This latest blog is a review of what I consider the most important book to be published this year,by the Greek socialist Takis Fotopoulos.

Broadly speaking Fotopoulos puts forward the view that TNE  transnational elites are trying to set up an international structure which makes countries national sovereingty irrelevant. So that mega multinational corporations will run the world. He also explains how what he calls the fake pro globalist left help the elite globalist dictatorship plans. For instance Y Varoufakis Diem25 plans for a ‘democratic, EU which Varoufakis knows himself cannot work.

Fotopoulos explains how the USA was behind the plans for a united Europe just after the second world war so as to help the fight against communism. The  CIA role in setting up  the European unity movement has been well documented. At first this took a slow pace with the founding of the European Economic Community of just six  countries in 1956 which at first was just a trading bloc.

However with the arrival of the neo liberal period from the 1980,s onwards and the collapse of actual existing socialism in the period 1989 to 1991 the TNE plans for a transnational corporate dictatorship really took off.

In 1992 the Maasstricht treaty created a single European Union market. This has been further developed  with the arrival of the Euro currency which ends countries national economic sovreignty and democracy. From 2000  the author explains most countries economic rules are in fact decided by globalist dictatorial institutions like the WTO,IMF and the World bank. This involves compulsory privatization and labour  market deregulation.

Fotopoulos show  how in 2009 Transnational corporations controlled 2/3rds of the world trade. He also quotes Josef Stiglitz who  states that the bottom 90% of the American  populations income has remained stagnate for the last three decades so globalization does not favour the working masses. He also shows how TTIP will make countries national sovreignty irrelevant ,thank god it now seems likely that TTIP will be defeated.

The author explains how TNE use violence against countries which do not fall into line with their plans. For instance Syria, Iraq and Libya and also try to threaten countries like Russia, China and Iran.

Importantly he exposes the role of fake pro globalist left groups like Syriza and Podemos in supporting the elite globalist plans. For instance the outrageous Syriza government sell out to the EU in 2015 and its programme of mass privatization since.

Fotopoulos shows how the DIEM25 plans for a ‘democratic EU is a utopian plan which cannot be achieved. Any so called united Europe would be a neo liberal dictatorship controlled by the TNE.

Turning to Brexit the author correctly explains how this was a major working class revolt against globalization. However he also shows how the fake pro globalist British left overwhelmingly was against Brexit. Even Corbyn who used to be anti EU mysteriously switched sides to support the remain campaign. Can we really trust this man?

Fotopoulos shows how in Europe the left wing political party,s are general decline. Due to their being exposed for supporting neo liberalism, privatization and loss of national sovereignty to the EU etc.

In the last part of the book the author explains how we can defeat the transnational elite.

He calls for the formation of Front of Nationals and Social Liberation FNSL in every country in the world. These fronts would break with the TNE  by building from below. By breaking with the TNE and the new world order they would build a  new economic model based  on self reliance and the public of ownership of the major part of the economy. Countries under the control of the FNSL would leave globalist organizations like the EU,WTO,IMF and the World bank. They would also establish their own national currencies.

In conclusion I would urge everybody to BUY this very important book either from Progressive Publishing Co in San Diego or else amazon. Finally thanks must be given to Joseph P Leonard of Progressive Co for publishing this book.

God bless you all.



In this latest blog I will argue that for the left political movements to revive they need to adopt an anti globalist stance. By this I mean they should support the power of their own national democracies over undemocratic international institutions like the EU.

There is no doubt that in Europe the left wing political party,s are in a major crisis. In France the Socialist Party presidential candidate is on about 9% in the latest opinion polls. The socialist presidency in France has been an absolute disaster of neo liberalism,austerity and privatization. In Greece the Syriza government has been an absolute debacle of privatization and austerity. Of course the reasons for this is  easy to see these two governments are determined to stick to the financial budget  death trap of the Euro currency rather than leave the Euro currency  which is what they should be doing.

In Europe left wing political party,s are in decline. Much of the working class are now turning to right wing nationalist populist party,s. In the Netherlands and Austria the Freedom party,s are well ahead in the opinion polls for the next general elections. In Germany, Alternative for Germany are just behind the SPD in second place for next years general elections. In France Marina Le Pen will probably finish a close second place to the conservative candidate in next years presidential election.

The reason for the European left crisis is easy to see. Most of these parties active members are made up of comfortably off middle  class people who adopt a fake internationalist stance in accepting the superiority of technocratic fascist transnational institutions like the EU over their own national parliaments. This also means that accept the  liberalism and privatization that goes with supporting the EU.

What an an anti globalist left would do would be to campaign for the return of sovereignty to their own national parliaments. In fact  they should be campaigning for their own countries to leave the EU.

They should also support the right of their own national parliaments to control its own economic and social policies and not the undemocratic EU. They should also support the right of their own countries to adopt capital controls, to have their own independent currency and to carry out public ownership measures.

Their is one brave Greek socialist Takis Fotopoulos who does advovate the need for an  anti globalist left. I shall review his new very important book in my next blog.

Unless the European left starts to adopt an anti globalist stance its decline will continue as the  working class continues to switch its support to right wing nationalist populist party,s

In conclusion best wishes to all in the build up to the Christmas season.


As a life long socialist I would have voted for Jill Stein the progressive candidate in the USA presidential election if I had had the vote.

However of the two main candidates Hillary Clinton the Democratic party candidate and the maverick conservative Donald Trump I personally feel that Trump  is the lesser of the two evils. Let me explain why I hold this view. Clinton is a warmongering sociopath who has boasted of several war deaths. She has also threated to impose a no fly zone over Syria which would probably had led to a world war with Russia and China. Also her cabinet would have been dominated by neo conservative war mongers like Victoria Nuland and Samantha  Power. As well as this the Clinton foundation is linked to very dodgy money such as the Saudi royal family.

On the other hand Donald Trump has indicated that he wants better relations with Russia and China and he seems more of an isolationist. Of course it is possible that once Trump becomes president he may change his tune and become a supporter of wars. Its is of course also possible that the deep state and the military industrial complex may thwart Trumps plans for peace if he is seriously interested improving relations with Russia and China. However Hillary Clintons election defeat is a very welcome event for all peace loving people.

In conclusion it is up to all peace loving people in the world to join the fight for world peace, by getting involved in anti war groups like the Stop the War Coalition. We must also campaign for the public ownership of military weapon producing companies. So that these comanies can gradually be changed to producing social useful products.

God bless you all