According to some ‘newspaper’ reports we are on the brink of a war between the USA and some other NATO countries against Russia. Of course China will come to the aid of Russia. So in affect world war three will take place over the issue of Ukraine.

In this blog I will try and put the Ukraine crisis in its historic context. William Engdahl in his excellent book called full spectrum dominance explains the USA has an official policy of full spectrum dominance. By this he means control of the resources of all countries of the world by American corporations.

This theory is backed up by the astonishing arrogant book by the former American secretary of State Zbigniew Brzezinski. In his book the Grand Chessboard he states that the USA must aim to gain control of the Eurasia landmass. In other words the USA must gain control of Russia. However, what Brzezinski did not realize is that Russia and China would form a defensive alliance against American aggression.

David Vine the professor of anthropology at the American University, Washington DC, has stated that the USA has 750 military bases in 80 countries throughout the world. This imperialist arrogance is based on the USA being a colonial settler state. Based on the European invasion of the country now called the USA between the 16th and 19th century and the largely extermination of the Native American population.

Today both Russia and China are surrounded by American military bases. The USA wants Ukraine as part of NATO. So that it can place military bases in Ukraine as a base to launch a military attack on Russia.

This is why the USA helped organize the fascist coup in 2014 against the democratically president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. A new government seized power dominated by far right elements.

However, in Eastern Ukraine ethnic Russians organized an anti fascist uprising. Leading to the establishment of the Lugansk Donestk peoples republic in East Ukraine.

Some EU countries are thankfully starting to get cold feet about a war over Ukraine. France and Germany for instance.

We must campaign for the withdrawal of all USA military bases in Europe. Also for NATO to be disbanded. Here in Britain we must campaign for Britain to leave NATO. Also for the withdrawal of all British troops from outside of Britain.

In conclusion only mass protests can stop an imperialist war against both Russia in the Ukraine and also against China.

Best wishes to all for the future.



There's nothing more certain than death.
It gets nearer the day you are born.
As soon as you leave your mothers womb.
Birth leads to life,as an infant, a child,an adult.

Life goes forward like a river goes forward to the sea.
To great uncertainties,love joy,pain.
But there is only one ultimate certainty - death.
When you  finally enter the great unknown.
There is nothing more certain than death.

Written by KO. 6/11/1993.

Comment. Of course the most interesting stage is when we enter  the great unknown after our death.
I strongly urge people to read about near death experiences.


As my blog proudly enters its 12th year my first blog of 2022 looks at the French presidential election of April 2022. As the title of the blog indicates the result will almost certainly means continued globalist/EU control of France and the relegation of French national democracy to transnational globalist institutions.

The first round of the election will take place on the 10th April 2022. With the top two candidates in the first round ballot taking part in the second round ballot on the 24th April 2022.

According to the opinion polls the current president Emmanuel Macron will win an easy victory in the second round. He was on the extreme right wing of the French socialist party a French Blairite. He is the candidate for’ republic on the march’. Macron is a liberal globalist and staunchly pro EU. Not surprisingly he has a nasty side.He says he wants to ‘piss off the unvaccinated’

The main challengers are Marine Le Pen of the National Rally party. She has moved towards the centre, she is now pro EU and pro the Euro currency. A strange shift in policy.

Eric Zemmour of the Reconquest party. is from a Berber Jewish background. He is anti Arab and anti Islam. He is in my opinion another fake anti globalist He has recently dropped his opposition to the Euro currency.

Valerie Pecresse the candidate of the Republican party is pro American and pro EU. She is probably the first choice of the American political elite. It is sad that the Gaullist party have abandoned their past heritage of French national sovereignty over the EU.

Jean Luc Melenchon of Unbowed France is my personal choice for president, He is some sort of socialist. He is in favour of France leaving NATO and forming an alliance with Russia. This is in my opinion an excellent policy. However his main weakness he has not called for France to leave the Euro currency and the EU.To his credit he has spoken at some anti vaccine passport rallies.

Anne Hidalgo is the candidate of the totally bankrupt French ‘socialist’ party’. Polling about 3% in the opinion polls she is pro EU and pro globalist. The ‘socialist’ party in France have never recovered from the awful Francois Hollande presidency.

Summing up the April 2022 election is a very depressing spectacle. Globalist pro EU forces will continue to control France after the election. Thus relegating the power of the French national parliament.

In conclusion as an anti globalist socialist. I feel that France needs to build a mass anti globalist/ anti EU socialist movement.

Best wishes to all for the future.