The idea of this latest blog came after recently reading the above mentioned book which was written by the esteemed above mentioned author. Dr Robert W Malone is the inventor of the MRNA vaccine.

This blog is not a review of the book which describes very technical medical details. He however feels that the drastic lockdowns were not necessary the average age of death from Covid was 84 in Germany, in the UK it was 82.He like me supported the Great Barrington Declaration whereby only people with who are very seriously ill should be placed in lockdowns. In his book he also explains the potential dangers of the experimental Covid vaccines.

However reading the book prompted me to look at the affects the Covid events has had on myself,which I have already said what this blog is primarily about. To be blunt the affects these events has had on myself is considerable.

When Covid first came to public attention in December 2019, we were presented with the view of coffins in Italy and the ‘threat’ of mass deaths.. However as a person who has an enquiring mind and who is generally suspicious of authority my investigations quickly confirmed that it was mostly people over the age of 75 who were dying of Covid. For most people under the age of 70 Covid was only a minor illness.This is also the view of Dr Robert W Malone.

Myself I opposed the lockdowns and the related other restrictions when they were introduced in March 2020. I attended most of the major anti lockdown demonstrations in London. The demonstration in May 2021 attracted nearly one and half million people. I also got involved in the various Freedom groups which were opposed to the lockdown restrictions and the plans of the World Economic Forum for their fascist economic ‘great reset’ which I along with many other people think are the real reason behind the lockdown related restrictions.

Myself in May 2022 I had an illness called Empyema which is a chest and lung infection in no way related to Covid. As there was no lockdown at the time I was able to see a GP in person who sent me for an X-Ray which diagnosed Empyema and I must say an enjoyable ten day stay in hospital fully cured my Empyema. But I wonder if the illness happened during the lockdown would it have been diagnosed in a GP telephone appointment ?

Myself I was surprised how many people were taken in by the authorities Covid propaganda. Even very young people. I was personally often given strange looks by some people on public transport and in shops for wearing my facemask exemption badge.

Turning to the Covid vaccine. I heard about the potential dangers of these experimental vaccines when they were first rolled out. The former Vice President of Pfizer Dr Michael Yeadon explained the dangers of these vaccines. Also my personal instinct was not to trust these vaccines. So I wisely I feel decided not to have any of the Covid vaccines. I am convinced that I have made the correct decision.

I read a few weeks ago that there an astonishing two and half million people of sick in May 2023. I wonder if any of these peoples sickness is due to their immune system being weakened by the vaccines?

In conclusion perhaps the greatest affect the Covid events has had on myself. Is that nearly of of my close friends are now people who were opposed to the official narrative on Covid and who are suspicious of the Covid vaccines. Regretfully most people who were friends of mine before the Covid events who were pro lockdown ,pro the vaccine etc, I have lost their friendship. This also appears to have happened to the rest of my present friends who are anti lockdown and anti vaccine. Britain seems to be divided into two tribes, the rebellious people who are generally questioning of authority and the general herd types who will accept any government restrictions without question.

This is perhaps sad but alas is the present situation.

Best wishes to all for the future.



The Greek general election result of 21/5/23 resulted in a crushing defeat for the pro EU, pro globalist Syriza party. This defeat was richly deserved after the disgraceful sell out of the Syriza government to the EU during the September 2015 bail out negotiations which led to prolonged austerity and also privatization in Greece.

The result on 21/5/23 was Conservative New Democracy 146 seats, Syriza 71 seats, Pasok 41 seats, Communist party 26 seats and Greek Solution 16 seats.

As an anti globalist socialist I do not welcome the victory of New Democracy led by Mitsotakis. However the main purpose of this blog is to analyse the total failure of the Syriza government, its sell out to the EU,its defeat in 2019 election and its crushing defeat in the election in May 2023.

Syriza,s roots lay in euro communism. The party was formed in 2004 and due to the austerity measures implemented in Greece its votes slowly increased until it won the general election in January 2015.It promised to end austerity in Greece, rebuild the Greek economy. Also it promised to carry out public ownership of some industries.

However the Syriza government carried out the exact opposite policies from what it had promised in the January 2015 election after it concluded its negotiations with the EU. It passed anti trade union legislation ,increased taxes on the working class and carried out privatization measures and continued austerity.

Of course we have to ask the question why Syriza sold out to the EU. Firstly its activists was made up largely of middle class professional people who lacked the guts to fight the ruling class. They tended to have a pro globalist,pro EU outlook.They tended to have a naive view that they could persuade the fascist EU of the fairness of their case to end austerity in Greece.

The Syriza government should have defaulted on its debts. Also they should have left the Eurozone and the EU. But as I have already mentioned they did not have the guts to do this. Instead they had a pro globalist pro EU outlook. They seemed to be hostile to Greek national democracy. They seemed to like taking dictates from the EU.

In conclusion what can we learn from the Greek Syriza debacle? We must build an anti globalist,anti NATO, anti EU socialist movement. Fortunately here in Britain we have two such political party,s the Workers Party of Britain and the Socialist Labour Party. Alas at present Greece does not seem to have such a party.

Best wishes to all for the future.


This latest blog looks at the legacy of Corbynism. Also it will look at the long term affects of Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party from 2015 to 2020.

Firstly let me state my own relationship to the ‘Labour’ Party. I left the party in 1994 when New Labour was established by Tony Blair. When I was a party member I was associated with the hard left faction led by Tony Benn. When I was a member a majority of the Tony Benn supporters gradually drifted to the right and became Blair supporters. This had a big affect on me, this is why I did not remotely consider rejoining the party when Corbyn became leader. In fact since the mid 1990,s I have been very suspicious of both factions of the ‘Labour’ party the right wing and the fake ‘left’ faction.

When Corbyn was elected leader in 2015. I did not join in the jubilation. As I knew that his leadership would fail. Most ‘Labour’ members of parliament belong to the hard right faction of the party and strongly dislike Corbyn. They spent the five years of his leadership undermining him despite Corbyn,s pleas to the ‘Labour’ members of parliament to accept him. Of course what Corbyn should have done is instead of standing for leader of the ‘Labour’ party he should have broken from the ‘Labour’ party and formed a new socialist party. However for some strange reason this never occurred to Corbyn.

He was constantly accused of antisemitism during his time as leader. Charges which are obviously bogus. However again for some strange reason he did not adequately counter these false allegations. This should have in fact been quite easy to do. In my opinion nowadays anybody who criticizes Israel,s ethnic cleaning of Palestinians is considered to be anti semitic

Corbyn did surprisingly well in the 2017 general election achieving 40% of the vote. This however upset both the ‘Labour’ right wing and the British ruling class. In the December 2019 election the party suffered a huge defeat under Corbyn. The reason for this was the change in policy in relation to Brexit since the 2017 election. Corbyn called for a second referendum on the subject of the UK leaving the European Union thus undermining the original vote to leave the EU. In my personal opinion Corbyn can be accused of a lack of principle on this issue. He had previously been a strong opponent of British membership of the EU.He never really explained the reason for his change in position in relation to the UK and the EU.

After the 2019 election defeat Corbyn was replaced as ‘Labour’ leader by the right wing Keir Starmer who has been a member of the fascist Trilateral Commission. Under Starmer,s leadership Corbyn was banned as standing as a candidate for the ‘Labour’ party in the next general election on the grounds of ‘anti semitism’

Now the ‘left’ wing of the ‘Labour’ is totally demoralized. They are keeping their heads down. Some are even supporting the Fascist Zelensky regime in the Ukraine.They are also supporting the Western imperialist war drive against Russia and China. Most of the Corbyn supporters who remain in the ‘Labour’ party will in due course become ‘Labour’ right wingers.

So what is the future for those of us who still consider ourselves to be socialists? Myself I now describe myself as an anti globalist anti new world order socialist. I strongly feel that we must build an anti globalist, anti NATO,anti European Union, ant World Economic Forum socialist party here in both Britain and all other European countries. This party of course must be outside of the ‘Labour’ party. In fact I would urge people not to vote for any ‘Labour’ party candidates under any circumstances.

The Workers party of Britain and the Socialist Labour Party are to good party.s to join in my opinion. Both are anti EU,NATO and anti globalist. Both of these party.s are behind the excellent No2Nato No2War campaign, who held the excellent conference in London in February 2023.

In conclusion the real lessons that we can learn from Corbyn,s legacy is that the ‘Labour’ party is a tool for the globalists,western imperialists and the corporate fascist globalists elite. Genuine socialists should have nothing whatsoever to do with the party.

Best wishes for all for the future.


This latest blog is a review of a new book by the Psychic and Tarot card reader Clemens Brenan.

The book is based on the original 1966 to 1969 series, which consisted of 78 episodes. It is based in the 23rd century where the Starship Enterprise led by Captain Kirk and Mr Spock. travelled to different planets fighting dark forces such as the Klingon, the Archons and various transhumanist and Artificial Intelligence entities. Many of whom behave like psychopaths. Behaviour which is similar to the present day psychopaths of the World Economic Forum. such as Macron,Trudeau and Schwab with their plans for a great reset and transhumanist agenda.

The author uses a card from the 78 pack Tarot De Marseille to describe each episode.This Tarot deck was invented in Italy in the 15th century.

After describing each episode the author then describes how they relate to our present times and what we as each individual people can do to fight the dark forces that control the matrix. The matrix is the control system established by dark forces such as the Archons to enslave humanity.

An example is episode Seven called ‘What are little girls made of?’ Clemens used the Tarot card the Ten of Coins to describe this episode. The Ten of Coins relates to a new bodily formation.

In Episode Seven the Starship beams down on Exo Three. This is controlled by Dr Roger Korby. He has already replaced himself a long time a go by an android. He attempts to clone Captain Kirk but Kirk resists and defeats Korby,s evil plan. Thus defeating Korby,s transhumanist agenda.

Clemens explains that like Kirk we can defeat the present day evil transhumanist plans of psychopaths like Ray Kurzweil. Just by sticking to our own free will and just say no to the cabals evil plans and be part of the growing resistance to the cabals evil plans for a Great Reset and transhumanism.

In my personal view the key strength of the book is that you do not of have to watched the Startrek television series to appreciate it. After describing each episode. The authors brilliant After the Takedown clearly explains the relevance of each episode to our present times.

In the After the Takdown he explains that by noncompliance to the World Economic Forum their fascists plans can be defeated. Such non compliance actions are, not going along with lockdowns, refusing to wear facemasks and not having the DNA altering MRNA Covid Vaccine. Be a sovereign individual.

My favourite quote from the book is on page 247. he quotes Patrick McGoohan the star of The Prisoner TV series.’ I will not be pushed,filed,stamped,indexed,briefed,debriefed or numbered.My life is my own’

This is in my personal opinion a very profound statement. We should all be like Patrick McGoohan. We should be non herd autonomous free individuals.

Clemens Brenan offers us some hopeful news. According to Kimberly Goguen the AI Matrix control system that has controlled our planet for Three Hundred Thousand years officially ended in January 2023. Check Kimberley out on United Network.TV.

In conclusion this book is an outstanding comment on a present times. It is a book well worth buying.

Best wishes to all for the future.


On the 6/5/2025 Charles Windsor will be crowned as King Charles the Third. In this latest blog I will explain why I as an English Republican oppose this.

Firstly there is no divine right for one particular family to rule as King or Queen of England- Britain. The family line of the monarchy has often been changed by battles or else political intrigue. The most notable example is the Battle of Hastings of 1066.

Secondly I am opposed to the idea of a hereditary head of state.Why should the Windsor family hold this position by birth rather than any other family?

The present King who is 74 years of age was appointed Prince of Wales in 1958. He become the King when his mother died on the 8/9/2022. He has made some controversial statements about political issues such as climate change. Also in 2020 he addressed a conference on sustainability held by the very sinister and in my opinion fascist World Economic Forum. If he is a ‘non political’ monarch he should not be making statements on political issues. If he wants to make political statements he should stand for public office.

An online UK newspaper report on the 20/4/2023 stated that Charles Windsor,s personal wealth was a staggering 1.8 billion pounds. So obviously he is aligned to the British ruling class in any crisis rather than the working class.

A poll on the 20/3/2023 stated that 61% of the UK population supported the monarchy and 24% want the country to become a Republic.

Personally although I am a Republican I do not expect the UK to become a Republic in the near future. People are given constant media propaganda about how good for the UK the royal family are.

Myself I shall just continue to ignore the UK royal family as if they do not exist. So in conclusion I shall just ignore the coronation on the 6/5/2023.

Best wishes to all for the future.


Chargehand, chargehand gives the orders to the assembly line below.
People working for a pittance its all they know.
Chargehand wants to be foreman but he can't have it yet.
Instead he must obey the foreman's 'target, yes they must be met.

Foreman,foreman greyhaired nervous disposition,
but what do you expect in his position.
The constant pressure is too much.
Each day he only has a fifteen minute lunch.
Helps implement  the targets which must be met.
The chargehand is the one  who his anger  mainly gets.

Production manager,oh what a life he leads.
He's there all day to seven at night
with constant worry and constant frights.
He lost his hair through too much worry is always in such a hurry.
Has pains in his chest, Doctor says should take a rest.
Harasses  the foreman all day long.
Tells him what is going wrong.
Production targets must be met.
So bullying an intimidation all below must get.

Managing director he's the big number one.
Goes around making sure the production targets are done.
Barks orders and insults too all below.
He thinks he's the real hero.
The rest are just an expendable bunch.
He's the one who each day takes a three hour lunch.

Written by KO August 1992.

Comment. Although the general job descriptions have  largely changed from when this poem was written in 1992.
I suspect that the work hierarchy is still largely the same.


It seems that the world in Easter week 2023 is on the verge of a global meltdown. A growing economic crisis rising food and fuel prices. On top of this there is the growing threat of a direct military conflict between the Western imperial powers and the Russia/China alliance.

To be honest it does seem a world of despair at present, with little hope for the future. In fact the only future that we seem to be able to look forward to is the evil totalitarian trans humanist great reset of the fascist World Economic Forum.

So is there any hope for the world at the present time? Christians would say that Jesus resurrection at Easter does offer hope for the future and as some sort of Christian I personally feel that it does. There is I feel some hope for the individual even in the darkest moments of despair.

So what can we do at Easter 2023 to activate this Easter hope. Firstly I would suggest meditate on Jesus resurrection, or else sit in your room gazing at the surroundings thinking about Jesus resurrection.

Secondly take some positive actions. Such as try and give a donation to a charity. Also try and get involved in some anti globalist event. Such as the campaign against the fascist great economic reset of the World Economic Forum. Also attend demonstrations against ’15 minute cities’ also against the fascist Ultra Low Emission Zones.

So there is hope for us in these uncertain times. Jesus resurrection can be a spur for us to make this present sad world a better place.

Happy Easter 2023 and best wishes to all for the future.


This latest blog is about what I consider to be one of Britain,s most neglected novelists Patrick Hamilton who I personally consider to be a genius. He was born in 1904 near Brighton and died of the affects of alcoholism in Sheringham Norfolk in 1962.

He came from a fairly comfortable middle class background and was raised by nurses. He went to preparatory and boarding schools. So he lived a lonely life as a child which made him insecure.

In the 1920,s he wrote various novels and plays. But these were a prelude to his classical novels of the 1930,s and 1940,s.

Hangover Square published in 1938 is based around the public houses of Earls Court. The main character George Harvey Bone is a loner and a loser. He tries to build a relationship with Netta an attractive middle class women who treats Bone.s advances as a joke. So in revenge he kills her then commits suicide.The novels explores the rootlessness of 1930,s London.

The Slaves of Solitude published in 1946 is based around the guests in Rosamund Tea rooms in war time Henley on Thames. The key character Miss Roach is a mid 30,s spinster who is still hoping to find a man to make her ‘happy’

However my favourite novel is Twenty Thousand streets under the Sky. Published early in the 1930,s. Its is based on 1930,s Euston London. This novel has great appeal to myself as I have lived near the Euston area for many years. Also I am fascinated by the 1930,s. It is based around a public house The Midnight bell just off the Euston Road.

The novel is based on loneliness and isolation. Ella a pub barmaid likes Bob but for some reason she rejects his advances. However she also turns down the advances of Eccles an older man. All three of these characters are quite lonely, isolated and with emotional problems.

His novels seem to run in parallel with Patricks own life who it seems was quite insecure in his own life. Perhaps this may have been the reason for his alcoholism in his adult life?

In 1931 a traffic accident seems to have increased his insecurity as it left a permanent disfigurement on his face.

His insecurity and his insecure child upbringing help him develop a sympathy for the underdog.This was probably the reason he became a Marxist in the early 1930,s. Although a sympathizer of the Communist Party he never actually joined the party. This commitment to Marxism lasted until a couple of years before his death in 1962.

In conclusion many people may say that Patrick was a sad figure. However I personally feel that his life and novels some,s up the predicament of the human race. largely isolated alienated and insecure.

God rest your soul Patrick Hamilton.

Best wishes to all for the future.


Albion the divine name of England.
A green and pleasant land whose journey is not transitory.
Imperialist  plundered to imperialist plunderer.
Imperialist oppressor.

A.D. 43 the date of the Roman imperialist oppression.
Later attacked and integrated by Saxons and Vikings.
A.D. 900 a united nation.

Alas 1066, Norman conquest, imperialist oppression, genocide.
One hundred  thousand Albion natives put to the conquest sword.
The conquest a new Norman imperialist aristocracy.
The breeding ground for British,English imperialism.

17th to the 20th century.
Albion a producer of genocide,repression and imperialism.
The ancient land invades exterminates native Americans, Australians.
Famine genocide in Ireland.
Famine in India.

The 19th century. The industrial revolution
the mark of the British, Albion ruling industrial elite.
A new proletarian pauper class,

But do not despair a proletarian Labour movement arises
which in the 20th century makes proletarian gains.

The 1980s a ruling class counter revolution.
Privatization,financial speculation, insecurity for the proletarian mass,

Albion 2023. 
Its people insecure acting in a post Covid herd haze.

Eternal Albion
Can you shake off your oppression?
Bring your war forces home.
Disarm your armies.
Depart from your hereditary monarchies.
End oligarchies, injustice and servitude.

Arise Albion from your slumber.
Build a new pleasant land of
freedom, justice,peace and security.

Written by KO. 1/3/2023.


This blog is about the ‘Labour’ Party under the right wing leadership of Keir Starmer. It will also suggest ways of fighting back against Starmerism.

Before becoming a Member of parliament he was first a ‘human rights’ lawyer then the Director of Public Prosecutions. He became a member of parliament for the constituency of Holborn and St Pancras in 2015. He was a member of Corbyns shadow cabinet before becoming ‘Labour’ Party leader in 2020.

Firstly I will highlight the difference between Starmerism and Blairism. When became Labour leader in the mid 1990,s their was an optimistic amongst the western imperialist ruling class. They felt that western imperialism and the western ruling class could rule the world after the collapse of the Soviet Union. They felt that socialism was ‘discredited’ and that only neo liberal capitalism could work in the future.

However the world in 2023 is very different from the world of the mid 1990s. The Russia/China anti imperialist alliance has regrouped, they are more than a match for the western imperialist bloc. There is constant talk of a third world war.

Capitalism has been in constant crisis since 2008,with massive debts and fictitious capital. Fortunately for the western ruling class most of the western ‘left’ is now totally degenerate. Largely concentrating on personal identity politics. They have largely forgotten the class struggle and are not offering a socialist alternative

However what does Starmerism mean in real terms? Firstly Starmer has been a member of the very sinister Trilateral Commission. This group aims to establish a globalist dictatorship and an apolitical society. It is deeply opposed to populist movements. Starmer went to the recent fascist World Economic Forum event at Davos. This shows his real political agenda.

A Starmer government will probably will probably adopt various fascist biosecurity state measures. Such as mandatory digital passports,and a cashless society. He will possibly introduce laws restricting internet free speech.

He will quite likely extend the totalitarian Ultra Low Emission Zones where working class car drivers will have to pay to use their cars in their own areas. His government may introduce some form of Universal Basic Income, however it will probably be linked to various control measures such as having a digital passport.

Of course a Starmer government will adopt neo liberal economic policies it will be totally opposed to public ownership of industries.He is a fanatical Zionist.He will be totally loyal to American imperialism,he will support western imperialist wars. Just the man for world war three?.

The key question is how to fight Starmerism? Firstly I predict that his government will quickly become unpopular. However we must totally give up on the dead end idea of fighting him inside the ‘Labour’ Party. We must build a mass anti globalist Socialist movement outside of the ‘Labour’ Party. My party the Socialist Labour Party and George Galloway,s Workers Party of Britain are I feel the best vehicles for this.

Also people must support demonstrations against mandatory vaccines and any future lockdowns that are planned. They must also support all strikes by Trade Unions trying to defend workers standard of living. Finally they must also demonstrate against any future wars planned by western imperialism.

In conclusion join the fight against Starmer and his corporate fascist agenda.

Best wishes to all for the future.