Last Sunday I went to the alternative view conference organized by Ian Crane a man who I greatly admire. Although their were some interesting points put forward by the speakers I did have differences with some of the ideas put forward by some of the speakers.

The event kicked off with Brian Gerrish as the first speaker and he was superb. He clearly outlined how a sinsister parallel government is being set up by an organization called common purpose to prepare for a post democratic dictatorship by  a technocratic elite. What is happening in the European Union clearly shows the validity of Brians analysis. Well done Brian.

The second speaker Thomas Sheridan talk was about how to spot a psychopath. He succeeded in this in my opinion.  However I disagree with his view that people should not get involved   in political campaigns as psychopaths will always gain control of the political campaigns. Personally I feel that this is a far to pessimistic view and leads to social inaction with  people just accepting social oppression. We should  instead by fighting for democratic control of political campaigns.

The thirs speaker William Engdahl was also superb. He showed how a globalist debt based banking finance has enslaved the world.His talk was excellent he also seems to be a highly decent man.

The fourth speaker Alessio Rastani to be blunt I had  big problems with. He became famous for stating on BBC news how Goldman Sachs ruled the world. However his talk was basically about how you should use your intelligence to use the financial crisis to make a profit on investments. There was nothing in his talk about social justice and fighting to make a better world. All in all a very disappointing talk.

Max Keiser the fifth speaker I also had problems with he is a critic of bankers rule but appears to support free market capitalism. Perhaps not suprising as he is a former wall street banker. He is obviously  hostile to socialism. Also I stongly dislike his zealous support for the death penalty. To  be blunt he is a faker.

The sixth and final speaker John Perkins is famous for his book an economic hit man where he issued threats to left wing Latin American governments. However again I had problems with his speech he said’ I am a capitalist’ and he strongly supports capitalism. He was extremely naive in stating we should just send emails to companies like Nike asking them to pay their employees decent wages. So he still obviously still accepts corporate capitalist world rule.

So in conclusion there were some interesting points raised at the conference. However I had big differences with the American speakers  and their support for capitalism as we need to get rid of the  corporate big business system and build a new economic system based on co-operation.


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