As you are no doubt aware the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge new baby was born on 24/7/13 and has been given the name of Prince George Alexander Louis. The Independent newspaper best summed up the occasion with its news headline. Born to Rule.

In a few years the newly born baby will realise that it is like no other child and it has the right to be the hereditary head of state by birth.

I will just make a few of comments on the situation. Firstly I can never accept that one family has the right to be head of state for life. That is why I am an active member of the Republic organization fighting for an elected head of state.

Secondly the Windsor family who are the royal family are one of the most richest families in the world. So they are not political neutral they obviously side with the worlds rich and corporate elite.

Thirdly what I find most pathetic is the false consciousness of some working class people who joined in with the pathetic celebrations regarding the new royal baby,s birth.

This in why in conclusion we must step up the fight for a British republic and a new democratic socialist Britain with equality for all.

Have a nice weekend all and join the fight for a British Republic now.



After a four year break I am pleased to review Michael Salla,s new book Galactic Diplomacy getting to say yes with ET. Michael Salla is the leading person in the worldwide exopolitics movement which accepts as a starting point that the worlds government are covering up their knowledge of extraterrestrials and thus it is the job of the worlds exopolitics movement to expose and uncover this cover up of extraterrestrial knowledge.

Although Michaels new book is of great interest their is not a lot of new information in the book. However in my opinion this is not Michaels fault but the global elites for keeping their knowledge of extraterrestrials existence secret.

Michael goes over the existing cases which expose the ET cover up. For instance Robert Dean reading the secret NATO report in 1964 on the existence of ET,S. Also eye witnesses to ET bodies found at Roswell in 1947 and President Eisenhower,s secret meeting with ET,S in 1954.

It seems to me as somebody who has developed a good knowledge of the subject that Michael has done a good job in exposing the global elites cover up of ET,S existence. I have up to now held the opinion that it will be very difficult to expose the ET cover up. However Michael provides hope for the future. Apparently benign and well meaning extraterrestrials are going over the heads of the global elite that control our planet and are contacting members of the human race individually. So in conclusion Michael does provide hope for the future of the human race that positive contact can be made with benign ET,S.


The major political event in the last week in Britain has been Ed Milibands decision for individual trade unionists to have to make a personal decision to opt in to pay the political levy to the Labour Party. His stance has one general praise from the corporate media and personally I have no problems with Ed Milibands position on this however it does raise a number of issues.

Firstly most of the candidates Unite are supporting are not manual workers they are the usual bunch of professional political career types. Also perhaps most importantly most of the candidates Unite are supporting are not even left wingers most appear to be typical middle of the road Labour Party types. So Ed McCluskey stated aim to make the Labour Party a more working class socialist party appears to be a failure from the start.

Secondly if the Labour Party does win the next general election its economic policy is aleady well known austerity and neo liberalism as already stated by Ed Miliband. So the Unite trade union project to make the next Labour government socialist is a failure even before the campaign gets off the ground. This then raises a key decision for the future obvious the need for a new socialist party in Britain.

As the Labour Party in Britain along with other most member party,s of the socialist international is committed to neo liberalism and corporate rule it is clear that a new political party is needed in Britain.

In November 2013 Left Unity are holding a founding conference to form a new Left Party. Nine thousand people have signed the left unity appeal so the prospects for forming a new left party in Britain are quite promising. So I would urge anybody who reads this blog to visit the left unity website and join the left unity campaign to build a new socialist party in this country.


The television reports on the Glastonbury rock festival of the weekend of 28/6/13 to 30/6/13 very much confirmed my point of view that rock and roll is very much a corporate elite controlled genre event nowadays. I would go as far to say that rock and roll music is quite boring and most commercial rock musicians have little of interest to say about the present world.

When the first modern rock bands like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones first appeared on the scene in 1961 and 1962 they appeared angry and almost rebellious. However by the mid 1970,s as most of the world top rock bands became wealthy and stadium rock became the venue aim of the worlds top rock bands rock music increasingly became associated with the status quo. There was of course the very brief punk rock counter rebellion of the late 1970,s however this petered out after a few years and rock and roll has been a save ruling class genre of music since the start of the 1980,s.

What struck me very much about the Glastonbury rock music festival was the conservative nature of the people being interviewed. Ranging from ladies in their mid seventies to young stuffy middle class types. You would not be surprised to discover that the festival was sponsored by many of the top corporations including mobile giant EE.

The festival had as it main act the Rolling Stones who are now very much bootlickers for the worlds ruling class. Mick Jagger is a confirmed supporter of the Conservative party. Keith Richards supported Tony Blair war with Iraq. Other rock musicians like Bono and Bob Geldolf have been photographed with Tony Blair and George Bush.

Besides being the music of the ruling elite I feel that besides promoting drug taking rock and roll also promotes a narcissistic individualist mentality. It also in my opinion depoliticizes people through promoting worship of the inner hedonistic self. Most lyrics of rock and roll bans have little of interest to say about the world and often like the Rolling Stones. have a very hostile attitude to women.

So I say to young people ditch reactionary rock and roll and start getting into superior genre of music like jazz, classical and ambient and also become political active again.

Have a nice weekend all.