Yesterday I went to the annual conference of Republic this countries Republican organization and what a fantastic conference it was.

Rebublics membership has doubled in the last year.This is very encouraging. This country has a rich history of democratic republicanism. From the  Levellers of the 17th century to Thomas Paine and onwards. I came away from the conference politically renewed.

The Windsor royal family are one of the richest families in the world they are not politically neutral but are one of the leading players in the worlds ruling elite.

So join the fight for a democratic English Republic. Join Republic



Johan Calleman one of the main experts or thinkers on the 2012 Mayan Prophecies stated that the 28/10/11 would be the main breakthrough in human consciousness and not the 21/12/12 as most experts on the Mayan prophecy subject predict. In his own words the 28/10/11 would be the beginning of the universal underworld and the development of  a nondual cosmic consciousness.

Clearly he is wrong because the human race has the same traits as before the 28/10/11 there has been no big leap forward in human evolution since the 28/10/11. I wish there had been but the sad fact is that there has not been a big leapforward in human consciousness in the last two days. So clearly Johan Calleman,s prediction regarding 28/10/11 had been proved wrong.

However  I do feel that the year 2012 is a significant date. Relax the world will not end on 21/12/2012, the poll shift will not take place. The precicted solar flares for 2012 will have little impact on the world. However the galactic alignment of our solar system with the milky way could have a minor impact on human consciousness.It is been suggested that a full moon has an impact on human nature.So I think that this galactic alignment will have an impact on the human race.

I feel that there will be changes in 2012 but on a much lower subtle level. I feel that the worldwide occupy movement is the start of this energy shift. People will increasingly reject the globalist big business corporate system. They will opt out of this and adopt a less materialist attitude.More and more people will work as self employed and form co-operatives. More people will give up driving cars and there will be a growing opposition to wars and government and personal violence.

So at a subtle level 2012 will represent the start of a new human paradigm. Lets  all try and tap into it.




The next week is clearly going to be crucial for the world economy with the eurozone facing meltdown and the continuing debt crisis in the USA and other countries in the world.

The countries of the world face indefinite virtual zero economic growth. Many people say that Japan points the future for Britain. Japan has had less than 1% economic growth per year for about 20 years.The British economy faces less than 1% economic growth per year for an indefinite period.Possibly even a drop in economic production each year.In Britain nearly one million people under the age of 25 are unemployed.The unemployment rate could hit 10% in the next 18 months or  so.

The banks of the world are loaded with toxic debt.Thus leading to the corporate welfare of quantative easing paid for out of  the taxes of ordinary people  to bail out the banks.

The obvious question is what to do about the world economic crisis.Personally I feel that we may need to build a new economic system based on justice from below as the politicians from all mainstream political parties seem to be just  carrying out the bankers orders.

What type of economy should we try and build.Firstly work sharing.Secondly buiding co-operatives,workers could consider taking over enterprises that are closed down and turning them into co-operatives.Thirdly buiding a massive housing co-operative movement. Fourthly buiding co-operative banks and credit unions. Also building and alternative internet based media. Internet television,radio and newspapers.

People should also be encouraged to grow their own food.

The world is facing the worst economic crisis since the 1930s it is up to us the oridinary people  to build a new economy from below based on justice and sharing.



The occupy the worlds financial centres movement that is building up throughout the world is very encouraging and it has now spread to Londons stock exchange.

Over 1000.00 cities throughout the world now have an occupation movement.

This is very encouraging but it is to early to say the affect this will have throughout the world.

The occupy the London stock exchange movement is very  important. The youth of Britain have no future under the present economic system.Nearly a million young people are unemployed and students have massive debts to repay when they leave university. All of the three main political parties are close to neo liberalism.

This is why it is important that we support the occupy the London stock exchange campaign.It must be a permanent campaign and not just a weekend movement.

The world occupation movement also needs to formed into and international movement.Leading to an international new political movement being formed.

I will not explain in this blog the policies we need to adopt. In my next blog next weekend I will explain the policies we need to develop,building a new political movement and how to build a new economic programme.

But in conclusion support your city occupation campaign.




The demonstrations in Wall Street New York and other cities in the United States of America are both interesting and encouraging.It seems as if the protest movement of Europe and the Arab world has finally spread to the centre of world capitalism the United States of America.

Of course it is not suprising that the protests have spread to the USA. With 9% official unemployment and probably much higher in real terms, youth unemployment as in the UK is much higher.There has also been in America as in Europe big job downsizing with big pay cuts in real terms also many US students as in Britain have big student debts to repay.

The demand of the protesters are understandably reformist. Higher taxes for the rich,scrap the Fed and no more bails outs for rich  bankers. A weakness in America is that only 7% of workers in private industries are in unions also America has never had a large socialist movement as  Europe has .However the demands of the Wall Street protesters should be supported. The mere fact that mass protests are taking place in the USA  against big business are encouraging.

However there are certain dangers in the protest. The pro Democratic Party front are trying to take control of the protests. This must be resisted. The Obama Democratic Party administration is totally pro Wall Street.Most of Obama,s finance in the last election come from American capitalist finance.A key political demand of the protsters must be the formation of a new of a new independent progressive third party which is pro labour and does not accept funding from big business unlike the Democratic party.

So in conclusion the protests in the USA are very encouraging. The demands of the protesters must be supported. The aim of the protesters must be to build a new progressive third party leading to an end to corporate rule.


Ed Milliband speech at the Labour Party on Tuesday 27/9/11 was to say the least disappointing.He just does not seem to understand the nature of the present economic crisis with peak oil starting to have a big affect now on the world economy.

His solution at small cut in VAT tax and not particularly well thought out plans for  growth in the economy.

More disturbing was his praise for Margaret Thatchers policies of privatization and council house sell  offs which I personally think have been a disaster. Also his call for  social houses to be given priority to people in work  over people who are out of work. This is nasty fake populisim as many people nowadays cannot help being unemployed.

I just cannot see in his conference speech a lurch to the left. It was just a speech indicating we have not got a clue about how to  solve the world economic crisis.

No plan for a massive house building programme, or a plan of investment to boost the economy with a state investment bank.

To be honest none of the party leaders Milliband or Cameron or Clegg has a plan to solve the world economic crisis.We must just look forward to vitually nil growth in the economy with high personal individual debt. Also just low paid temporary jobs to look forward to. There is no real message of hope coming from the three main party conferences this year.

Clearly the solution is for people to build an alternative from below by bye passing the three main political parties.More about this alternative from below soon in a future blog.

Have a nice weekend.