Now let me say I got into meditation by accident I was not involved in the new age scene or any alternative therapy group. I was just sitting alone in my living room one morning and I was quite stressed so I just closed my eyes and sat still for about ten minutes. This is called stillness meditation.When I came out of the meditation state I felt a strange sense of bliss ease and calmness.

I suffer from a great deal of  internal anger and this came out in public facial grimances which disappeared shortly after I started meditating each day.Meditation has changed my life quite alot besides getting rid of my public grimances. It has made  it alot easier to deal with my internal anger, it has made me much less judgemental regarding other people and I started to realise after I started meditating that perhaps I was part of the problem in alot of instances.

Another important change in my life is that I started to develop psychic abilities after I started meditating and started to gain  greater insights into life I went on several psychic development courses after taking up meditation. I also saw a ufo around about the time I started meditating I am not sure whether or not this is a coincidence or not.

There are different types of meditation some people like to go on meditation training courses and are given a mantra to chant silently while they are meditating.However myself I prefer the stillness method of meditating. People should try the various types of meditation and see what one is best for themselves.

However to make your own life  better and the world a better place my advise to anybody reading this blog is take up meditating today. Sitdown alone in your room today close your eyes think of nothing for 15 or so minutes and enjoy the bliss of silent meditation.

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I have been asked by a few people what are my views on Rudolf Steiner the Austrian esoteric christian. Now I must confess that I have only read a limited amount of Steiners works. But I will give my view based on my knowledge of Steiners works that I have read.

Rudolf Steiners influence has increased with the growth of the new age movement since the 1960,s. Steiner basically advocated a green type economy he was in favour of organic farming and co-operative enterprises as opposed to corporate business and state socialism. Generally he was in favour of political rights for all and human rights.

However what Steiner is really famous for is his views on esoteric christianity. In 1899 he had a life changing expereince he saw a vision of the etheric christ. He started to develop his own views of christianity he felt that the christian religion needs to be reformed which I agree with and he supported reincarnation which I disagree with.

Steiner felt that Jesus Christ was to play the central role in human evolution. He was of the opinion that the spiritual development of the individual was inseparable from the cosmological development of the universe.

He felt that human beings born into this world are guided by Jesus Christ to consciously ascend into the spiritual world.

However the controversy regarding Steiner relates to his views on race. He stated that he was opposed to racism. However he was of the opinion that all people would eventually reincarnate into the Germanic race. Now as I have stated I do not believe in reincarnation. But Steiners view that he was opposed to racism in my opinion contradicts the view that the Germanic race are the highest stage of evolution and this view is in my opinion unacceptable.

However all the people that I have met in the Rudolf Steiner movement today are okay and none of them are racists. It is just a shame that Steiners generally okay political views and his stated opposition to racism are marred by his views on the Germanic race being the highest stage of evolution.


In this blog I will explore the theory of athiesm this of course is the theory that god does not exist. Myself I do believe in god. However I will come to the conclusion that athiests are not necessary any worse as individual people and in fact there have been many evil acts carried out in the name of religion.

The most famous statement perhaps regarding a non believe in god is in Dostoevskys novel Brother Karamazov, if god does not exist then  anything is permitted’. The view being that mankind can carry out any evil deed as there is no fear of punishment in the afterlife if god does not exist. Non athiests would of course  use this to explain the evil acts carried out by Hitler and Stalin as both men were athiests.

However this view does not hold up as most athiests are of course decent people and as I have stated as a person who does believe in god, there have been many atrocities carried out in the name of religion and god.

I will now look at some of the theories of some of historys leading athiest thinkers.

Albert Camus who I greatly admire was of the opinion that if god is all powerfull then god must be held criminally responsible for all of the injustice against mankind and all of the evil in the world.

Jean Paul Sartre  for most of his life felt that there was no god and mankind was condemned to be free. However in the last years of his life Sartre changed his mind and came to the opinion that god might exist after all.

Alfred Ayre the world famous English philosopher  who was a life long athiest had a near death experience in his old age  which totally changed his view on a divine being.

The three people mentioned above are in my opinion examples of well meaning athiests.However there are in my opinion some present day examples of athiests who have a nasty side. For instance the American neo conservative athiest Sam Harris supports the use of  torture ‘in the war against terrorism’. He supports the American present day imperialist wars. The English athiest Richard Dawkins similarly has in my opinion a nasty attitude. His book the selfish gene tends in my opinion to promote the survival of the fittest

However turning to believers in god we must not assume the just  because one believes in god that it makes one a good person.There have as I have already stated been many evil  acts carried out in the name of god. Catholics against protestants and protestants against catholics and violent acts between different islamic groups and other rival religions.

So in conclusion I believe that going through life with a believe in god is more comforting and near death experiences confirm the existence of god.However I have a personal opinion that in the end the good merciful god will save both athiests and believers in god both good and bad.


The term ego maniac is often used to described individual people. This is not suprising as all humans are fallen angels to a certain extent. We all have a bit of the bighead ego maniac within us. The question is, is it destructive and is there  any thing we as individual humans can do to modify or counter our ego?

The German individual anarchist Max Stirner felt that it is entirely rational for humans to act on their own ego. He stated that self realization rests on individual humans desire to  fufil their egoism.

Friedrich  Nietzche was of the view that humans had a will to power to fulfil their ego. His views were similar in some ways to Stirner however Nietzche,s views led him to develop the theory of the superman which in my personal opinion can lead mankind in a dangerous direction.

In my opinion our inner ego can sometimes be used for good purposes for instance when we do a good deed for say charity which may attract praise. But quite often the inner human ego can have a bad affect. For instance when we use it for negative reasons for instance we use it to harm other people to obtain a career  advancement. Also when trying to develop a relationship with the opposite sex one can harm a rival with negative actions.

However what can we do to counter or modify our human ego. In my opinion we can. At a certain point in our life we realise that we are fallen angels and damaged goods. and we realise that we need to become less focused on ourselves and try to take other peoples views more into account. This can often happen when people get older. Often this feeling slowly starts to build up over a period of time.

In conclusion  I would state that people should try and counter their human ego and put it to good uses. My own personal experience is that the best way to modify the human ego and to develop ourselves spirituality is daily meditation. Daily meditation is the key to human development.