My name is William Hardgrave Baines,a hedge fund manager and also a dabbler in the new age.
Love and light.

Weekly I attend my local new age Love and fellowship group.
Love and light.

Oh but how sad. A company which my hedge fund controls has a liquidity problem.
So mass sackings and redundancies all round.
Love and light.

Ah but better news.
A major arms company which my hedge controls has won a new order.
Love and light.

One of my tenants has lost their job.
Their having problems with their housing benefit.
Sadly they will have to be evicted.
Love and light.

The money keeps rolling in.
The new age fellowship group keeps spreading love.
Love and light.

Written KO 2/9/2018



The result of the Irish general election was without doubt a historic event with the end of the two party conservative Fine Gael and Fianna Fail monopoly of power and a virtual three party tie with Sinn Fein. The result being Sinn Fein 24.5% of the vote, 37 seats, Fianna Fail 22.2% of the vote 38 seats and Fine Gael 20.9% perecent of the vote and 35 seats.

The heavy defeat for the Fine Gael government was very much to be welcomed. A party of neo liberalism, privatization, ultra EU pro globalization. The party of the late Peter Sutherland the ultra Friedrich Hayek disciple.

The reason for the Sinn Fein success are not hard to find. Despite the so called ‘Celtic Tiger economic miracle’ Ireland has an astonishing large number of people waiting for medical treatment. Also it has a severe homelessness problem.

Sinn Fein was the political wing of the provisional IRA whose military campaign from the late 1960,s to the early 1990,s I as a person of Irish descent personally opposed.

There is alas now a big problem with Sinn Fein. Like most European Nationalist movements they have now become supporters of the European Union. They claim to be opposed to the austerity and neo liberal policies of the EU. But they say they will try and change the EU from within. This aim is in my personal opinion a total fantasy. Remember what happened in Greece.

The more likely outcome of the election is a coalition Government between Fianna Fail and Sinn Fein. One positive outcome of this is that Michael Martin the leader of Fianna Fail has taken a principled pro Palestine stance. So unlike Britain the new Government in Ireland will be strongly pro Palestine.

Also it is likely to increase the impetus towards the peaceful reunification of Ireland. In my opinion this will probably take place in about twenty or so years. This is something that should be very much welcomed. Ending the brutal history of British terror and genocide in Ireland.

In conclusion the Irish general election result is very much to be welcomed. However in my personal opinion if the Irish people want to achieve real national freedom they will have to confront the European Union.

Best wishes to all for the future.