Well 2015 has quickly come and has almost gone. As far as I am concerned on the international stage it has been business as usual for the western global elite with their machinations in the middle east. With ISIS being largely a front of Turkey and Saudi Arabia being used as a proxy by the western powers to attack the Assad governement in Syria and its Iran, Russia and Hezzbollah allies. Fortunately it seems that the western powers plans are backfiring.

The other main story on the international stage was the Greek debacle and the Syriza governments sell out to the European Union dictatorship. The fascist mask of the EU has been clearly exposed. That is why when the referendum is held on British membership of the European Union in late 2016 I will be strongly advocating a British vote to leave the European Union.

Here in Britain it has been a year of surprises. Firstly the Conservatives surprisingly won a small majority in the 2015 general election. The other big surprise was Jeremy Corbyn astonishing victory in the Labour party leadership contest. We shall just have to wait and see what these two events have on 2016. In my next blog to be called what will happen in 2016 I will predict growing divisions in both of Britains two major political party,s in 2016.

As for myself in 2015 I totally stopped watching the news on television or reading newspapers. Now I only collect information about the world from the alternative media on the internet.

Best wishes to everybody reading this blog and please keep fighting for a better world.



It would appear at first that it is not a good time to celebrate Christmas 2015. What with world poverty and wars and also of course ISIS which in my opinion is western contrived.

However if you can look below the surface and ignore the crass materialism of this Christmas which is largely sponsored by the multinational corporations, then you can connect with the inner magic of this Christmas of 2015.

Jesus birth in Bethlehem annual anniversary each year creates a feeling of magic which we can all connect to by meditating, praying,taking time for silence and not getting involved in the over hyped crass materialism. I believe that this Christmas is special due to the threat of a major war which I feel that divine forces are trying to intervene and stop.

By connecting to the magic of Christmas 2015 we can first heal ourselves and then once we have started the process of healing ourselves we can then get involved in social action to try and make the world a better place.

Happy Christmas 2015 all.