The latest goings on in Italy are quite astonishing even for the standards of the fascist EU.

The political coalition which clearly won the Italian general election have been denied the chance to form a government. The Italian EU lackey president Sergio Mattarella has turned down the government of the perspective new prime minister Giuseppe Conte because he did not agree with his choice of economics minister who is euro sceptic. Mattarella has stated that he is acting to protect the euro.

He has appointed and IMF technocrat Carlo Cattarella as prime minister. This is clearly an unconstitutional act by Mattarella. Also it shows that firstly his first loyalty as president of Italy is to Merkel and the EU dictatorship and not to the Italian people. The election results of Italy are irrelevant as far as he is concerned Italy is a vasal to be controlled by the fascist EU whatever the results of the Italian election results.

This is clearly a watershed moment for the EU. Its contempt for countries national election results are now beyond doubt. As a socialist I do not support the new Italian government, but the people of Italy have a right to elect their own government and not have one imposed on them by the EU. The Italian trade unions should organize a general strike against the new government. Their should also be a major campaign for Italy to leave the EU and NATO.

As for Britain it shows the total correctness of the Brexit decision.

Best wishes to all and keep on fighting for a better world.



The Israeli massacre of 59 unarmed civilians in Gaza is by and large par the course based on recent history. As the courageous Israeli dissident Gilad Atzmon said last week it shows the total failure of the Zionist project.

This in fact is the them of this blog. The fact that the Israeli state is resorting to these methods shows that they know they are facing the long term failure of the Zionist state.

I base my conclusions on demographics. In the total Israeli/Palestine area there are now seven million Palestinians and six million Israelis. The population gap between the two groups is likely to grow rapidly in the Palestinians favour in the coming years.

Turning now to a political solution to the problem. The idea of a two state solution is in my opinion dead in the water due to Israel,s settlements in the West Bank. So we are moving into the Hegelian dialectic of a one state solution which is what Israel does not want. But which its actions are going to create.

The Palestinians have shown great resilience in my opinion in response to the theft of their land. Their tactic in the future should be to sit still and resist the Israeli repression with peaceful measures. History is on their side and a one state solution is the inevitable outcome.

Then peace will finally come to the land of Christ. Best wishes to all for the future. God bless you all. Keep on fighting for peace,justice and social equality.