Ed Milliband first year as Labour leader

Ed Milliband has been leader of the Labour Party for one year now. When he was elected leader I generally welcomed his election coming from the soft left wing of the party and defeating his brother David Milliband who is Tony Blairs Heir apparent.

However his first year as leader has been disappointing apart from his performance in the House of Commons on the News International Hacking scandal.

He  just makes lame speeches such as about fighting for the queezed middle.He seems a typical member of the political class.He does not seem to understand that the capitalist system  is going through its worst crisis since the 1930,s with massive toxic bank,national and individual people debt.Rising fuel bills unaffordable rented and owner occupied property.To make things worse it seems we are heading for permanent nil growth and peak oil is just starting to kick in.

Ed Milliband does not seem to have any solutions to the crisis as he probably really supports the globalist corporate system.You just have to look at the socialist parties in power in Greece and Spain and see the type of policies they are carrying out.Neo liberal policies, attacks on working class peoples living standards,huge cuts in public expenditure and very high unemployment.

Clearly Ed Milliband needs to examine the policies of the Greek and Spanish socialist governments and urgently draw up an alternative programme.Such a programme must include a wealth tax on the rich,a tax on international bank transactions and a large public sector property building programme.Also public ownership of the gas and electricity industry.We also need a state bank to direct investment.

In conclusion I think that the tragedy for Ed Milliband is that he may become Prime Minister in 2015 however he will not have the economic policies to overcome the economic crisis and he will just end up implementing neo liberal policies. Leading the way for a very right wing  government to follow him.




Next week Mahmoud Abbas will press at the United Nations for the recognition of an independent Palestinian state. Behind the scenes the USA and the  EU are putting pressure to drop the demand.This is hypocrisy of the highest level.

The 1948 Nakba was the start of the ethnic  cleansing of the Palestinian population.The United Nations awarded 55% of the territory to the incoming Jewish population and 45% to the indigenous Palestinian population. However brutal Israel cleansing backed by the United States of America has meant that  Israel now occupies  75% of the population.

Clearly the demand for Palestinian independence and the withdrawal of Israel from the West Bank and the other occupied territories should be supported by all decent and democratic minded people of the world. Also the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their homeland should be supported.Unfortunately it is a just demand which is opposed by the United States of America and some other countries.

However fortunately it seems as if the dialectical process of history is on the side of Palestinian independence and freedom.Firstly due to the demographic changes in population Palestinians will probably be a majority in a ‘Greater Israel’ in about 30 years time.

Secondly the Arab spring will greatly weaken Israel in the long run. The democratic Arab nations will weaken Israels appeal to the west. The spread of democracy to the middle east is Israels worst nightmare so will be the democratic revolution in Iran when it happens in the next few years.

Thirdly the growing influence of Turkey in the middle east. Turkey has offered to escort ships taking aid to Gazza it would not suprise me to see Turkey intervening in Gazza soon. Iran and Turkey are destined to dominate the middle east in the coming years due to their population size.

Fourthly there is the massive pro Palestinian solidarity campaign.Virtually every British trade union is affiliated to the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign. The British Trades Union Congress  supports the boycott of Israel goods and the international boycott of Israel is growing.

Fifthly the growing protests in Israel itself show the growing economic crisis in the country itself.

Despite the bullying and threats against Palestine from the USA and Israel history and justice are on the side of Palestinian independence and freedom. The cause is right and just.Whatever the American Zionist backers of Israel say history is against them. The fight for Palestinian independence and freedom will be triumphant.

Join the struggle for Palestinian freedom and join the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.


Last night I went to Ian Crane,s well attended talk in Central London.It was arranged to coincide with the tenth anniversary of 9/11.

Ian,s talk was very well presented and a boost to the morale of 9/11 and truth movement activists. He correctly explained how the neo conservative project for the new american century stated before the 9/11attacks took place  that attacks on the USA could be used by the USA to start imperial wars.Hence the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He explained what we truth movement activists already know that the 9/11 attacks on the world trade centre was an inside job.See my earlier blog on the Richard Gage talk in London for an in depth explanation of why 9/11 was an inside job.

Ian also correctly explained how the official story of the London bombings cannot be true.As it has been proven that the train that the bombers took to London from Luton would have arrived in London Kings Cross too late for them to participate in the bombings. Ian also explained eye witnesses reports of bombs exploding underneath the tube trains. The evidence suggests the official story on the London bombings is not true.

However the most interesting part of the talk by Ian the final section after the break was the most interesting,what the global elite are planning for the future. Ian explained how the BP oil disaster off the coast of the South East of the USA was probably a false flag action. Also that a poison micro biology has been added to the oil spillage and this it working its way up the gulf stream to Europe.This may explain the strange weather  we are having at present the cold wet summer and the possible  very bad winter for 2011/12.(Oh where has the blue sky and sunshine gone to?)

The best part of the talk was Ian,s suggestion of a false flag extraterrestrial attack in London leading up to the olympic games. As somebody who has had a keen interest in UFO,S and exopolitics since 1987 I found this very interesting.This was made even more interesting by the suggestion recently by a Japanese American scientist that a false flag extraterrestrial attack would be a good way to get the world economy moving. In my opinion it could be used by the global elite to introduce a world government dictatorship, martial law and a massive increase in defence spending.

The talk was very good. Ian,s message is in my view correct the world economy is in a dire position and the global elite are in my opinion planning something important probably a world game changing false flag action. So as Ian correctly says stay vigilant and question everthing you are told by the governments or the global elite.




Today the English Defence League are having a static demonstration in London. Throughout England and Europe right wing populisim  is growing this includes groups like the EDL.The key question is how to counter this trend.

Firstly we need to analyse what the EDF is. I would argue that it is not a typical fascist organisation. It belongs to the growing neo conservative movement which is pro zionist,pro Israel and anti islam. As a member of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign I have been to PSC meetings which have been picketed by  EDF supporters.

The EDF is strongly pro Israel,pro Zionist and anti islam. It includes jewish people in its membership. Also it has a gay and lesbian division. Its supporters carry Israel flags on it marches. Some black people have been seen on its marches. Its main message is the threat from islam to British democracy.So I place the EDF as part of the neo conservative international movement.Its main ideologues being Daniel Pipes, David Horowitz and Geert Wilders.

The key questions then is what can be done to defeat the EDL.Firstly we must recognise that the world is in a major economic crisis with peak oil having an affect. So with unemployment and economic security  growing,  support for  far right groups like the  EDL will grow in the coming future.So we need to pose an alternative economic solution such as sharing out work ,a shorter working week, rent controls on private tenancies and a massive council property building programme.

Secondly we need to build a new political movement in this country based at rank and file community level.It could include Labour party members and non Labour party members. It would help develop local volunteer networks and local co-operatives. It must be a rank and file grouping that empowers people.We must move away from Leninist groups trying to intervene in local affairs. Middle class groups like the Socialist Workers party dominated UAF  only help boost support for the EDF as the SWP methods and tactics only alienate the working class.

Thirdly we must understand peoples fears. We must oppose religious fundmentalism.Groups like Repect took a communalist stance and actually targeted islamic fundmentalist groups for support.We must support a pro working class stance.

Fourthly we must support sensible immigration controls.Most people from ethnic minority backgrounds support such controls so it is a reasonable stance.

Fifthly  we must take up the English deficit and support a referendum on English home rule with an English parliament or else English independence.

In conclusion most of the parties of the Socialist international support neo liberalism in government look at the situation in Greece. Only  by offering a new economic programme can the EDF and other hard right gropus be defeated.