In this latest blog I will look at the idea frequently put forward by new age type theorists that the human race is soon going to progress from the third to the fifth dimension. As far as I can gather this view has been regularly been put forward by its proponents over the last thirty or so years. However, I will put forward my own scepticism regarding this point of view.

According to supporters of the theory of the fifth dimension the human race will soon be moving from our present third to the fifth dimension. A cosmic event will take place that will bring about this change. It could be solar flares. Or else the direct intervention of spiritual entities. Moving into the fifth dimension will lead to a huge change in human consciousness.

In the present third dimension humans only really have consciousness of the material human being and material world. However once they enter the fifth dimension a new type of human will evolve that would have wide ranging psychic,spiritual and healing powers. They may even be able to communicate directly with the divine forces. There would also be an end to violence,wars and injustice on planet earth and a reign of peace and justice would prevail.

A major reason why I am sceptical about the idea of the human race moving into the fifth dimension is that some people have been predicting that this will happen over the last thirty or so years and it just has not happened.

In the 1990,s it was said that we will be entering the age of Aquarius that would bring profound changes to planet earth. It was also stated that the start of the new millennium in the year 2000 would also have the same affect. Most recently on the 21/12/2012 it was stated that according to the Mayan prophecies a major change in human consciousness would occur. Again this did not happen. Now some people are saying that we may enter the fifth dimension in the year 2030. Personally I am very sceptical about this.

My personal view is that the reason the present world is not perfect is either due to the Fall as put forward in Christian theology. Or else the theory of Christian Gnostics that our present world is a fake copy of the real world created by the demiurge.

So I personally think that we have to work with our present imperfect world that we already have. We have to try and make our present world better in two ways. Firstly by campaigning for a more just peaceful and equal world. Secondly we must try and change our flawed individual selves. To do this we must overcome our own personal ego,s. By meditating daily to sense our real being below our ego. I highly recommend reading Eckhart Tolle book a New Earth in relation to this.

So in conclusion whatever your own personal views on planet earth evolving to the fifth dimension. I urge all of us to try and change our present imperfect world. Also more importantly change our individual selves.

Best wishes to all for the future and god bless you all.




During the third national lockdown.
I depart from Leicester Square station to an
atmosphere of empty spaces.

A sight I find very disconcerting.
The closed shops. The missing people.
The sound of silence

Watkins my favourite book shop is closed.
A sight of great sadness.
This however brings back contradictory happy
memories of Thursday night talks in the shop.
Followed by an evening in Prets with friends
talking over the state of mankind.

I walk through Cecil Court to my destination
of Helios in New Row to buy my tablets.

Filled with great sadness.
I head back to Leicester Square to take
the tube home to Kings Cross.
In a very perplexed state of mind.
With many thoughts in my head.

Written by KO 11/1/2021

After note. This is my most recent poem. That deals with my feelings of a day in the third national lockdown.