Recently I read the book by two American fundamentalists Christians Cris Putnam and Tom Horn called Exovaticana.

The book did create a certain amount of interest amongst the exopolitics community. The book was reviewed on Michael Salla,s exopolitics website and I heard was am Amazon best seller. However I personally found the book very disappointing to say the least.

The two authors of the book claimed to have discovered evidence that Pope Francis is going to announce a new extraterrestrial savour this year. However this I feel was the books major problem. The two authors did not as far as I could see after reading the book supply one piece of real evidence to back up their claim that the new Pope is going to make an announcement regarding extraterrestrials this year. The book written by two fundamentalist Christians was as far as I am concerned just five hundred pages of rants against mainstream protestant,catholic and orthodox Christians. So I found the book a great disappointment to say the least.

Now I am convinced that there is a cover up regarding the existence of extraterrestrials. The uncovering of the 1964 Nato report by Colonel Bob Dean an American officer who served at the Nato headquarters in Brussels which confirmed Natos knowledge of extraterrestrial races confirms this.

However the key point from this is that the worlds politicians have kept the existence of extraterrestrials secret for many years in the past. So sadly I expect them the keep the existence of extraterrestrials secret for many years to come.

So for any who reads the Exovaticana book I say sorry no ET disclosure this year.



In this blog I will explore the mass depoliticization amongst young people and will explain the need for a mass fight back against the corporate fascist financial dictatorship that runs the world.

Young people in both Europe, America and the rest of the world face a very grim future. High unemployment, high insecure rents to private landlords, huge student debts. Also the only work available is often temporary low paid casual jobs. This work situation also often applies to people with university degrees. So we have a generation with no future.

However the paradox and contradiction to this grim situation is that we have probably the most apolitical and ill informed generation about politics for years. Young people just seem to talk about corporate sports and celebrity film stars showing very little interest in the fight back against the corporate system.

Without doubt this is as a result of a strategy pursued by the ruling elite to depoliticize young people by promoting their interest in fake entertainment and corporate rock and roll. However the question what needs to be asked is what can be done to awaken young people from their political slumbers and start fighting back against the corporate system.

Firstly we need to build a new political movement in both Britain and the rest of the world that can build a fight back against corporate rule.

Secondly those of us who are already opposed to the corporate system need to get busy carrying out propaganda amongst young people urging them to get involved in the political struggle.

Thirdly mass use of the new social media to carry out political agitation amongst young people against the corporate system and explaining a programme to build a new system.

So lets all get busy there is no time to lose.


This Saturday 17/8/2013 the English league premier soccer season starts which signifies the full start of the English soccer season. Now as a person who used to be a big soccer fan in my younger days to be blunt the start of the new season is a big turn off.

I would have to agree fully with both George Orwell and Noam Chomsky that global corporate sport particularly soccer helps to promote false consciousness amongst the masses. Soccer and other major sports are promoted by the ruling elites to take peoples minds of the worlds political and social problems and so depoliticise people.

Personally I find it very hard to understand how ordinary working class people earning £25000.00 per year can look up to as heroes soccer stars earning £200000.00 per week. This is definitely false consciousness. Besides this I personally find the behaviour and attitude of soccer stars like Steve Terry and Luiz Suarez a big turn off.

The atmosphere in soccer was I feel different in the 1960,s and 1950,s soccer and other top sports were treated much less seriously. I remember England winning the world cup in 1966 was only backpage newspaper news not news headlines on the TV media as it is now. Players wages in the 1960,s were close to that of ordinary people. Also in the 1950,s and 1960,s non league soccer teams had a large following. There was not the instinct that you had to support one of the premiership teams.

As I have said earlier in this blog it is all part of the ruling elite strategy of depoliticising ordinary people and thus take their mind of their economic and social problems. This pacification of the masses will stop them taking part in the fight for economic and social change.

If you want to be a free minded person who does want to join the fight for economic and social change. Then disengage from the ruling class pacification process. Do not pay for sports channels. Also do not become obsessed by commercial sport and join the fight for human freedom,justice and liberation.


Pope Francis has been the Pope the head of the Catholic Church for nearly five months now. Being appointed on the 13/3/2013 to succeed Pope Benedict XVI. Although I personally feel that the Catholic Church is in need of major reforms I would concede that so far the positives outnumber the negatives in his papacy.

The one dark spot regarding his life has been his relationship towards the Argentine military junta of the 1970,s and 1980,s. However the Argentine Permanent Assembly of Human Rights have stated that there has been no link proven between Pope Francis and the Argentine military junta of the time. So obviously Pope Francis must be considered not guilty of any links to the Junta.

He has made a few encouraging speeches attacking global capitalism excesses. Also he has also called for a greater role for women in the church. He has also called for improved relationships with other Christian churches.

The leading liberation theologian Leonardo Boff has stated the he feels that Pope Francis does have some sympathy for liberation theology. However the former catholic priest Matthew Fox feels that Pope Francis is hostile to liberation theology. So clearly there are different points of views relating towards this subject.

However so far the new Pope has made an encouraging start. However he needs to build on this by allowing married priests in the church, women priests or deacons. Also drop the churches opposition to artificial birth control. Finally the church should help develop an alternative economic system to capitalism and distance itself from the rich and powerful.

Enjoy the rest of the summer.


In this blog I will give some insights into the views of the controversial Episcopal priest Matthew Fox who joined the Episcopal church after being removed as a priest by the Catholic church in 1994.

I have to state that some of his views I do agree with. I share his criticism regarding the Catholic church,s swing to the right under Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI. Their opposition to married priests and the birth control pill and their alliance with the political right.

I first came across Matthew Fox after reading his book The Popes War. It gives a very good account of Pope John Paul and Pope Benedicts attack on liberal elements in the Catholic Church and exposing the church,s support for right wing fascist politicians in Latin America. Matthew Fox seems to be a bitter man and he may have a good reason to be after being removed as a catholic priest for his liberal views.

I totally agree with him that the church must go back to become the church before the Roman Empire took control of the church when Emperor Constantine became a Christian in the early fourth century. He is right in stating that the church should distance itself from the rich and powerful. However this should apply to orthodox and protestant churches as well.

Why in general I agree with most of what Matthew Fox says. I do have some queries on the Creation Spirituality movement that he has set up. This is to a certain extent a new age Christian church. Which uses techno masses and new age ceremonies. Personally I prefer the traditional church service although like Matthew I am a liberal who wants to distance the church from the rich and powerful. In Britain his Creation Spirituality movement is called Green Spirituality and does not seem totally Christian.

So in conclusion I would agree with Matthew Fox that the Christian churches need major reforms perhaps even a revolution. I do have some small queries about the Creation Spirituality network and what we really need a revival of liberation theology.