In this blog I will argue that now is the time to for people to get over their political apathy and start fighting for world wide political change. The new world wide organization will be democratic socialist and will fight for world wide political change through a democratic revolution. The new political organization will confront the globalist corporate political parties both electorally and with action outside parliament such as strikes and demonstrations.

Many people at present adopt an attitude to politics of just getting casually involved on a low key basis. Such as Occupy London or CND. However I feel that if we are to achieve real worldwide political change then this attitude has to change. We need people perhaps to consider giving a day or perhaps more towards the new political organization. Also members of the new party will have to actively try and recruit other new members as well.

Obviously the new party or organization call it what you may must adopt a bold economic programme to win over the masses. Such as a guaranteed basic income for all. Decent housing, free healthcare, education and full employment. These demands must apply to the whole world.

I strongly feel that these policies are worth fighting for the whole world and personally I feel that the Left Unity founding conference in London on 30/11/2013 could be the start of building such a democratic revolution movement in Britain.

So lets get busy and try and make our world a world run for the benefit of the common man and women and not the global corporate elite.



My latest blog will discuss the thoughts of the Greek philosopher Epicurus 341 to 270 BC. He was an interesting person who held the view that the creator god who made the world was not really that interested in the daily life of the beings that he created. So he can be called the distant god.

Now to be honest although Epirus views are interesting I am not sure that god is disinterested in the daily life of the beings that he created and I will expound upon this view in this blog.

Epicurus as I have already stated held the view that god is not that interested in the life of the beings that he created. He was also of the opinion that there is no life after death and that god does not punish us when we die. As when we die it is the end of our existence and thus our consciousness ends when we die.

His was of the view that we humans should enjoy life and live a happy life free from pain. He felt that pleasure was good and pain was evil. He said that religious worship to the gods was acceptable and was an example of the good life.

Now although Epicurus puts forward some interesting views I feel that he is wrong and two accounts. Firstly near death experiences clearly show that there is a life after death also that there is some sort of good god which is interested in our daily fate. People Should read about near death experiences and the life reviews people go under when they temporarily die.

So I feel that Epicurus thoughts on god are wrong as there is a life after death and god is interested in our daily lives. However in conclusion I cannot make my mind up whether or not there are two gods the evil creator god who made our physical world the demiurge and the good god probably Jesus. I will explore this subject in a future blog.


Some time ago I wrote a blog calling for the municipalization of the fuel companies. However this message has taken on a far greater urgency with the outrageous announcement yesterday by SSE that the costs of its energy bills will increase by 8% in the next year. This means that the average SSE customer fuel bills will rise to £1380.00 for the next year.

Now for people like Camreron, Boris Johnson and other ruling class politicians these figures mean nothing. But for many ordinary working class people, the poor people on social security benefits and senior citizens these fuel price increases can be a matter of life and death.

Speaking on a personal level I hourly look a my fuel meter to see how much gas I am using and I do not have my gas central heating on as much as I would like to on a cold winter day. I am sure that this situation applies on an even greater level to people on low fixed incomes and speaking for myself this is just not acceptable.

In my opinion the reason for these huge gas price hikes is to maintain the huge profits for the fuel companies. To resolve this state of affairs there is in my opinion only one solution the public ownership of the gas and electricity companies this would take the need for profit out of new public owned companies agenda. So the fuel could be provided to the general public much cheaper.

The Labour party leader Ed Miliband by calling for a freeze on gas price increases has already accepted the need to a certain extent for government regulation of the fuel companies. However we need to take this further with a massive campaign for public ownership of the fuel companies.

Opinion polls show that 75% of the population support public ownership of the railways. So I feel it would be quite easy to win majority public support for public ownership of the fuel companies.

The best way to do this is I feel resolutions to national trade unions headquarters calling for the TUC to launch a public campaign for public ownership of the fuel companies.

In conclusion the situation is urgent. So lets get the campaign on the road straight away. Have a nice weekend all.


In this blog I will look at something that really affects me and I am sure many other people in London. The daily grind and struggle of travelling to work in London. The crowded tubes,buses and overground trains. The lack of toilet facilities on stations.

I must confess to a certain extent it makes me nervous wreck and it is something that I wish I did not have to put up with. Of course the obvious question is what can you do about it.

Some people may say if you cannot work from home then not a lot. However there are a few tips that I can recommend to ease the daily London struggle to work tension.

Firstly meditate for about ten minutes before you go to work so at to relax the mind.

Secondly when you get up in the morning allow enough time to perform all individual tasks before going to work, do not leave everything to a last minute rush.

Thirdly always breakfast and drink a good cup of coffee and water. It is in my opinion much better to go to work on a full stomach. Also try and eat food like bran and yogurt that are natural laxatives. So that you can make sure you clear your bowels before going to work.

Fourthly and perhaps most importantly try and travel to work avoiding the rush hour. So travel either very early which I think personally is the best, or else late for a ten am work start.

In conclusion the daily London work journey is always going to be full of tension and stress so I hope that you find my tips useful.