This latest blog is about what I consider to be one of Britain,s most neglected novelists Patrick Hamilton who I personally consider to be a genius. He was born in 1904 near Brighton and died of the affects of alcoholism in Sheringham Norfolk in 1962.

He came from a fairly comfortable middle class background and was raised by nurses. He went to preparatory and boarding schools. So he lived a lonely life as a child which made him insecure.

In the 1920,s he wrote various novels and plays. But these were a prelude to his classical novels of the 1930,s and 1940,s.

Hangover Square published in 1938 is based around the public houses of Earls Court. The main character George Harvey Bone is a loner and a loser. He tries to build a relationship with Netta an attractive middle class women who treats Bone.s advances as a joke. So in revenge he kills her then commits suicide.The novels explores the rootlessness of 1930,s London.

The Slaves of Solitude published in 1946 is based around the guests in Rosamund Tea rooms in war time Henley on Thames. The key character Miss Roach is a mid 30,s spinster who is still hoping to find a man to make her ‘happy’

However my favourite novel is Twenty Thousand streets under the Sky. Published early in the 1930,s. Its is based on 1930,s Euston London. This novel has great appeal to myself as I have lived near the Euston area for many years. Also I am fascinated by the 1930,s. It is based around a public house The Midnight bell just off the Euston Road.

The novel is based on loneliness and isolation. Ella a pub barmaid likes Bob but for some reason she rejects his advances. However she also turns down the advances of Eccles an older man. All three of these characters are quite lonely, isolated and with emotional problems.

His novels seem to run in parallel with Patricks own life who it seems was quite insecure in his own life. Perhaps this may have been the reason for his alcoholism in his adult life?

In 1931 a traffic accident seems to have increased his insecurity as it left a permanent disfigurement on his face.

His insecurity and his insecure child upbringing help him develop a sympathy for the underdog.This was probably the reason he became a Marxist in the early 1930,s. Although a sympathizer of the Communist Party he never actually joined the party. This commitment to Marxism lasted until a couple of years before his death in 1962.

In conclusion many people may say that Patrick was a sad figure. However I personally feel that his life and novels some,s up the predicament of the human race. largely isolated alienated and insecure.

God rest your soul Patrick Hamilton.

Best wishes to all for the future.



Albion the divine name of England.
A green and pleasant land whose journey is not transitory.
Imperialist  plundered to imperialist plunderer.
Imperialist oppressor.

A.D. 43 the date of the Roman imperialist oppression.
Later attacked and integrated by Saxons and Vikings.
A.D. 900 a united nation.

Alas 1066, Norman conquest, imperialist oppression, genocide.
One hundred  thousand Albion natives put to the conquest sword.
The conquest a new Norman imperialist aristocracy.
The breeding ground for British,English imperialism.

17th to the 20th century.
Albion a producer of genocide,repression and imperialism.
The ancient land invades exterminates native Americans, Australians.
Famine genocide in Ireland.
Famine in India.

The 19th century. The industrial revolution
the mark of the British, Albion ruling industrial elite.
A new proletarian pauper class,

But do not despair a proletarian Labour movement arises
which in the 20th century makes proletarian gains.

The 1980s a ruling class counter revolution.
Privatization,financial speculation, insecurity for the proletarian mass,

Albion 2023. 
Its people insecure acting in a post Covid herd haze.

Eternal Albion
Can you shake off your oppression?
Bring your war forces home.
Disarm your armies.
Depart from your hereditary monarchies.
End oligarchies, injustice and servitude.

Arise Albion from your slumber.
Build a new pleasant land of
freedom, justice,peace and security.

Written by KO. 1/3/2023.