Edward Snowden the former American officer of the national security agency is clearly the most talked about person in the world today. At present he is a fugitive in Moscow hoping to obtain asylum in Ecuador.

Mr Snowden became world famous this month when his leaks appeared in the London Guardian newspaper regarding the American national security agencies mass interception of email and telephone date in the USA, Europe and the rest of the world particularly China.

Now it is well known that the USA intelligence agencies carries out world wide surveillance however the extent has quite rightly shocked world opinion. Millions of innocent people throughout the world are having their private telephone calls and emails intercepted without their agreement. In one word it is scandalous.

The American government line that it is necessary to carry out this action to fight terrorism is of course rubbish. The American government is co-operating with the Jihadist fugs in Syria so as to obtain a base to enslave and attack Iran. Also the false flag terrorist actions carried out by the American security forces have been well documented.

The real reason for the world wide surveillance of ordinary people is to monitor anti war and anti corporate rule activists. So as to obtain information about their personal lives and to harass and intimidate them. Also the USA and its allies in the western corporate ruling class are trying to set up a global police state.

That is why also decent people in the world must rally behind Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning and Julian Assange, who have bravely exposed the evil deeds of the western military and corporate elite.

That is why we must also praise the decision of the Russian government not to extradite Edward Snowden and hope that he obtains his wish of political asylum in Ecuador.



With the global corporate capitalist system in a worldwide crisis it is clear that an alternative system is needed. However a major impediment to building this new system is that many people say that there is no alternative to capitalism now as socialism has already been tried in the old Soviet Union, Communist China and the old Eastern European states. They state that besides the fact that socialism did not work in these this countries the system also led to tyranny and a dictatorship by the Communist Party elite.

Now if we are to rebuild support for socialism in the twenty first century we must first analyse why socialism failed in the Soviet Union, China and the countries of Eastern Europe. In my opinion the blame must be firmly laid at the feet of Lenin who in his 1902 book What is to be done, called for the rule by an elite vanguard party.Lenin was take this theory further after the 1917 Russian revolution by establishing a one party dictatorship ruled by a ruthless secret police the Cheka.

It was Lenins idea in October 1917 to carry out the Bolshevik coup which led ultimately the the banning of socialist parties like the Mensheviks and the Socialist Revolutionaries. Also the dissolving of the democratically elected constituent assembly in 1918.

After the Bolsheviks won the Russian civil war Lenin and the Bolsheviks besides establishing a one party dictatorship which from the start had special privileges for the party elite, also banned strikes and independent trade unions. The trade unions just became instruments of the state that make sure that the workers carried out the parties production plans. Labour camps were established under Lenins rule even for working class opponents of the regime. So it is unfair to say that the soviet dictatorship started under Stalin it was in place under Lenin.

Clearly then an alternative is needed to Leninism. I feel that we must look to the ideas of the great 19th century French libertarian socialist Pierre Proudhon for inspiration. He called for direct workers and consumers control of the economy. There would be no room for the role of an elite vanguard party. Encouragingly many of the occupy Wall Street protestors were influenced by libertarian socialist ideas.

So I say to all do not get side tracked by Lenin,s dictatorial ideas instead turn to real equality and freedom and libertarian socialism and start reading the ideas of Pierre Proudhon.


Ed Balls the Labour Party finance spokesperson in a recent speech stated that the next Labour government will accept the present coalition government expenditure plans. Even more he stated that besides accepting the cuts in child benefit for better off people a future Labour government will go even further than the coalition government by making cuts in winter fuel payments for ‘better’ off pensioners, also he stated Labour will cap the state retirement pension.

Clearly British American Project trained Ed Balls is sending a signal to the British and world corporate elite that if Labour do win the next election in 2015 then they will make the poor and the working class pay for the economic crisis and not the banker class parasites who caused the economic crisis in the first place. So under a future Labour government we can look forward to a low wage, temporary work, high unemployment and insecure high rents for tenants to be paid to private landlords.

Ed Balls in his recent speech has confirmed that Britain like most countries in the world lives in a one party neo liberal state with three wings. The Labour Party, Liberal Democratic Party and Conservative Party.

People who are opposed to neo liberalism must build a new political party based on groups such as Left Unity or the Trade Union Socialist Coalition. Such a programme must include public ownership of the banks and major capitalist monopolies under consumers and workers control. Also a massive social housing and flat building programme and the introduction of rent controls for private landlords. Also withdrawal from Nato and the European Union and the withdrawal of also British armed forces from overseas immediately.

So there is urgent work to undertake lets gets busy


As you may or may not know the highly secretive Bilderberg group will be holding its yearly conference at the Grove Hotel at Watford England this weekend the 7/6/13 to the 9/6/13.

The Bilderberg group which was founded in 1954 by the exiled Polish politician Jozef Retinger and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. It attracts to its annual conference some of the world top politicians and people from the world of top corporate finance,industry and banking. People attending the conference this year are the British prime minister David Cameron and his Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne and the Labour Party shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer Ed Balls. Oh how surprising I thought that they were meant to be political opponents.

Some people have suggested that the annual Bilderberg group is the secret meeting of the world government. However I do not think that is the case because of the lack of depth of the political and corporate elite attending. However I do feel that the Bilderberg group is a sinister group as its meetings decisions are never published. In my opinion the Bilderberg group is not the secret meeting of the world government. However it is I feel the key annual meeting of the western worlds ruling class where they meet to plan the corporate western elites strategy for the year ahead. I feel that the decisions made at the conference are not in the interest of ordinary working class people this is why they are kept secret. What I find interesting is that there are no participants from Russia and China which I feel indicates a split in the worlds ruling class and a rival battle for power and resources.

Of course the key question to ask is what can we do to fight back against the activities of the Bilderberg group. Firstly if you can attend the demonstrations outside the conference on the three days. Secondly the real fight against the Bilderberg corporate and military elites will tack place every day of the year. This is by getting active in anti war groups, trade unions and campaigns against corporate rule.

So get busy everybody now in the fight for a better world.