Hello everbody and welcome to what is my most important blog of 2013.I feel that the issues raised in this blog are very important as I feel Britain and the rest of the world very much need a new temperance movement.

My personal experience of life has led me to adopt this position. Fortunately I have never taken illegal recreational drugs but I did like quite alot of alcohol when I was young,however I am proud to say that I have been teetotal since 24/12/1987. When I used to drink alcohol I probably drank about 20 pints  a week which is probably not good for your health.

However my personal experience of life is that both alcohol and drugs are bad for not just you health but also for your soul. They can make people moody and aggressive. Also I feel that they depoliticize people as they make people passive. This is maybe why the CIA allowed for drugs to be spead into low income areas of America in the 1970s as a way of taking peoples minds off their social oppression and stopping them fighting for social change.

However what is needed is not the  reintroduction of prohibition but a move from within each individual person to realize that the temperance way of life is the best way forward. A temperance person who meditates each day is much more likely to be socially aware with what is going on in the world and is more likely to fight for social change in the world and more likely to help other people.

This is why I would like to hear from people who read this blog about the idea of building a new temperance movement for the 21st century and to promote the temperance way of life.

Have a nice weekend all.



In this blog I will deal with the issue of guilt regarding issues of behaviour or actions about which people are ashamed  about in their life.In  a way it is a good sign that people can feel guily about past behaviour in their life as it shows that they have a conscience. The key question is how to rectify guilt about past bad behaviour or actions in your life.

Alot of guilt can often relate to small issues like rudeness under the influence of say alcohol. Often it is too much to apologise to the  other people or person involved or you are no longer in contact with them.

The key question of course is how to deal with your guilt relating to your past bad behaviour.Firstly I would say change your behaviour so that you do not repeat your bad behaviour which you are guilty about. For instance if  drinking alcohol creates bad behaviour then become teetotal.

Secondly try and do good deeds to make up for your past bad behaviour or actions.For instance regularly donate to charity or else try and do some voluntary work.

In conclusion I feel that as Jesus states all past deeds can be made up by good deeds in the future. So look forward to the future with confidence.


In my blog last week I wrote about helping  others and creating a more just society.In this weeks blog I will discuss how we can create our own volunteer groups.

Many people volunteer to help other people and this is fantastic.However when many people look at the voluntary services  websites like Timebank and CSV the may find that the volunteering opportunities available are not for them. A possible solution is for people to get together and form their own volunteering groups.

Myself I am involved with a group called the sock mob.Which gives food and blankets to homelessness people. This of course is only one small example of what can be done. But is shows what can be done when people get together to form their own local voluntary  groups.I am sure that many people have already acted and have formed their own local volunteering networks.

Various examples of voluteering networks are of course people getting together to help homeless people in their area. Also people forming their own local foodbanks to help people on low income. Also forming groups to help housebound people.

However while I think that  the idea of people forming their own local volunteer  groups is a very good idea.It is essential that we do not get away from the idea of form a more just society based on co-operation.

I will be writing morew about this idea in future blogs.Have a nice weekend.


Hello everybody I hope that you are all enjoying 2013. My second blog of this new year is a quite important blog about practical measures to help other people possibly on a very low basic level.

Now I am convinced that we humans are nearly all well meaning at heart what stops us being compassionate in our day to day lives is often stress, tension,pain, ill health, emotional problems and are own financial worries. My own experience is that it is often stress worries and tension that can stop us going out of or way to help other people.

What then can we do as individual human beings to become more other orientated people?

On a day to day level simple things can really matter such as giving up your seat on a train  or bus to say an elderly  person also checking on a neighbour with health or personal problems. Little things like this can really make a difference.

Others things that we can do if  you can afford it is to make a regular donation to a charity. Of course I know that many people cannot afford to make regular donations to charity.

Also if you have the time try and get involved in some voluntary work. Of course many people are to busy being involved with their families or children at the present time to get involved in voluntary work. But if you do have the time try considering getting involved in some voluntary work.

Other people may have their own ideas to try and create a more compassionate society.

A criticism of this blog is that we should be trying to fight for political change and create a more just equal society. I  agree that we should be trying to do this. However we should also be trying to create a more compassionate society on a lower level with our own individual actions. This is as I have said is  not always easy as we are all fallen angels and are under great stress, tension and pain in our lives but with the help of daily reflection and meditation we should  consider trying to achieve  this even if we only partly succeed





Well it here we are in the first day of 2013 happy new year all. The obvious question to ask is what wil happen in 2013. Now to be perfectly honest we do not really know what will happen however I will try and give you my views on what might happen in the year ahead.

Firstly 2012 was a bad year for conspiracy theories with the project false flag at the London olympics not happening. Also there was no poll shift on 21/12/2012 however there was I feel an energy shift on that day and more about this later in this blog.

What may happen in 2013?  Firstly the global elite I feel will try and accelerate their plans for a globalist bankers technocratic centralised dictatorship.

Secondly economic austerity will continue in this country and most other countries throughout the world.

Thirdly the neo conservatives and militarists will try and step up their plans for a war with Iran and possibly an invasion of Syria.

However now for the good news. I feel that an energy shift may have taken place on the 21/12/2012 due to the galactic alignment that took place on that day.I picked this energy shift up on the morning of 21/12/2012 during a meditation that I did on that day.However most importantly it is up to us all as individuals to tap into this positive energy.This is why I am much more optimistic about both my own life and the world for 2013.

What postive measures can we all take in 2013? Firstly and most importantly join anti war groups.

Secondly get your news from alternative progressive websites like and and counterpunch.

Thirdly try and meditate evey day and become teetotal.

Fourthly try and start doing voluntary work if you have the time.

Fifthly try and set up an independent co-operarative.

Sixthly  if you can  get involved in your trade union if you are a member of one, if you are in paid employment and you are not a member of a union then try joining a  trade union.

There are I am sure many other positive actions that people reading this blog can think of themselves to try and make the world a better place.

In conclusion its up to us all as individuals to tap into the new positive energy in 2013.

Have a great new year all and see you in 2014.