The Hermit.
The ninth card of the major arcana.
The grey card of the tarot.

Solitude,searching,guidance, introspection.

The hermit holds his lantern
looking pensively to the ground.

His lantern signifies a period
of searching,questioning.
The need to be alone.
To rest from the travails of the world.

To meditate.
To seek guidance for the future.

After a period of solitude
and reflection.
The hermit can reconsider
his quest and start a new
journey,a new beginning.

Thus the hermit can become
the fool.
The first card of the major arcana.
and faith in the future.

Written by KO- 6/5/2020.

Afterthought. My most recent poem.



As any people will know who read my poem called Late September on my blog dated 24/9/2019 September is my favourite month of the year.

It is a time to take stock on the year so far. As Autumn approaches leaves start to fall off the trees. Also it is the start of the build up to Christmas my favourite time of the year. I have always felt that there is a sense of magic in the air around this period.

Alas this month of September 2020 is happening in very very strange tense times. Of course this relates to the corona virus events. The related lockdowns, social distancing, and compulsory facemasks in public places. The orwellian herd like acceptance of these measures of the mass of the population. Of course a small percentage free thinking minority are questioning these measures.

The build up to Christmas 2020 will I suspect not be a joyful and pleasant event as it has been in some previous years. Social distancing in shops I suspect will mean that more and more people will resort to shopping on line. A big windfall for Bezos and Amazon, part of the globalist agenda?

Even the Christmas services will be unpleasant. Churches are alas going along with compulsory facemasks in services. The services only last for about 20 minutes now. Only elderly people seem to be attending all covered in facemasks. Very sad indeed.

My personal hunch is that there will not be another national lockdown in the UK building up to Christmas.The government will instead concentrate on local lockdowns of course I could be wrong.

However getting back to the subject of this blog the energy of September 2020. People should I feel consider countering the orwellian dystopian present energy in two ways. Firstly go inwards and connect to the source the present moment and being. Meditate daily to connect with your inner consciousness being below your ego.

Secondly go outwards. Still tray and connect with your friends. Get involved in campaigns against the corporate globalist new world order and the World Economic Forum ‘economic reset’ for 2021.

Try and avoid attending to many online meetings as they are I feel a new world order trap. I am starting to build a strong sense of contempt for the purely on line zoom ‘left’

I feel that the 29/8/2020 Stand Up X rally in Trafalgar Square which I attended shows the way ahead.

In conclusion September 2020 can still be a magical month if you want it to be. Sense the wind,the falling leaves the approaching earlier dark nights. The sense of Autumn arriving. Try and release your inner fear.

Also the remaining months of 2020 can still be happy time if we connect to other people personally.

Enjoy the rest of 2020 and the build up to Christmas. God bless you all.