On Wednesday 28/6/2012 the former Provisional IRA commander and now deputy first minister of Northern Ireland Martin McGuinness shook hands with the Queen Elizabeth the second in what is considered to be a historic event in Belfast.

Now let me say I am very pleased that the violence has in general come to an end in Northern Ireland. I strongly  opposed the violence of all of the paramiltary groups both nationalist and loyalist. Instead I advocated and still do trying to build working class unity between catholic and protestant workers in Northern Ireland and building a non sectarian socialist party. Such a policy is difficult in the situation in Northern Ireland but is the correct policy.

However I have to state regarding the handshake that I strongly dislike both Martin  McGuinness and Queen Elizabeth the second. He was a leader of the provisional IRA and she the nominal head of the British Ruling class. So in a way they are welcome to each other.

Brian Nugent in his book in defence of conspiracy theories in relation to Ireland quotes British army officers who stated that Martin McGuinness has always been a British government agent from the start of the troubles.This does not suprise me at all with the ruling elite creating terror and tension to forward their agenda.Look at Operation Gladno.

In conclusion we need to be working class unity between catholic and protestant workers in Northern Ireland. Build a socialist Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland,England, Scotland and Wales.


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