Well as my blog enters its 8th year. I will take a look and see what may happen in 2018. I feel that it may be a year of high energy and surprises. I will take a look at what may happen both internationally and here in the UK.

Firstly regarding North Korea I do not think on balance that there will be a military conflict between the USA and North Korea. Of course I could be wrong. If however America does attack North Korea it will almost certainly lead to an international conflict with Russia and China coming to the aid of North Korea.

Secondly Italy is having a general election in early 2018. Opinion polls suggest a big victory for the right wing anti EU Five Star led coalition. The new Italian government may hold a referendum on Italy,s membership of the euro currency. Personally I feel that it would be to Italy,s advantage to leave the Euro as it would have far greater control over its currency. However there is likely to conflict between the EU and the new Italian government.

Thirdly in relation to the EU. I suspect that the Merkel,Schulz and Macron plan for an EU superstate will fail due to public opposition in most EU countries. I also expect that conflict between the EU and some countries such as Hungary and Poland will increase in the coming year.

Fourthly regarding the UK I feel that brexit will quite rightly go ahead. Although it may be a softer brexit. Brexit will probably take place by March 2019 so the UK will be free of the EU straight jacket. I do not expect that there will be a general election in the UK this year. I suspect that the government may survive until 2020.

On a brighter note I feel that the violence in some middle east countries such as Iraq and Syria will decrease in the coming year, Thank god the Syrian civil war is nearly over and the Syrian Arab army have nearly defeated the jihadist fascists. Of course the western countries are to blame for most of the trouble in the middle east due to their military involvements in these countries.

Regarding the world economy I feel that there will be major economic crisis this year due to the massive financial debt. I suspect that this crisis which may be similar to 2008 and may take place in October 2018.

On a lighter note I predict that England will do much better in this world cup in Russia than in last one. They may reach the quarter final. In fact there may be a surprise winner. Portugal?

However in conclusion. I feel that 2018 will be year of surprise events and twists and turns in the world. It will most certainly be a high energy year.

God bless you all. Keep fighting for a more just and peaceful world in these very difficult times. See you all in 2019.



In this blog I will look at the energy of christmas 2017. As I feel that the energy of each christmas period is different each year. I also feel that the energy of each christmas period gives an indication for the coming year ahead.

Now I must confess that unlike many period christmas is my favourite time of the year. There is I feel a magic about the month of December. A sense of anticipation and generosity.

Of course for those of us who are some sort of christians,christmas does have a major symbolic affect due to Jesus birth which offers hope for mankind.

In christmas 2016 I felt a sense of lets go out and enjoy ourselves come what may. However in christmas 2017 I detect a more reflective mood. The reason for this is I suspect many people expect that 2018 will be a year full of surprises. This is my point of view and which I will write about in my next blog on new years day 2018.

However despite the perhaps more uncertain times which may lie ahead. I would urge everbody to still tap into the magical 2017 christmas period. Enjoy yourself and also try and enjoy yourselves on new years eve.

Lets try and carry the christmas spirit over into 2018 and and make the world a more just and peaceful place.

God bless you all.