Society includes many people who do not easily fit in and can often hold unconventional views. Sometimes they may find it difficult in relating to other people. For instance they may be just shy. Often outsiders can include the long term unemployed,homeless people and people with emotional and personality problems.

In my view everybody is entitled to their own space and views as long as their views do not harm other people. Society is becoming increasingly harsh and technocratic. People are expected by the elite to conform to the system. Nowadays it is hard to get decent social security benefits. Much work is temporary,casual and low paid. It is very hard to get council housing and private rents are high tenancies insecure. These social conditions can of course help create outsiders and human insecurity.

We need of course to build a new society based on social justice and human security.Good cheap social housing and secure well paid employment for all. But in both the present unfair economic system that we need to get rid of and in the new society that we hope to build in the future we need to respect the views and personality of the outsiders and loners in society.






To be really honest we do not know what will happen in the world in 2016. I am sure that there will be some suprises, however I will try and make a few predictions for the coming year.

Firstly I do not think that there will be a major world economic crash or crisis in 2016 this is I feel much more likely to happen in 2017 or 2018. Of course I could be wrong.

In the middle east the western powers will continue their proxy war with Russia by using their ISIS and Al Quaida front to attack the Assad government in Syria. One day they may realize that we are living in a multi polar world.

Here in Britain I expect that there could be major divisions in both major political parties in the coming year. The Conservatives over the EU referendum and Labour over economic policy and the war in the middle east.

When the referendum is held over Britains membership of the EU later on this year I shall be voting to leave the EU. On a controversial note if Britain narrowly votes to leave the EU say 51% to 49% I feel that David Cameron may try and invent an excuse to ignore the referendum result.

Regarding the American presidential election I do not know who will win. However if Hilary Clinton is elected president we could be in for some major wars through out the world.

In conclusion its down to us all to get busy to fight for a better world. Best wishes to you all for 2016 and with gods help we all make it through to 2017.