On Easter Sunday I received a remarkable message from the divine. That Jesus the god of the New Testament is the one true god.

Previously I had become disillusioned with main stream Christianity and moved towards gnosticism. However my message from the divine god is that gnosticism is in error. Jesus the New Testament god is the one true god. This was a sensational uplifting experience. I now read the New testament every day for guidance,

God bless you all.



Easter 2022 is certainly looking like it will be a very grim time. With a major war in the Ukraine largely instigated by American imperialism. Alas a view I suspect held by only a small percentage of the British population.

There is also the threat of major future wars according to evil Joe Biden. There is also the threat of major food shortages. Also famine could be on the way according to Biden. Does he know something that we do not know?. Also there is talk of planned petrol rationing. Also massive gas price increases are taking place throughout the world this year. Here in the UK they will increase by 54% from April 2022 . These dystopian measures are in my opinion planned by the World Economic Forum, Davos, Klaus Schwab as part of the planned ‘economic reset’

However getting back to the main subject of this blog. What is interesting about these times is that the Catholic and Protestant churches are ganging up on the Russian Orthodox Church. Rowan Williams the former head of the ‘Church’ of England has called for the Russian Orthdox Church to be expelled from the World Council of Churches.

In my view Archbishop Krill the head of the Russian Orthodox Church only ‘crime’ is that he believes in family values and traditional Christian values. Also he is opposed to abortion and transgenderism. In Russia the Orthodox Church services are packed each week including many young people.

Williams ‘Church’ of England has supported every imperialist war since day one. The ‘kill the Germans’ rants of the COE bishops in the first world war particularly stand out. Williams recently said the ‘transgenderism is a sacred journey’ I doubt very much that Jesus would have gone along with this pathetic statement. Only about half a million people attend ‘Church’ of England services each week most of these are elderly people. The COE is rapidly dying it is not hard to tell why.

As for the Church of Rome. Astonishingly they held a conference on transhumanism last October 2021. This evil idea is merging people with machines. So a very sinister event. The Catholic Church claims to be opposed to abortion. But is has endorsed ‘corona’ vaccines which include the cell from aborted foetuses. The Church seems to being taken over by sinister dark forces.

On the 25/3/2022 Pope Francis made an act of consecration of Russia and Ukraine to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. In my opinion this is a very sinister act. It is an act of war against both the Russian Orthodox Church and the Russian nation. Alas I suspect that there are other sinister motives involved.

Myself I am a Christian. But I am a Christian Gnostic. I reject the god of the Old Testament. the demiurge. I only accept Jesus the god of the New Testament. I think that both the Catholic and Protestant churches have now lost all credibility.

People at this grim Easter of 2022. In my personal view should connect with Jesus directly. By meditating to Jesus. praying to Jesus to ask him for guidance in these difficult times. You could perhaps get a picture or photo of Jesus to help you with your prayers and meditations.

In conclusion I know that we are in grave sinister times. But use the message of Jesus Easter resurrection as a message of hope for the future.

Best wishes for all to the future.