Now I used to regularly go and watch films most of which of course are made in Hollywood. However I know longer watch Hollywood movies instead I only watch independent movies made by people like Ken Loach.

There are a few reasons for this. Firstly most Hollywood movies in my opinion promote narcissism. In other words a self love and a do not care about other people attitude. Also the films often create a fantasy attitude amongst ordinary people that they can live the life of the wealthy people often portrayed in the movies.

Secondly they take an ambivalent attitude to events like the Iraq war. For instance in the film the Hurt Locker. American soldiers in Iraq are presented in a Heroic light defusing Iraq ‘insurgents’ bombs. Of course the film does not pose the question that the American soldiers are part of an illegal imperialist occupation force who have invaded Iraq to steal its resources.

Thirdly Hollywood films stars have a personal narcissistic attitude. For instance Tom Cruise taking parts in advertisements endorsing Walmart in which he describes it as a noble company when in reality it is well documented that it is an oppressive company which pays low wages and does not recognise trade unions. Also Scarlett Johansson,s endorsement of the Israeli company Sodastream which is based in an illegally occupied settlement on the Palestinian West Bank.

Now in the 1930,s Hollywood did make some very good films based on positive social comment. However the purge of Communists from Hollywood after the second world war totally changed this. Today the Hollywood movie industry is totally tied to corporate American and promotes the American ruling elite ideology.

So in conclusion I would urge all readers of this blog to boycott films made in Hollywood and instead only watch films made by independent films makers like Ken Loach which advocate social change.



Sundays vote in the Crimea in which over 95% of the region voted to join Russia on an 85% voter turn out is without doubt a great triumph for democracy. The people of the Crimea region have clearly spoken. As ethnic Russians they want to be part of Russia. They do not want to be part of the Svoboda Nazi infested government in Kiev which has banned the Russia language.

Besides being a vote for democracy it clearly shows the hypocrisy of the Western imperialist powers, Britain, USA, Germany and France,with their threat of force against Serbia if it did not accept the Kosovo independence referendum but at the same time stating that the Crimea referendum of 16/3/14 is illegal. Fortunately Russia is far to powerful for the Western imperialist bullies.

The strategy of the western powers is quite clear to surround both Russia and China with military bases. Please see my recent blog of the 3/3/14 on the American grand chessboard strategy. They obviously hope to place military bases in the Ukraine however Russia is clearly fighting back. I personally suspect that in the next six months there will be referendums in Eastern Ukraine on whether or not to join Russia. It is only fair that the people in Eastern Ukraine should have a vote on the right whether or not to join Russia.

In conclusion it is very important that people in Britain should step up the campaign for Britain to leave for the European Union and NATO.


I heard on the news today that Tony Benn died today aged 88, so he had a good innings.

He had a very big affect on my political life and activity. He was the leader of the hard left in the British Labour Party from the early 1970,s until the late 1988,s. He and his supporters claim close to taking over the Labour Party in the early 1980,s. However after the heavy Labour Party defeat in 1983 from the mid 1980,s the right wing slowly regained control of the Labour Party and as a result of the policies of the Thatcher government from 1979 until 1997 neo liberalism started to dominate the policies of Britain from the early 1980,s even under the Tony Blair Labour government from 1997.

The growth of the hard left in the British Labour Party was mainly due to the economic crisis in the British economy from the early 1970,s high unemployment and low rates of economic growth. So Tony Benn and his supporters put forward a socialist programme for the Labour Party of widespread public ownership and investment in the economy. Alas he was unsuccessful and neo liberal deregulated economic policies triumphed until this very day.

I very much wish to praise Tony Benn as a very brave man. A great political thinker and fighter for social justice and a great fighter for socialism. However I feel that we must also consider what we can learn from his legacy for the future.

Firstly we must consider the hypocrisy of many Tory and Right wing Labour politicians who were praising him on the television today. In the early 1980,s these people hated him with venom. They are only praising him today as it is safe to do so as he is a marginal political figure.

Secondly, Tony Benn and his supporters made a major mistake in not breaking away from the Labour Party and setting up a new socialist party when new Labour was set up by Tony Blair. This is the reason why he and the few remaining hard left figures are a very minor marginal force in British politics today. If they had formed a new party they I feel could have had a considerable influence on British political events.

Thirdly capitalism is in world wide economic crisis and far right groups are gaining ground throughout Europe. The future for the hard left does not look promising at present both here in Britain and on main land Europe apart from Greece.

As for myself I am still a supporter of the hard left politically and am a supporter of the Trade Union Socialist Coalition and I feel that it very important that we try and build a worldwide anti capitalist and imperialist movement. However in conclusion we should this day all honour Tony Benn,s memory as a great fighter for human emancipation and social justice.

Have a nice week end all.


The death of the RMT trade union leader Bob Crow at a young age of 52 on the 11/3/14 is a tragedy for the RMT and the British Labour movement, but also for his own personal family.

He was without doubt the outstanding British trade union leader of our present age and to be honest a large number of the other British trade unions besides the RMT seem quite ineffective at the present time. He increased his union membership from sixty to eighty thousand when most union membership is declining. The reason for this was that he obtained regular wage increases each year for his members each year. He led a successful strike of RMT members on the underground tube network last month to keep open the tube station ticket offices. The strike was supported by the majority of the London tube network users.

Besides defending his members conditions Bob Crow also developed the correct political conclusions. He correctly called for a socialist campaign to withdraw Britain from the EU capitalist dictatorship. He was going to head the London slate for NO2EU Yes To Democracy in the elections for the European Parliament on the 22/5/14.

Also he realised the need to build a new Workers Party to replace the Labour Party here in Britain. Again this is the correct political conclusion as the Labour Party largely accepts neo liberalism nowadays.

In conclusion what can we all do as a tribute to Bob. Firstly get involved in your work place trade union. He proved that effective work place trade union pays off for workers conditions. Secondly vote for NO2EU Yes to democracy in the elections for the European Parliament on 22/5/14.Thirdly vote for the Trade Union Socialist Coalition candidates in the elections on the same day for the local council elections if they are standing in your ward. Bob Crowe supported both political groups.

Have a nice week end all.


The events in the Ukraine in the last few weeks are truly astounding. The democratically elected president of Ukraine in 2010 Viktor Yanokovych has been overthrown by a mob dominated by Nazis. The new government has appointed a member of the Nazi, Svoboda Party Andriy Parubiy as Secretary of Security and National Defence. Also the new government has banned the Russian language spoken by the people of Eastern Ukraine.

Surprise, surprise the governments of the USA and the EU have come out in support of the new unconstitutional government. However they have attacked the pro Russian demonstrations in East Ukraine and the Russian intervention in the Crimea, also they have attacked the plans to hold a referendum on Crimean autonomy on the 30/3/14.Such hypocrisy is what you should expect from the USA the world great number one imperialist tyrant and its EU neo liberal corporate fascist lapdogs.

However we must did deeper for the real American strategy. One must go back to Zbigniew Brzezinski,s book The Grand Chessboard published in the late 1990,s. He is quite blunt of the American imperialist motives. The USA must dominate the Eurasian landmass. So this would mean American and Nato troops in Ukraine and using this as a base to attack Russia and take Moscow. However Russia so off Hitlers Nazi troops and I am sure they will do the same with the USA,EU military axis. In fact they are already doing so by occupying Crimea and by the pro Russian demonstrations in East Ukraine.

John Kerry remarks yesterday made me reach for the sick bag ‘You do not invade other countries in the 21st century’ Oh the USA wanted to invade Syria and did and invaded Iraq in 2003. Also it is funding the fascist thugs who are trying to overthrow Venezuela,s democratically elected socialist government.

The obvious questions people who are reading this blog will ask themselves is what can they do to show solidarity with the Russian people of East Ukraine. Also how can they help to fight the USA,EU, Nato warmongers. I would make the following suggestions.

1.Join campaigns for Britain to leave the European Union and Nato.
2.Support the campaign for the people of East Ukraine for independence from West Ukraine.
3.Support the activities of any anti fascists in West Ukraine.
4.Send messages of support to the Russian embassy in London supporting the activities of the Russian troops in the Crimea and any actions that they take in East Ukraine.

God bless you all and have a nice week.