Yesterday along with over six thousand other people I attended David Ickes mammoth twelve hour Remember Who You Are Talk at the Wembley Arena.

Now its been a long journey for me as I have attended all of David,s six major talks starting with the first one at the Battersea Arts Centre in December 2002 and the four subsequent talks at the Brixton Academy.However I must confess that Davids sixth major talk at the Wembley Arena was by far the best. For a start the Wembley Arena seems to have a very positive energy attached to the building and I could not notice that positive happy energy which existed amongst most of the six thousand people present.

However lets get down to the talk itself.

David explained his spiritual awakening and how he gradually realised that we are controlled from behind the scenes by a reptilian race who do not have the best interests of the human race at heart these reptilians hide themselves under a human face.This has been confirmed to him by many eye witnesses

David then explained how we humans are really infinite conscious energy which lives for ever.The reptilians who have hijacked our planet have imprisoned the human race in a matrix straight jacket.The ruling elite who control this planet are trying to increasingly sent up a globalist dictatorship with a world government, world currecy, army and a microchipped population.

David then said that it is in our hands to escape from the ruling elite matrix by not complying with their system. We just have to remember who we are infinite conscious energy we should ingnore the corporate media, don,t fight in their wars and by pass their system. Stop being afraid there is nothing to fear.

Now whatever you think about Davids views on the reptilian race it is clear to me that most things what he is saying are coming true.You only have to look at Greece and Spain where these countries and Italy appear to be losing their independence to the European Union bankers dictatorship.The same applies to many third world countries where their economies are controlled by the IMF the World Bank and multinational corporations.

What I personally have drawn from Davids talk and message is the need for passive resistance to the system.Just be ourselved don,t be taken in by the corporate media don’t support the elites evil wars. Do not put on a show to impress others.

As Anita Moorjani said in one of my previous blog we all live for ever as infinite consciousness just as David says. So we should stop being afraid and enjoy life.

Well done David.



In  this blog I will put forward the view that the media saturation of corporate sport does promote false consciousness. I will use soccer as the main example.

Other famous people have in the past put forward this view. Noam Chomsky has stated that corporate sport can take ordinary working class peoples mind of the real social and economic problems that they are facing and of the need for political change.George Orwell has stated that international competitive sport can promote ill will  between nations and a nasty frame of mind. He put forward this point of view after Dynamo Moscow soccer team visited London in 1945 for soccer matches against Arsenal and chelsea.He stated that the matches created a nasty atmosphere.

Now some people may take the view that corporate sport promotes false consciousness is an elite middle class point of view. However I endorse this point of view through my own experience and somebody who is from a working class background and a light hearted sports fan.

Years ago soccer players wages were relative in relation to that of ordinary working class people.However I must confess that I am amazed as somebody who is a light hearted soccer fan how a working class person earning twenty five thousand pounds per year can idolize a soccer player earning two hundred an fifty thousand pounds per WEEK.

As far as I am concerned it is not in an ordinary working class person to admire soccer players earning such wages also I have seen ordinary people discussing soccer stars personal life with relish such as their new girlfriends.

Years ago in the 1950s in London non league top non league  soccer teams could attract crowds of four thousand people per game now in London they are lucky if they get three hundred people watching  each match.The emphasis is all on hero worship of the elite soccer stars who earn two hundred thousand pounds per week.  Besides this there is the subject of the unnecessary thirty pounds per week satelite tv subsciptions that working  class people pay to line the pockets of the soccer ‘stars’

As for international sport creating ill will I can confirm this through personal experience. I was in London on the night after the England Germany soccer world cup match had just ended in South Africa, England lost 4-1. The atmosphere was so nasty and jingoistic it was unbelievable.

So my own personal expereince confirms Chomsky and Orwells point of view that coroporate sport does promote false consciousness. Corporate sport is promoted by the ruling elite to take working class peoples minds of their economic and social problems. As  Chomsky states it is a fake distraction.

However what one can do to change this false consciousness I do not really know. All I can suggest is that people who have seen through this fake distraction boycott corporate sporting events both live matches and on television and instead start watching their local non league soccer,rugby and cricket teams.


This is a very important subject as far as I am concerned. As I feel that many people allow their lives to be controlled by certain aspects of the corporate media.

Now this may seem a self righteous statement but let me explain.I cannot but help notice that many people are taken in by the trivial stories in the tabloid press about celebrities,also by trivial game shows and soaps on television. Now you may say that people are entitled to have a little fun in their life and that  we all need  a bit of gossip and entertainment. However I feel that the corporate media to a certain extent are using these trivial stories to take peoples minds off the ball about what is really happening in this world.

Also the corporate media can create fake support for wars and government policies where previously they did not exist. For instance  they helped in my view build up hysterical support for the Queens 60th jubilee celebrations last June. So in other words the corporate media builds up  support for the corporate elites financial interests and policies where previously it did not exist before the corporate elite put out their propganda.

Now if you agree with what I am sayting you will obviously ask what we can do to escape from the matrix of the corporate media. Now up to a point I do have little sympathy for some new age type people who just say ignore the media and do not watch television or read the newspapers. But I feel we still need to keep in touch with whats going on in the world. I feel that we just  need to be more discerning about what media we listen to and read.

I would say try and boycott the coroprate media as much as possible and get your news and information from alternative media sites such as GlobalResearch.Ca and infowars. Also check out the  internet for alternative news websites.

In conclusion I feel that we all can escape from  the matrix control of the coroprate media and start to collect our news and information form alternative media internet sites and most importantly create our own entertainment free from the control of the  corporate media. We just need to campaign amongst the general public and develop knowledge and interest about the alternative media. Also help to develop alternative entertainment activities.

Have a nice weekend all.




Winter is nearly with us and I for one am very pleased as I prefer winter to summer as for some reason I seem to have more energy in the winter. However winter for many people oftens means a very bad cold, flu or throat infection.

In my personal experience and opinion the best way to stop getting the flu,colds and throat infections in the winter is through natural herbal methods.

Firstly I would recommend taking two echinacia tablets a day, echinacia gives an enormous boost to the immune system. Secondly take a multi vitamin mineral everday as much modern food does not provide enough minerals and vitamins as it is over produced. Thirdly and most importantly take  three teaspoonfuls of manuka honey everyday. I take it evey day it is well known for its anti bacterial properties. I get an enormous feeling of strength when I take a spoonful of manuka  honey.

So in my view the  best way to stop getting  colds,the flu and throat infections is through natural herbal and organic methods.

Other advise I would recommend are meditating twice a day  to relax yourself, meditation  also boosts the immune system. Also consider have a warm thermal insole in your shoes to keep the feet warm.

In conclusion I hope you find these ideas useful.

Have a lovely and healthy winter.