This latest blog is written after yesterdays decision of the Russian government to recognize the independence of the Lugansk Donetsk Peoples Republics. For a detailed account of my views on the situation in the Ukraine please see my blog dated 27/1/22 called American imperialism is responsible for the crisis in the Ukraine.

After the fascist coup in the Ukraine in early 2014. The local authorities of the two mainly ethnic Russian regions of East Ukraine Lugansk and Donetsk decided to establish an independent self governing confederation on the 27/4/14. On the 11/5/14 the electorate of these two regions voted by 96.2% in favour of establishing the independent confederation. As a result of this referendum the Lugansk Donetsk Peoples Republic was established on the 27/5/14.

Personally I feel that President Putin has made a big mistake in not recognizing the independence of the Lugansk Donetsk peoples Republic just after the 27/5/14. Rather than waiting until now. In my view President Putin has been far to conciliatory towards the western imperialist powers.

However in my view Russia is totally correct in now recognizing the peoples Republics independence and also in sending troops to help defend the republics. They have had to put up with constant military attacks and shelling from the military forces in Ukraine since 2014.

Of course the Russian actions will lead to growing aggression towards both Russia and China from the western imperialist powers. However this has always been the western imperialist powers aim. They thrive on war, conflict and attacking and stealing the resources of the global south and third world countries.

So alas for those of us who believe in peace justice and equality tough times are on the horizon.

Best wishes to all for the future.



The fear of inflation has returned in the last year to attack the living standards of the UK,S working class. In this latest blog I will explain why the working class may face much bigger financial problems than in previous periods of inflation.

According to Trading Economics the UK rate of inflation will be about 5% in 2022. They also state that food inflation will be 4.5% for 2022. More worryingly according to the gas fuel bills will rise by an astonishing 54% from April in 2022. So inflation is back in the UK with a vengeance.

However there is a major downside to this rising inflation. According to Rooster UK the average wage increase for 2022 will only be 3%. Also according to the UK governments own website state retirement pensions,public sector pensions and social security benefits will only increase by an average of 3.1% from April 2022. So the average person will face a real income decrease of about 2% in 2022. This will be devastating for people on low incomes.

Also interest rates on bank saving accounts are expected to rise by only 2% in 2022. So again the real value of peoples savings will be cut by 3% in 2022. Again this will be devastating for working class savers and people on fixed incomes.

Personally I suspect that both the food shortages and the rising inflation is connected to both the covid events and the corporate elites plans to attack the standard of living of the working class. Also I feel it is part it is part of the elites World Economic Forum so called ‘great economic reset’ I have written about this ‘great reset’ in my previous blogs.

Personally I feel that the working class will suffer more than in previous periods from rising inflation, such as in the 1970,s. The reason for this is that in the 1970,s the percentage of UK workers in trade unions was about 50%. Now it is only about 22%. also now trade unions are heavily concentrated in the public sector. The percentage of workers in trade unions in the private sector is only about 10%.

So workers will find it much harder to defend their standard of living now. Due to the much lower rate of percentage of workers in trade unions now. Particularly in the private sector. Also alas there is much less social solidarity amongst people nowadays. There is a much more of an individualistic i’m all right jack attitude. Also peoples attitude are much more conformist. Hence the mass herd mentality during the covid events. In the 1970,s people were much more rebellious.

My personal life experience has told me that the working class cannot rely on political party,s to defend their living standards. The only solution is to recruit the majority of UK workers into trade unions. Also where necessary organize strikes to defend their living standards. Of course we must also build fighting leaderships of the trade unions in the UK.

Best wishes to all for the future.


A couple of days ago the UK Health Secretary Sajid Javid announced a major u turn in government policy. They dropped the policy of mandatory vaccines for NHS and social care staff. This is a great victory for the staff involved and also for those of us who have attended the demonstrations against the government policy of mandatory vaccines.

The government obviously realize that the social care system was close to collapse due to the thousands of dedicated unvaccinated care workers who have lost their jobs. Hopefully they will now be able to get their jobs back. Also the dedicated NHS doctors and nurses who are unvaccinated will no longer face the threat of losing their jobs.

In my personal opinion the major demonstrations that took place throughout the UK the 22/1/2022 against this mandatory vaccines policy was also a key factor in the government policy u turn.I attended the massive demonstration in London on the 22/1/2022 attended by over one hundred thousand people including a large number of doctors and nurses. I saw the moving sight of nurses who were facing the sack ‘throwing’ away their uniforms. Thank god these dedicated nurses will now not lose their job.

Although this policy change is a great victory for democracy and human freedom,we must no let down our guard. Klaus Schwab is still trying to implement the fascist World Economic Forum ‘Great Economic Reset’ policy. This is of course linked to the covid events.

We must continue to attend the demonstrations against future lockdown threats and other totalitarian measures. Also we must support the courageous Canadian truckers convoy protest against mandatory vaccines for Canadian truckers. Also we must attend all futures demonstrations against Klaus Schwab fascist ‘economic reset’

Best wishes to all for the future.