Easter is in general considered to be a time of hope. Whether or not you believe in the resurrection of Jesus. The symbolism of the act of the resurrection gives humanity a message of hope.

This is very important for our present troubled times, with American imperialism so it seems determined to start world war three with Russia Iran and China. Also oligarchical capitalism seems to be heading towards a slave world of super exploitation and permanent economic instability.

What I feel we should do in these troubled times is focus on the act of the resurrection. However besides this of course we need to take practical actions and measures.

These would include getting involved in anti war campaigns like the Stop the War Coalition. Also get involved in anti corporate anti capitalist campaigns, so that we can build a peoples controlled economy.

So in conclusion tap into the hopeful energy of Easter 2018. But take positive action to change this troubled exploitative world.

Best wishes to all for the future.



President Putin landslide victory in the Russian presidential election is something that is very much to be welcomed. Also to be welcomed is the strong second place by Communist party candidate Pavel Grudinin and also the pathetic just over 1% vote for the western imperialist stooge Sobchak.

Of course the election has been held against the background of the sickening anti Russian hate campaign. The pathetic Skripal affair which has been shown by Craig Murray to be a western false flag. Of course if Russia wanted to kill him they would have done so why he was in prison in Russia.

However getting back to the Russian election. Russia is facing a grave external threat from the western imperialist powers. Read the Grand Chessboard by Zbigniew Brezezinski he arrogantly explains how America must control the whole Eurasian landmass including Russian. William Engdahls excellent book Full Spectrum Dominance explains the American policy of aiming for full control of the world both economically and politically.

Of course Russia,s defence expenditure is only 10% of the USA. It is also surrounded by hostile powers. Although Russia is lucky in having China as a powerful ally.

So clearly Russia needs a powerful strong leader in the present times. President Putin has defended the Russian economy and borders in these grave times from the western imperialist powers threats. What the west would like in control of Russia is a western stooge like Sobchak another Yeltsin who would hand over control of all of Russia,s resources to the west. Fortunately the Russian people are not going to stand for this.

I expect that the conflict between Russia, China and the western imperialist powers to continue for many years to come. I do not know if it will turn into a hot war. Of course I hope it does not. The western powers will never accept a multipolar world with Russia and China as wars and imperialism is in their blood.

As a socialist I would of course like to see a socialist Russia and a socialist world. Although capitalism does produce technological advances it also produces economic chaos and inequality. Also wars seem to be a permanent part of capitalism,s DNA.

In conclusion best wishes to all for the future and start fighting for peace,justice and socialism.


Now I must confess that the situation regarding Dulwich Hamlet Football Club affects me deeply. Non league football is in my blood. I supported Enfield FC giants of non league football until 1999 when the club chairman Tony Lazarou sold the ground for housing to property developers.

Dulwich Hamlet face a similar situation to Enfield FC. Dulwich was founded in 1893 and have four times won both the Isthmian League and the FA Amateur cup. The clubs landlords Meadow Residential basically want to evict the club and build housing on the ground. They are using the excuse of unpaid rent to evict the club. They have also taken legal action against the club to stop them using the clubs name Dulwich Hamlet FC. This is outrageous.

DHFC regularly attract crowds of over two thousand and the local community have rallied to the support of the club.The London mayor Sadiq Khan has came out in support of the club. Southwark council should place a compulsory purchase order on the clubs ground so the Dulwich Hamlet can continue to play at their Champion Hill ground.


Best wishes to all for the future.


The Italian general election result of 4/3/18 was certainly a political earthquake leading to political change. But the important question is will anything really change?

The Democratic party got the thrashing it deserved. Winning only 18% of the vote. It can no way be considered to be left wing. Supporting privatization, neo liberalism and European Union fascism. Along with a 30% youth unemployment rate.

Silvio Berusconi,s Forza Italia also performed badly in the election winning only 14% of the vote. The two big election winners were the Northern League polling 17% and Five Star polling 32% of the vote. The left wing Free and Equal party only won 18 seats.

Clearly the election result is a big defeat for the European Union. The Euro currency has been a disaster for Italy leading to massive unemployment,privatization and public expenditure cuts. Italians should be congratulated for making a stand against the fascist EU.

However now Italy,s political crisis really begins. There is talk of a coalition government between the Northern League and Five star. Both party,s claim to be anti EU. However Five star support populist economic policies but the Northern League more neo liberal economic so there may be problem about this coalition. Five Star have unwisely dropped their policy of holding a referendum on Italy,s membership of the euro currency.

I have a bad hunch that whatever the new make up of Italys, government they may do a syriza type sell out in Greece and give into the EU dictates. In conclusion as a socialist I feel what Italy really needs is an anti globalist left party that campaigns for Italy to leave NATO and the EU and supports public ownership and public investment.

Best wishes for the future to all.