Seamus although I am human and you are a dog,
to me you are my comrade in arms.
With your eccentric ways, your shyfull nervous eyes,
you were always blamed, always misunderstood.
The outcast the outsider.
Your character and eccentricity mirrored myself.

I remember you in your prime.
Your joyful enormous leaps into the air.
Your strong body,
summed up by your chestnut fur.

But what a shock I received
when I saw you on Ians wedding day.
The sight of you bedridden with arthritis
and a sick death look in your face.
Deaths door clearly dangles in front of your once beautiful eyes.
Comrade when you depart, farewell I shall miss you.

Written, June 1992.



In this latest blog I will look at two contrasting points of view, Christian Gnosticism and the now very popular almost main stream new age movement. I will explain my personal preference for the former and my increasingly disdain for the later.

The new age movement is now almost main stream in North America, Australasia and Western Europe. Its main slogan now appears to be love and light. Alas a phrase that I have come to dislike.

The new age movement has its origins in eastern mysticism and the California spiritual movement of the 1960s. It involves meditation which I am strongly in favour of. But also such practices as yoga, tantric sex and also positive personal affirmations.

I have become hostile to the new age movement for various reasons. Firstly many people involved in the movement are just dabblers. It is not uncommon to meet well to do business people at such events, to them it is just a hobby.

Secondly many new age types are only interested in personal advancement. Such as affirmations on how to became wealthy and successful in business and personal wealth. I have found that most people in the new age movement are not that interested in fighting for political and social change.

However in my opinion Christian Gnosticism has a far better grasp on what this world is really about. I am a Christian myself and believe Jesus is god. However, I also feel that it is quite likely that the reason this world is not a very nice place, is because this world was probably created by the demiurge the lower creator who is not the real god.

Gnosticism also makes sense in my personal life. I have been fighting for social change almost all of my adult life. But both myself and other such people almost always come up against a brick wall. I suspect that this is due to the demiurge and the archons those entities who are close to the demiurge.

Besides being a Christian I am also a Socialist. I will continue to fight for social change despite this imperfect demiurge created world.

At least under the Gnostic point of view we know what we are up against. The archon war mongers, archon arms industries and the other corporate parasites. Unlike the love and light new age movement who do not really understand what they are up against and who also largely accept the present world social structure.

So in conclusion I say fight for equality, social justice and world peace. But at the same time take into account what we are up against in our fight. The archons and the demiurge.

Best wishes to all for the future.


I had tired limbs, blisters on my feet
and I was hungry and starving.
But after six hours of negotiating the mountain paths,
I was there at the top of Ben Nevis the highest mountain in Britain.

Having seen it from a distance, I had wondered if I could trek to its peak
and I did.
Exhilarated and exhausted standing in the clouds unable to see Fort William below.

Written. June 1992.

I twice tried to climb Ben Nevis in my youth. On the first occasion I foolishly wore plimsolles.
However when I tried it again a few years later I wisely wore thick boots and I managed to climb Ben Nevis right to its mountain peak.