The agreement between the western powers and Iran that was reached on the 24/11/13 limiting Iran,s uranium nuclear enrichment to 5% enough for nuclear power must be welcomed by all peace loving people throughout the world.

It holds out the hope of an improvement in relations between Iran and the western countries which can only be of benefit to all. The hypocrisy of the opposition to the deal from Israel is nauseating. A country which is overloaded with nuclear weapons and is ethnically cleansing its Palestinian population and also practices racial discrimination against its Arab citizens. The same charge of hypocrisy must apply to the opposition to the deal from the Saudi Arabian dictatorship.

Of course the deal raises a number of issues. Firstly the possibility of the establishment of diplomatic relationship between Iran and the United States of America. This would of course increase the possibility of a successful peace deal in Syria between the Assad government and peaceful elements of the Syrian opposition. Again this development is very much to be welcomed.

Of course we would all like to see Iran become a similar type democracy to Turkey and I am sure that left to itself this change will take place gradually in Iran. As a socialist I would very much like to see a socialist government in Iran. However we must remember that Britain and America organised the coup which overthrew Iran, democracy in 1953 because President Mohammed Mossaddegh tried to nationalise the oil industry in Iran. The coup of course led to the establishment of the dictatorship of the Shah of Iran.

However in conclusion looking towards the future we must hope that the agreement of the 24/11/13 leads to a safer world and the long term prospects of the establishment of a proper democracy in Iran.



Russell Brand,s call for a revolution a few weeks ago is very much to be welcome. He stated that the whole capitalist economic system is unfair and is just run for the benefit of the globalist elite bankers class and that e young people have the odds very much stacked against themselves nowadays. He also said that revolution could not come within the present political system.

Russell also correctly criticised many left wing groups for being too exclusive and not allowing for any deviation from the party line. He also stated rightly in my opinion that many young people find left wing groups off-putting. Interesting and quite wisely in my opinion he also stated that we need a spiritual revolution as well.

Perhaps understandably Russell Brands views have been attacked as pie in the sky by many political commentators. The Prime Minister David Cameron in his usual pompous manner has asked for Russell Brand to come up with a better form of democracy.

What then are we to make of Russell Brands views. Firstly he is in my opinion correct to call for a peaceful revolution and a spiritual revolution. In an opinion poll a few weeks ago 40% of the British population said that they were unlikely to vote at the next general election amongst young people the non voting is likely to be much higher perhaps 60%.Britain is run by an elite political class who totally serve the globalist corporate banking class. The City of London totally dominates the British economy and the economy seems just to be based on property speculation.

Most other countries in the world appear to be dominated by pro neo liberal politicians. With big business interests dominating the political process. Also a soulless materialism seems to dominate life hence Russells call for a spiritual revolution.

Of course the key question is how do we bring about the revolution that he is calling for. To be honest as along term political activist it will be very difficult. I can see where Russell is coming from when he states that he has no intention of voting in his life. The British political class seems totally corrupt and spineless like it is in most other countries. So I can understand why he and other people abstain from voting in elections. To be honest I have abstained from voting in some elections myself.

However I have come to the opinion that if we are to achieve the revolution that Russell is calling for both politically, economically and spiritually we need to take political power in both this country and the rest of the world. This clearly involves building a new political movement. A key hallmark of this new political movement is that its office holders will only accept the same income as the average working class person. Thus keeping out people on the make. The new movement must be totally democratic. Also I feel that it should advocate a devolved decentralized municipal co-operative based economy.

In conclusion I must confess I do not entirely know how we start to build this new political movement. So I would very much like to hear the views from the readers of this blog how we start the process of building this new political movement.


Now myself I am a sensible conspiracy theorist. There are some conspiracy theories that are true. I myself take the view that for a conspiracy theory to have any credibility then there must be some evidence to base the conspiracy theory on. However there are some crackpot conspiracy theories that some people talk about with out any evidence. An example of a credible conspiracy theory is what happened in the world trade centre on 9/11. The janitor of the building saw bombs exploding in the building. Also it is obviously clear that the building was brought down by a controlled demolition.

In fact you do not have to look far for the conspiracy plans of the global elite. Groups like the Bilderberg group and the Trilateral Commission plans are evidence for all to see. The most current obvious example of this is the Transatlantic Investment Partnership between the USA/Canada and the EU. It gives corporations equality in law with national governments. This is outrageous and clearly establishes a world corporate big business dictatorship which overrides the democracy of national governments. So individual countries democracy comes to an end.

This then is the whole point of the blog. Many conspiracy theorists just seem quite happy to turn up to truth movements meetings and talk about the evil plans of the global elite. They are quite right to do so. However they do not seem to be willing to fight back against the global elites evil plans. In fact many conspiracy theorists seem to accept that we are fighting a losing battle against the global elite. This is where I take issue with them.

There is a lot that we can do to fight back against the global elites plans for a world globalist corporate dictatorship. Firstly organise a campaign against the Transatlantic Investment Partnership. Secondly get involved in the stop the war coalition. Thirdly set up your own independent internet media outlet. Fourthly join a political organization like Left Unity and finally form an community action group in your area.

In conclusion we can all make a difference if we get active against the plans of the corporate global elite. Together we are far more powerful than them and if we act together we can easily defeat the plans of the global elites new world order.


Yesterday 10/11/13 I visited St Pauls Cathedral with a friend we then went to the fire works display at 5PM at Blackfriars bridge on the River Thames which I did enjoy.

However what stood out was the heavy negative energy in the City of London. As it was remembrance Sunday the next day 11/11/13 the city was full of military types obviously preparing for today remembrance Sunday event at the cenotaph.
I could not but notice the heavy negative energy which existed in London yesterday and is still existing today remembrance Sunday. In fact I cannot notice it every remembrance Sunday. So it must exist.

Now I feel that this is due to a number of factors. The evil of the two world wars of the 20TH century comes to the fore on this day. The sixty five million people killed in the two world wars many innocent civilians. Also it is possible that the souls of some of the people killed in the wars are still interacting with the world today.

I also feel that remembrance Sunday brings to the fore the present militarism of the worlds corporate elite and the wars that they are planning for the future for their corporate profits. David Cameron is trying to plan big celebrations in 2014 for Britains role in world war one, a war for corporate imperialist plunder.

However I feel that what we should try and do in the future is to try and turn the negative energy of remembrance Sunday into something positive. Firstly try and organise an anti militarist event on remembrance Sunday. Such as the march organised by military veterans for peace at the cenotaph in Central London today. Secondly do NOT wear the red poppy as you are only endorsing the evil wars that the corporate elite are planning for the future.

So lets make 2014 remembrance Sunday the 100TH anniversary of the year of the start of the evil first world war a major anti militarist event.

So lets turn remembrance Sunday 2014 into a positive event of resistance to corporate wars and thus say no more capitalist imperialist wars.


Last Saturday I am very pleased to announce that I attended the annual meeting of Republic the movement fighting for a British Republic.

It was a very well attended meeting. The mood at the meeting was quite buoyant. Republic now has thirty thousand registered supporters. So I think that the movement has a very bright future.

The main guest speakers at the conference were Labour Party GLA member Tom Copley and two speakers from the Danish and Swedish Republican movements.

As for myself I have been a Republican all of my adult life. I have never been able to accept a hereditary head of state. Also the British royal family are one of the richest families in the world. So they must have enormous influence on world events behind the scenes. All of the young male royals join the military so are in affect cheer leaders for the corporate wars of the rich elite.

Republic boasts that it has members in all of the main political parties including the conservatives. However myself I am firm Gerrard Winstanley Republican who believes in linking Republicanism to social change.

However I think that the fight to achieve a British Republic will be a long term fight. I do not think that any government will just abolish the monarchy in Britain. I think that a republic in Britain will only be achieved after a major constitutional crisis or social explosion in British society.

However in conclusion I strongly urge all readers of this blog to visit the republic website and join Republic the movement for British Republicans.


I thought that I would write this blog today as it is just about the right time as yesterday was the funeral of my 88 year old mother who died on the 15/10/13.

Obviously the loss of any close relative is a time of great sorrow for all concerned. In my opinion it is also a time for introspection where one takes stock of ones own life, firstly in respect of your relationship with the close relative and secondly how one can use this introspection to make useful changes in ones own life.

Personally I feel that whether or not one believes in life after death can make a major difference on how one reacts to the death of a close relative. If like myself who is heavily influenced by near death experiences and who believes that people survive death then one can draw a certain amount of comfort from the relatives departure as you hold the opinion that the relative has moved onto a better world in the after life. However if you are an atheist who does not believe in life after death then you are left with the happy memories while the close relative was alive and the view at least they are now at peace after probably suffering from the pain of ill health.

However getting back to the question of how to cope with the death of the deceased relative. I would make a few observations. If like me you believe in life after death you have the comfort that the relative is now in a better world. If however you do not believe in life after death then you should try and focus on the happy memories while the relative was alive.

However and I know this may not be easy to some people and you may find this difficult. But I feel that we must use the death of the relative to take stock of our own lives while we are still alive and try and make a positive act of improvement in our own lives as a way of honouring the memory of the departed one. I am convinced that this is the best form of action that we can take.

In conclusion the period of grief can last for a considerable time for some people after a relatives death and I would strongly recommend that people take up twice daily meditation to still the mind and calm ones self. As I feel that this can really help in coping with the close relatives loss.

Have a nice weekend all.