disolve in its own time when you are aware of it. Personally I find Eckharts view on the ego that it is not who we really are quite comforting.

He also states that we should try and not think of the past or the future. Instead we should just concentrate on the exact present moment. In Eckhart,s wise opinion it is only the present moment that counts.

So I say just try and still yourself in the exact present moment that you are in it is all that really counts. Also just be aware of and observe your ego and negative thoughts. Let them just pass through you as they are not who you really are. Who you really are is your still being of conscious presence below your thoughts.

So in conclusion I particularly urge people to read Eckhart Tolle,s book The New Earth. I read ten pages of this book every day.

Best wishes to all for the future. God bless you all.


The German general election result of 24/9/17 was without doubt very interesting with the AFD winning seats in the German parliament for the first time. The result of the election raise a number of issues.

Firstly the 8% drop in support for the CDU/CSU party of Angela Merkel. From 41% to just under 33%. This is a very welcome development. Merkel is your typical EU corporate globalist trying to destroy countries national democracies. Backing America,s disastrous imperialist wars in the middle east. Also backing fully the EU technocratic dictatorships policies of neo liberalism and privatization.

Her coalition partners the Social Democratic party had their worse result in an all German election since the winter of 1932. Winning just 20.7% of the vote. A poor performance which was richly deserved.

Martin Schulz the SPD candidate for chancellor is your typical Eurocrat. Being the past chairperson of the European Union parliament. The SPD have been in coalition with the CSU/CSU for the last four years. Supporting neo liberalism and privatization. The future to be blunt looks quite grim for the SPD.

The neo liberal pro war German Green party vote was about the same as the last election 9%. So was the Left party who I personally would have voted for. Alas the Left party have a mistaken pro EU viewpoint. Being pro EU army and pro EU intergration. This is a major mistake they should be campaigning for Germany to leave the Eurozone and should put more emphasis on public ownership.

The pro business Free Democratic party returned to the parliament winning just over 10% of the vote. They are now likely to form a coalition government with CDU/CSU and the Green party.

Of course the main talking point of the election was Alternative for Germany winning just under 13% of the vote. There have been some hysterical newspaper headlines such as ‘Nazis’ elected to German parliament. Of course the AFD are not a Nazi party being the equivalent of UKIP in Britain. They correctly call for Germany to leave the Eurozone. Also they appear to oppose Germany being a vassal state of the United States of America.

However what Germany really needs is an anti globalist anti EU left movement. That is also anti NATO and supports public ownership.

The Left party perhaps could adopt these policies. It should drop its pro EU intergration stance. If it does not then I suspect that support for the AFD will continue to grow.

In conclusion these are interesting times indeed. Try and keep fighting for peace justice and social equality.

God bless you all.


Keir Starmer the pro EU Labour party shadow Brexit secretary, has said that a Labour government would seek to negotiate a transitional deal that would keep Britain in the EU single market and customs union after leaving the EU. This statement by Starmer raises a number of issues.

Firstly it shows the weakness of the character of the Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn. He seems to be willing to allow himself to be intimidated by the pro EU Blairite elements inside the party to try and water down Brexit.

Secondly the Labour party policy shift will be an absolute disaster for the Labour party. John Mann the right wing Labour member of parliament who I do not normally agree with is correct in stating that the policy shift to support staying in the EU single market will be very unpopular amongst Labour supporters particularly in the North of England.

Staying in the EU single market means support for the EU ‘free’ market, which means opposition to public ownership. Support for ‘open’ competition which means in reality support for privatization of public services. Also subjection to the European court of ‘justice’ and its anti working class and anti trade union rulings.

In conclusion it confirms my personal view as somebody who left the Labour party in 1994. That we cannot really trust the Labour party leadership
of whatever stripe. Also we need to build an anti globalist anti EU socialist movement. As a final note Britain should leave the EU as soon as possible without paying a divorce bill. A hard socialist Brexit.

Best wishes to all for the future.


Extraterrestrial and UFO whistleblower Corey Goode who is holding a major UFO conference in Mount Shasta California from 18/8/17 to 21/8/17. Is also holding a world wide meditation on Monday 21/8/17 at 7 pm Greenwich mean time for world peace and extraterrestrial disclosure.

Now to be really honest I do not know whether or not the claims of Corey Goode reading his contact with ET,S are true. However I will make the following important points. Based on my years of interest in the UFO and extraterrestrial subject. I am convinced that the major world powers already know about the existence of life on other planets.

I would urge everybody to read Steven Greer,s fantastic new book Unacknowledged. In which he provides evidence from many American military and intelligence officers about their dealings with dead ET recovered bodies and crashed UFO,S. I could quote many other sources regarding proof of the existence of extraterrestrials. But alas space does not permit this in this blog.

As Steven Greer has stated in his book the disclosure of the ET presence would allow the use of free zero point energy to mankind. So this would be a major benefit for the human race.

Turning to the meditation for world peace. Without doubt the present situation in the world is very threatening between the USA and North Korea with the possibility of a war between these two countries and the possibility of China being drawn in. So we most certainly need a meditation for world peace and extraterrestrial disclosure on the 21/8/17.

So in conclusion I would urge everybody to take part in this meditation on Monday 21/8/2017 at 7 pm Greenwich mean time.

God bless you all.


A key weakness in Britain is the lack of a radical daily newspaper. The only one is the Morning Star which sells about ten thousand copes a day.

Of course nowadays most young people get there news from alternative media sources and they ignore the mainstream media. However I still feel that it would be a bonus to have a radical daily newspaper.

The Daily Mirror supports the right wing of the Labour Party and only sells about seven hundred thousand copies a day. The once middle class liberal Guardian is now a reactionary neo conservative newspaper. It is the house journal of the Blairites. It now only sells about one hundred and fourty thousand copies a day most of them elderly.

It would be impossible to start a new printed daily radical newspaper. However it would be quite financially possible to start a a daily internet only radical newspaper. The Canary Global shows what can be done.

I would like to hear from people who read my blog. To hear their views on starting such a daily radical paper.

In conclusion to all keep fighting for peace and justice and against the corporate globalists. God bless you all.


In this latest blog I will argue against the current political grain that we still need to build a socialist alternative to the Labour Party.

The Labour Party unexpected good performance in the last general election has given a surprise boost for left forces inside the Labour Party. Momentum the main left grouping in the party is quite a large organization.

The Labour Party will continue to be the dominant left force in British politics probably indefinitely. However I will now explain why I personally feel that we still need to build a socialist alternative to Labour to challenge it from the left.

Firstly most left wing Labour members of parliament gradually drift towards the right after a certain period of time in parliament. This alas is an uncomfortable fact. Also alas so do many left wing Labour party activists.

Also many party activists including lefts, are pro globalist. For instance being pro EU. They have a strange naive view that the EU and other globalist organizations are a force for good. When in fact they support neo liberalism and corporate fascism.

What is needed is a new left socialist party that is anti EU and anti globalist. It would be democratic and non leninist. It could be based on the ideas of the Greek anti globalist socialist Takis Fotopoulos.

The party would be in favour of widespread democratic pubic ownership. I admit that electoral support for the new party would be quite low in the first period of time after its foundation. However I still feel that there is a need to form such a party and try and build electoral support for it.

Best wishes to all.