The Greek general election result of 7/7/19 on a very low voter turn out of 57% as widely expected resulted in a victory for the right wing New Democracy Party and a heavy defeat for the disgusting government of Alexis Tsipras Syriza of the ‘Radical Left’.

The Greek election result is important as it represents the EU fascist end game. Where the results of countries national elections are unimportant. As whoever is in power just carries out the dictates of privatization and neo liberalism under the orders of the EU dictatorship.

When Syriza came to power in January 2015 they promised to stop austerity, privatization and they said they would stand up to the EU. However they quickly capitulated to the EU carrying out massive spending cuts. Also mass privatization of railways,ports government buildings as well as other privatization.

Of course they could have defaulted on the Greek debt and reinstated the Drachma as the Greek currency. Alas they did not do so.

The Syriza sell out of the summer of 2015 had had an affect on the left throughout Europe. They being seen as sell outs and not being willing to fight against the EU big business interests elites.

Today the situation in Greece is dire with 40% youth unemployment and 18% national unemployment rate. Also there is widespread poverty.

Of course the key question is what can we learn from the Syriza government debacle.Firstly we need to get rid of the Euro currency and the EU dictatorship of finance capital. Socialists in all countries must campaign to leave the EU. Alas in most countries this is a pipe dream as most left wing party,s for some strange reason are pro EU including now the British fake left fraud Corbyn. Also we need to fight for a policy of public ownership of key industries and democratic control of the economy.

Best wishes to all for the future



In my opinion Julian Assange is a very brave hero for exposing the evil misdeeds of American imperialism. In this blog I will explain why he should not be extradited to the USA.

Firstly I will deal with the issue of the rape issue. In 2017 the Swedish preliminary investigation was closed without charge in 2017.

Secondly there is the issue of the one sided USA/UK extradition treaty. Under the treaty UK citizens can be extradited to the USA for alleged crimes committed in the UK. However, surprise surprise. The same does not apply to American citizens who carry out alleged crimes in the USA they cannot be extradited to the UK.

Thirdly Julian was charged in November last year by the USA Department of Justice in relation to documents published by Wikileaks in 2010/2011 in relation to publications relating to war,diplomacy and rendition. These documents were published in other media outlets such as the Guardian, the Telegraph and channel four news. Why are these media outlets not being pursued by the USA authorities.

Fourthly Julian has been granted refugee status by Ecuador. So under international law he should not be extradited to the USA. The United Nations have called on the UK to uphold international law and not extradite him to the USA.

So in conclusion oppose Julians extradition to the USA. Get involved in the Julian Assange Defence Campaign and write to your member of parliament asking them to oppose his extradition to the USA.

Best wishes to all for the future.


The EU parliament election results in the UK went very much as expected. The Brexit party coming top with about 32% of the vote. As expected the pro remain vote went heavily towards the Liberal democrats.

Also as expected the Conservative party took an electoral hammering winning only about 9% of the vote. Labour did not do much better. The obvious reason fo these two party,s heavy defeat was their failure to deliver brexit. However Labour was also trying to appeal to both remain and brexit voters at the same time. However, I now expect Labour to come out firmly as a remain party. This may gain some voters in the affluent parts of London but it will be an electoral disaster in the Midlands and the North of England. I also now expect the Conservatives to elect a hard no deal pro brexit leader as the next prime minister.

So the political future for the United kingdom for the next couple of years will be to say the least very turbulent as the battle over brexit between those who want to accept the democratic vote of June 2016 and those who are trying to sabotage the vote intensifies.

In the rest of the European Union the real losers were the party,s of the European ‘socialists’ and the party of the European ‘Left’ The later won only 38 seats in the parliament. The reason for the ‘left’ poor performance is not hard to find. The austerity imposed in Greece by the Syriza government and the same policies imposed by the last ‘socialist’ government in France.

Unfortunately the European ‘left’ are the strongest supporters of the EU project. They will accept any austerity and privatization to implement this project.

My own personal view is that the EU is profoundly undemocratic. It destroys the power of national parliaments. It also enforces privatization, austerity and mass unemployment on member EU states.

As a pro brexit socialist I feel that we must redouble are efforts to get the UK out of the EU. Also we must try and build an anti globalist and anti EU movement in both the UK and the rest of the EU.

Best wishes for all for the future.


In November 2016 I wrote a blog called, will Donald Trump choose the path of peace? With his threats against Venezuela and his astonishing threat to ‘end Iran’ clearly he has chosen the path of war and conflict.

Whether or not he was in favour of peace but was threatened by the deep state or whether he has always really been a war monger we do not know. But his visit to the UK and his actions during his presidency raise a number of issues.

Firstly it does not really matter who is the president of the USA. As the country is always controlled by the deep state made of the military industrial complex and the oligarchical corporate capitalist elite whoever is president. This is why policies do not really change much whoever is president.

Secondly,American/Western imperialism is supremely evil. They believe in permanent war. Also injustice and internal repression in the USA and other western imperialist countries.

Thirdly they believe in ransacking the resources of third world countries and the global south. They will never accept a multi polar world with Russia and China. This is why a third world war is quite possible.

The key question is what should we do to fight back. Firstly try and attend the anti Trump demonstrations on his visit to the UK in June 2019.

Secondly try and get involved in anti war,anti imperialist and anti corporate rule campaigns.

Do not despair. Never give up. Keep on fighting back.

Best wishes for the future. God bless you all.


On the 23/5/19 the voters of the UK will be asked to vote in elections to the European Union parliament. In my opinion this is outrageous as this country has already voted to leave the EU in June 2016. For more background on my views on this please see my most recent blog about the plot to sabotage brexit.

Th obvious question then to ask is what to do now that the decision has been made for the UK to take part in the EU elections on 23/5/19. Remainers will probably be very pleased that the UK is taking part in the elections. However, I am certain that this view will backfire. As I am confident that the Brexit party will win about 40% of the vote in the elections. This I feel will will turn the brexit situation back in favour of the pro leave elements in the UK.

Most pro brexit voters including many left wing brexit supporters will vote for the Brexit party on the 23/5/19. Including George Galloway who I greatly admire. However,I personally will be boycotting the elections on the 23/5/19. I agree with point of view of the Socialist Labour Party and Communist Party of Britain that voters should boycott the EU elections. The reason for this is that the elections are wholly illegitimate as this country has already voted to leave the EU.

I expect the Conservative party to quite rightly take a hammering on the 23/5/19. The Labour party will also suffer a big defeat although nowhere near as heavy as that of the Conservative party. Interestingly many of the Labour candidates are pro EU Blarite reactionaries. So much for the Labour party being now under the control of the hard left. I can see why many pro brexit voters will vote for the brexit party on the 23/5/19. However I am personally of the view that people should boycott the elections. Of course every body is entitled to their own point of view. It is important that after the elections that those of us who support brexit redouble our efforts to fight for a peoples brexit.

In my next blog to be published shortly after the EU elections. I will analyse the results of the European parliament elections results both hear in the UK and in the rest of the European Union.

Best wishes for the future.


As was widely expected the implementation of article 50 the UK leaving the EU has been postponed again until the end of October 2019. I am confident that there will be a further delay to the implementation of article 50 on the 31/10/19. I hope that I am wrong but Britains corporate globalist elite seem to have decided that the best tactic seems to be permanently delaying leaving the EU.

Of course since Britain voted to leave the EU in June 2016. The government has had two and a half years to negotiate the terms for leaving the EU. Of course they have not done so. So it is hard to see what can be achieved in negotiating the implementing the implementation of article 50 between 29/3/19 and 31/10/19.

Some people say that the delay is due to incompetence by the government. However I strongly hold to the alternative view that May and her inner circle in the government are determined to stop brexit taking place at all costs. Even some of the ‘pro’ brexit ERG group of Tory members of parliament may be controlled opposition as they seem to be adopting strange tactics which are sabotaging brexit.

As for Jeremy Corbyns Labour party there can be only one word to describe the situation regarding brexit,pathetic. Or perhaps you could add the word outrageous. Tony Benn must be weeping at Corbyns tactics on Brexit. Once a firm opponent of the EU he seems for some reason to become part of the political group trying to sabotage brexit.

Most Labour members of parliament who represent leave constituencies seem to treat the views of their constituents with total contempt. As they are largely trying to sabotage brexit.

Of course there will be a big political price to pay for the brexit sabotage for both the Labour and Conservative party,s. I am confident that the brexit party will win a big victory in the European elections on the 23/5/19.

Myself as a pro brexit socialist I will be abstaining from voting on the 23/5/19. I will not be voting for Corbyns pro EU Labour party. As an anti capitalist I will not also be voting for the pro capitalist brexit party. I will write another blog in greater detail about voting in the EU elections just before the elections on 23/5/19.

In conclusion we must not give up the fight against the corporate globalist elite. We must redouble our actions to fight for a peoples brexit and defend Britains national democracy. Also as a socialist I will be taking part in campaigns to help build an anti globalist anti EU left.

Best wishes to all for the future.


Easter in my opinion offers a message of hope to the present world of trouble and strife. This applies whether or not you are a christian.

The Easter resurrection of Jesus shows that whatever our personal troubles relating to health, economic or psychological we can still keep going. As there is I feel in the Easter resurrection a message that goodness and justice will eventually prevail.

I would strongly urge people to use the period building up to Easter 2019 for deep self reflection on your personal life. See how you can make personal improvements in your life both emotionally and healthwise. Also you should use the Easter period to see how you can get involved in campaigns to make the world a better place.

In these undoubted dark times of war and injustice the Easter resurrection urges us to keep going come what may and whatever are own deep personal problems.

Many people have given upon trying to make the world a better place. I can perhaps understand this point of view in this corporate elite globalist controlled world. The odds seems so heavily stacked against those people fighting for peace,justice and change. Many people have also given up on their own personal life they are in a way dead people walking

However as I emphasis again the Easter Jesus resurrection does offer a message to the world of hope in our personal life and justice in this cruel dark world.

Do not give up, do not despair keeping going come what may.

My next blog will be on the British Brexit farce

Best wishes for the future god bless you all.