My garden is a psychic battleground.
The grey squirrel,s versus the neighbour,s cats.

The squirrel sits on the garden fence.
Its the garden of friendship.
You see I feed the squirrel daily on peanuts.

There are three squirrel,s in all
and I know that they like me.
I can tell buy the look in their eyes.
That food brings love.

However, my squirrel friends
must be on constant alert to danger.
The reason next doors cats.

But have no fear.
The squirrel,s will not suffer
the same fate as being tortured to death like birds.

You see the squirrel can smell a cat a mile away.
The first smell of danger
and their off at 50 miles an hour.

The cat versus the squirrel.
Up the squirrel.

Written. KO. 25/1/2001.



This latest blog on the Corona Virus is not about the medical history of the virus. Nor whether or not the virus has been deliberately created in a laboratory. This blog is my personal observations of the affects that the Corona Virus is having on British society.

My personal view is that the affects of the virus on British society is largely negative. In my local supermarket in North London customers tend to see each other as rivals for scarce goods. Also my heart goes out for the under pressure low paid supermarket staff trying to deal with customers pressures over shortages of goods which they have no control over.

Another negative factor is that a minority section of the population has been taken in by anti Chinese racism. Blaming the growth of the virus on Chinese people.’They eat live bats’. This is pathetic.

A small percentage of the population may join self help groups to help the vulnerable. But alas in this largely impersonal neo liberal society I largely detect a dog eat dog survival of the fittest mentality.

Another negative affect is the closing down of political activity, with meeting and demonstrations being banned during the Corona crisis. So political resistance is now suspended. Of course this is very convenient for the ruling elite.

I do not know what will be the final outcome of the Corona Virus tragedy or how long it will last for. Alas I suspect that the outcome will not be good for the masses. With a much more controlled technocratic society. Perhaps with more tighter restrictions on political meetings and demonstrations. Thus curbing political resistance to the corporate globalists.

Also I expect a big increase in tensions between China and the western powers as a result of the Corona Virus crisis. Alas I expect the same will apply to Russia.

As an anti globalist socialist. I am to be quite blunt very worried and depressed about the after affects of the Corona crisis. Let us hope that there is some silver lining. Try not to give up hope and keep on fighting for peace and justice if it is only on line at the present time.

Best wishes to all for the future.


2018 comes to an end and as usual i/m in a state of constant tiredness.
Chronic exhaustion alas is my constant condition.

Death door beckons.
There,s not much more I can do with my exhausted condition.
The sooner life is over the better.

Then on new years day 2019.
For some bizarre reason a strange feeling comes into my head.
Something that was crystal clear.

Damn your tiredness.
Damn your chronic exhaustion your going to live to your 166.

Yes i/m going to live to I am 166.
So there,s is still many more opportunities in my life.
Many more emotions to fulfill.
Wrongs to right and changes to fulfill.

Perhaps after extraterrestrial disclosure I could become an intergalactic healer and help our troubled world of ill health,injustice and blight.

So despite my tiredness I must try and shape up,cheer up.
There,s just so much more for me to achieve until I hit the bucket aged 166.

Written KO, 3/5/2019.


In this latest blog I will look at the Labour party leadership contest between Liz Nandy,Rebecca Long Bailey and Sir Keith Starmer. The result being announced on the 4/4/2020. To be perfectly honest the contest is to say the least a very sorry spectacle. All three candidates strike me as light weight with little deep principles.

Liz Nandy is the candidate of the right wing. Her main plank appears to be attacking ‘anti semitism’ in the Labour party. EG,people who criticize Israel,s ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.

Rebecca Long Bailey the candidate of the ‘left’ wing of the Labour party seems a non entity to me. A former commercial lawyer she seems to be moving rapidly to the right. Her statement in defence of zionism and her lack of criticism of Israel,s ethnic cleansing of Palestinians is outrageous.

We now turn to the real deal. The candidate who according to the opinion polls of Labour party members will be the landslide winner of the leadership poll. Sir Keith Starmer. He is an establishment figure through and through. The former director of public prosecutions. Interestingly a former member of the Trilateral Commission the secretive globalist group. He recently made an astonishing statement on the Julian Assange which should make people very worried. He said that the one sided extradition treaty between the UK and the USA is ‘very good’ and the courts should be allowed to get on with their job in the Julian Assange case. This is a very worrying statement.

Mr Starmer who is the member of parliament for Holborn and St Pancras was one of the main architects behind Labour,s disastrous brexit policy of a second referendum. Which led to massive Labour losses in the working class seats in the Midlands and North of England. He is being supported by former Labour ‘lefts’ who are moving rapidly to the right like Paul Mason.

To be honest I do not think that Boris Johnson has much to fear from any of the three candidates. They all appear to be lightweights with no deep principles.

I give myself a pat on the back for not joining the Labour party when Corbyn took over. I left the Labour party in 1994. I saw most of Tony Benn,s supporters move to the right and become Blairites. This same thing is now happening with Momentum and Corbyn supporters.

We need to build an alternative socialist to the Labour party very urgently. George Galloways recently formed Workers party of Britain is a welcome development. The socialist Labour Party which I am a member of has much merit.

For those of us who are socialists. The task of building a new socialist political movement in Britain is very urgent.

Best wishes to all for the future.