As my blog proudly enters its 12th year my first blog of 2022 looks at the French presidential election of April 2022. As the title of the blog indicates the result will almost certainly means continued globalist/EU control of France and the relegation of French national democracy to transnational globalist institutions.

The first round of the election will take place on the 10th April 2022. With the top two candidates in the first round ballot taking part in the second round ballot on the 24th April 2022.

According to the opinion polls the current president Emmanuel Macron will win an easy victory in the second round. He was on the extreme right wing of the French socialist party a French Blairite. He is the candidate for’ republic on the march’. Macron is a liberal globalist and staunchly pro EU. Not surprisingly he has a nasty side.He says he wants to ‘piss off the unvaccinated’

The main challengers are Marine Le Pen of the National Rally party. She has moved towards the centre, she is now pro EU and pro the Euro currency. A strange shift in policy.

Eric Zemmour of the Reconquest party. is from a Berber Jewish background. He is anti Arab and anti Islam. He is in my opinion another fake anti globalist He has recently dropped his opposition to the Euro currency.

Valerie Pecresse the candidate of the Republican party is pro American and pro EU. She is probably the first choice of the American political elite. It is sad that the Gaullist party have abandoned their past heritage of French national sovereignty over the EU.

Jean Luc Melenchon of Unbowed France is my personal choice for president, He is some sort of socialist. He is in favour of France leaving NATO and forming an alliance with Russia. This is in my opinion an excellent policy. However his main weakness he has not called for France to leave the Euro currency and the EU.To his credit he has spoken at some anti vaccine passport rallies.

Anne Hidalgo is the candidate of the totally bankrupt French ‘socialist’ party’. Polling about 3% in the opinion polls she is pro EU and pro globalist. The ‘socialist’ party in France have never recovered from the awful Francois Hollande presidency.

Summing up the April 2022 election is a very depressing spectacle. Globalist pro EU forces will continue to control France after the election. Thus relegating the power of the French national parliament.

In conclusion as an anti globalist socialist. I feel that France needs to build a mass anti globalist/ anti EU socialist movement.

Best wishes to all for the future.


In this latest blog regarding predictions for 2022. I am predicting a continuation of the present global dystopia. Which I feel I feel has been planned behind the scenes by the western corporate globalist elite for their own long term political and economic agenda.

Firstly regarding the economy. I am predicting world wide rising inflation. Growing food shortages. Also large fuel price increases particularly gas price rises. As I have already mentioned in my opinion this economic crisis has been planned by the global corporate elite of the World Economic Forum led by Klaus Schwab. So that they can implement their fascist ‘economic reset’

On the international stage. I predict even higher rising tension between the western imperialist powers and Russia and China. let us hope for humanities sake that this does not turn into a military conflict.

Regarding the covid events. I expect even more plans by the globalist elite to try and introduce vaccine passports, mandatory vaccines, continued mask wearing and other totalitarian measures. However, I also expect resistance amongst the general public to these totalitarian measures to grow in 2022. So far the UK has got off lightly in relation to these totalitarian measures compared to other European countries. This may be due to the regular massive demonstrations against these planned measures that regularly take place in London and other places in the UK.

Also in relation to the covid events will be the subject of possible increases in injuries,ill health and deaths from the covid vaccines.As is predicted may take place by Dr Michael Yeadon the former Vice President of Pfizer. Of course we hope that these do not take place but we shall just have to wait and see.

Turning to routine political issues. The main event of 2022 is the French presidential election. I expect the awful globalist Emmanuel Macron to be comfortably reelected against his equally awful opponents.

Here in the UK their is a consensus amongst the mainstream political media that Boris Johnson the Prime Minister will be replaced in 2022.However, I am going to go against the grain and say that it is quite possible the he will survive this year. Most of the potential replacements are very shallow. Of course I could be wrong and he will be replaced we just just have to wait and see.

Regarding the Labour Party I also expect the shallow right wing Keir Starmer to remain as leader of the Labour Party. The Labour Party will move even further to the right.Their may be a small left wing split off from the Labour Party amongst a small minority of ‘left’ wing Labour Party members. However I do not expect any of the ‘left’ wing Labour members of parliament to join any breakaway party.

Summing up I expect the covid events and the growing economic crisis to dominate 2022. Of course their will be some surprise events taking place in 2022. Such as climate events. There will I expect also be a greater number of reports of UFO sightings in 2022. Possible an increase in release of documents relating to UFOS. Although I do not expect any official disclosure from any government of the knowledge of extraterrestrials.

In conclusion my main message to the readers of my blog for 2022. Is join the resistance to the totalitarian measures of the ‘great reset’ of the World Economic Forum. Also attend the demonstrations against lockdowns,vaccine passports and mandatory vaccines. Also get involved in the fight for peace,justice, freedom and equality, also the fight against the fascist new world order.

God bless you all. Let us hope we all make it through to 2023.


The year 2021 can be summed I feel with the following word dystopia. Still dominated by the covid events, the threat of a growing world economic crisis and increasing international tensions.

A major event has of course been Joe Biden taking over as president of the USA in January 2021. His presidency has led to increasing aggression by the western imperialist powers against Russia and China. I predicted that this would happen when Biden first took over as president.

There are two other main stories of 2021. Firstly the growing economic crisis, particularly the large fuel price increases and rising inflation. There is also the attempt by the World Economic Forum led by the German fascist Klaus Schwab to impose its totalitarian ‘great economic reset’ on the world. So far they have been unsuccessful but I am sure that they will continue trying to implement the ‘great reset’ in 2022.

Regarding the covid events to be really honest I just cannot believe what is happening in some countries. Mandatory vaccines in Austria. In Germany unvaccinated people are banned from public transport and many shops. In Greece people over aged 60 who do not have the vaccine are fined sixty Euros a month. Pure totalitarian fascism.

Interestingly under the mandatory vaccine regulations countries that impose mandatory vaccines.People are not physically being forced to have the vaccine.The unvaccinated are being fined. So this policy of mandatory vaccines is just a money making scam.

However here in Britain there have been some positive reactions to the covid events. The regular demonstrations against lockdowns and vaccine passports. Particularly the two demonstrations in London in May and June 2021 each of over one million people. I am proud to have attended these two demonstrations and most of the other demonstrations in London in 2021. Of course other European countries have had these type of demonstrations but none as large as Britain.

On the international stage there have been some positive changes. Firstly in Honduras the fantastic victory in the presidential election for the socialist Xiomara Castro in the November election.This was a fantastic kick in the teeth for Hillary Clinton and her 2009 fascist coup in Honduras.

Also in Nicaragua the Sandinistas recent landslide presidential election victory, also the landslide victory for Gabriel Boric in the recent Chilean presidential election victory. Finally in Venezuela the United Socialist party winning 23 of 25 state governorship elections.

Turning to the UK the prime minister Boris Johnson has now lost much of his popularity due to his perceived handling of the covid events recently. The Labour party led by the shallow right wing Keir Starmer in my personal view does not offer much of an alternative to the Conservatives

So in conclusion there has been some resistance to the covid fascism this year.Particularly here in Britain. Also there have been some recent positive political changes in Latin America In my next blog to be published in a couple of days I will look at what may happen in 2022.

Best wishes to all for the future.


As most of you who know me well will know that as some sort of Christian, the period leading up to Christmas day is my favourite time of the year. There has in my personal view always been a sense of magic about this period.

Alas we are living in very dystopian times since the start of the corona events in December 2019. With lockdowns, vaccine passports, covid tests. Also the totalitarian threat of mandatory vaccines. Added to this is the coming threat of economic uncertainty. The rising inflation, gas price increases and food shortages.

Regarding the traditional churches role in Christmas since the start of the covid period. I feel that criticisms are justified of their role. Going along with the closing of churches during lockdowns. Agreeing to facemasks being worn in church services. How can people take part in the liturgy in church services wearing facemasks? My local church will not allow me into the service without a mask. Even if I show them my exemption badge.

So those people who want to connect to this Christian festival of Jesus birth may just want to do so on a personal level this year. This is I know perhaps is a sad thing to say. As I feel the churches have been too compliant with the authorities during the covid period.

Despite the covid events Christmas is still a time of hope. I would suggest that this Christmas people meditate twice a day focussing on Jesus. If you can get some pictures of Jesus to use during the meditations it would be excellent.

Also I would suggest asking Jesus for help in our fight against the dark forces of the new world order. We must use the positive energy of Christmas in our fight against these dark forces.

In conclusion. Enjoy the build up to Christmas. If you do have Christian leanings then focus on Jesus birth. But use the Christmas period as a guide to fight for a world of freedom, justice and peace.

God bless you all.


Just over one week ago the government of Austria made an astonishing decision. The introduction of mandatory ‘corona’ vaccines from February 2022. Such a decision would have been unthinkable before the start of the ‘corona’ events of December 2019.

It is clearly a totalitarian decision. It will mean that the Austrian government will have the right to violate peoples private bodies against their will. The obvious question is what will happen to people who refuse to have the vaccine as I am sure many Austrian people will do so. Will the government have the right to break into peoples homes against their will and physically force them to have the vaccine?

Here in the UK we must resist with all our might the introduction of mandatory vaccines. I personally do not intend having the ‘covid’ vaccine even if mandatory vaccines are introduced here in the UK.

Of course the introduction of mandatory vaccines raises the question why are the government taking this measure? Even if you accept the government point of view that the vaccines are to help us stop getting ‘covid’ then it just does not hold up. The vaccines effects only last for a few months. Gibraltar is virtually 100% vaccinated but it still has a very high ‘covid’ rate. Israel is in its ‘fifth’ wave of ‘covid’ despite almost universal vaccination rates.

Perhaps we should consider the views of Dr Michael Yeadon the former vice president of Pfizer. That the ‘covid’ vaccine is totally different from previous vaccines in that it changes the genetic make up of peoples bodies. Also he says the ‘corona’ vaccine could have an unknown health time bomb. The spike protein of the vaccine could cause major health problems and death in the long run.

My personal line on Dr Yeadons views is that he obviously knows what he is talking about. Obviously I am not a doctor so I do not know myself if the vaccine will lead to major health problems or deaths. We shall just have to wait and see. Dr Robert Malone the inventor of the MRNA vaccine has also questioned the safety of the ‘covid’ vaccine. He also has stated that people who have the ‘covid’ vaccine are super spreaders of ‘covid’

Alas I feel that we may be entering a period of dark times. But I have made up my mind to be totally part of the resistance to the totalitarian world of agenda 21,the great reset, vaccine passports, mandatory vaccines and other such totalitarian measures. This opposition to totalitarianism comes easy to me as I am a natural rebel.

In conclusion resist tyranny by opposing mandatory vaccines. God bless you all.


The last few weeks have seen some astonishing hypocrisy by the western governments and media. Blaming Belarus and Russia for the crisis on the Belarus/Poland border. Most of the refugees are from Iraq and Afghanistan. Although some are from other other countries like Libya.

The refugees have fled from the affects of wars started by America/Britain and other western imperialist countries in Iraq,Afghanistan and Libya. Russia and Belarus were in no way involved in these evil imperialist wars. Over one million people died in Iraq alone as a result of the 2003 invasion of that country. So Russia and Belarus are totally blameless for the refugee crisis on the Belarus/Poland border. Incidentally Poland has supported these western imperialist wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. So Poland is to blame for the refugee border crisis.

The western imperialist powers are trying to overthrow the Belarus government. President Lukashenko,s Belarus government have bravely refused to implement the IMF proposed economic ‘reforms’ involving massive privatization. The Belarus government have also refused to implement a corona lockdown. Interestingly the Belarus ‘corona’ death rates are no higher than countries that have introduced lockdowns.

In conclusion. We must show solidarity with the government of Belarus in its border dispute with Poland and the other western imperialist powers. Also we must show solidarity with people in the global south fighting against western imperialism.

Best wishes to all for the future.

POEM- 11-11-2018

Sunday 11-11-2018,Tavistock Square.
A day of Autumn beauty abounds.
As leaves full rapidly to the ground.

We gather to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the
end of the first world war.
The war to end all wars.

As the peace ceremony rolls on,
my mind in a meditative state 
goes back to 11-11-1918.
Then slowly goes forward to our present time.

1920s, 1930s, depression high unemployment,
Hitler, fascism, world war two.
Sixty million dead.

1945 to 1990, endless wars.
Vietnam, Korea.
1991 end of the USSR,the promised peace dividend?

Alas no.
A new cold war and the menace of world war three
with Russia and China.

My mind rapidly shifts 100 years forward to the
Alas I cannot find the answer
I have been looking for.
How many wars to end all wars 
from 11-11-2018 to 11-11-2118?

Then as the ceremony comes to an end.
My mind quickly comes back to our present time.
Then I head back in the fresh Autumn days beauty to
Friends Meeting House Euston
for the rest of the days proceedings.

Written by KO. 14-11-2018

Comment. Avery apt poem for the present time.
Best wishes to all for the future.


This latest blog looks at what I call the non herd type of person. By this I mean the free spirit who will not automatically conform to the dictates of central authority. They will question the motives behind the government actions. The will also question the stories put forward by the mainstream media. The non herd type of person may also feel alienated from the majority of the population who unquestionably conform to the actions of the authorities and tend to believe the news put forward by the mainstream media.

This blog has been largely motivated by the corona events and the resulting lockdowns and other such restrictions such as facemasks. The non herd type of person is the 20% or so of the population who question the real motives behind the lockdowns, compulsory facemasks, also the narrative behind the ‘corona virus’ itself.

The non herd person is the type of person who looks for the real agenda under the surface behind a major geopolitical event. Has there been a secret plan by the elites to bring about the geopolitical event. Of course this particularly applies to the corona narrative.

As I have previously stated the non herd type of person is quite likely to be alienated from the 80% or so majority of the population who accepts the usual official explanations for major events.

The non herd person will quite likely be a loner who will keep themselves to themselves. Or else they will only mix with other free spirits who do not conform to the so called ‘normal’ society dictates. They will also largely disconnect themselves from the mainstream media whether it be print,radio or TV. They will also avoid watching most TV programmes such as soap, celebrity TV. Instead they will only watch a few specialist TV programmes such as nature or train journeys.

Most importantly the non herd person will question the whole make up of our present world. Why is there so much cruelty and suffering in the world. They may take a gnostic point of view that this world is a carbon copy of the real world. We live in a fake world made by the demiurge the bad creator god. So the non herd person may try and disconnect from this world as much as possible.

In conclusion you may have correctly guessed that I personally would consider myself a non herd type of person. In my opinion it is only when the non herd type of person becomes the majority in the worlds population do we have any real chance of moving forward as a human race.

God bless you all and best wishes for the future.


In this latest blog. I will look at the present dire state of Europe,s left wing political party,s. How they have abandoned support for socialism and social equality in favour of neo liberalism and globalism. I will explain the reason for this and I will try and offer a possible solution to this sad situation.

The current state of Europe,s political left can I feel be traced back first to the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. It was put forward at that time by Europe,s political elites that this showed that socialism had failed. So left wing political party,s could instead only offer social democracy. However with the threat of the Soviet Union gone Europe,s corporate elite felt that they no longer had to offer the masses social democracy. They could instead opt for privatization, neo liberalism and globalism. By globalism I mean taking economic powers away from countries national parliaments. So that they could no longer offer socialist policies.

The European Community 1992 Maastricht Treaty agreed to establish the European Union and ever closer member state integration. It also agreed to establish the Euro currency which was established in 2002. With the establishment of the Euro currency. The countries that adopted the currency could no longer control their own economic policies. Instead their economic policies was controlled by the pro corporate elite European Central Bank.

Two factors in recent years in my view have destroyed the credibility of the European left. Firstly, the pathetic ‘socialist’ presidency in France of Francois Hollande from 2012 to 2017. Where he put the interests of the EU corporate interests before that of the French people. Due to his neo liberal policies he left office with an approval rating of 4%.

Secondly in Greece the Tspras Syriza government budget sell out in 2015. Where they agreed to carry out massive privatization policies and austerity so as to keep Greece in the Euro currency.

The French and Greek experience has created the impression that left wing politicians are sell outs. They will not fight for the working class.Instead they will give into the interests of the corporate elite. Also a majority of European left wing politicians and left wing activists nowadays tend to be professional people like lawyers and academics who are not really connected to the working class.

So it is not surprising that support for left wing political party,s has collapsed in recent years. They have abandoned socialism and the working class. Alas many working class people in the EU countries have increasingly turned to right wing populist party,s.

Of course we must ask is there a solution to this sad state of affairs. I believe that there is. We must fight to build new socialist party,s which are anti globalist and put their own countries parliament powers before that of the EU. They must campaign for public ownership and social equality. Also campaign for their countries to leave NATO and the EU.

The recent success of the Red Party in the recent Norway general election was an encouraging sign. Also here in Britain the Workers Party of Britain, Chris Williamson,s new political formation and the Socialist Labour Party are encouraging signs for the future.

Best wishes to all for the future.



The weekend Russian Duma parliamentary election results are without doubt a crushing defeat for the Western powers and their aggressive campaign against Russia. None of the five party,s elected to the Duma are pro western. In fact apart from the New Peoples Party the other four party,s must be considered hostile to the western powers.

The result was United Russia 49.82%, 324 seats. Communist Party, 18.93%, 57 seats. Just Russia 7.46%, 27 seats. Liberal Democratic Party 7.55%, 21 seats. Finally New Peoples Party 5.32% 13 seats.

The results clearly show that the Russian people correctly reject western imperialist control of Russia. They clearly remember the disastrous period of Yeltsin rule when he sold off Russia,s resources to the western powers for knock down prices.

Fortunately Russia is now under the control of people who put Russia,s interests first. Russia has now also wisely formed a formidable alliance with China so as to counter the western powers aggression.

On very pleasing aspect of the weekend Duma election result was the good vote for Russia,s two left wing party,s The Communist Party and Just Russia, a combined total vote of 26.39%. Both party,s advocate widespread public ownership.

So in conclusion the week end Russian Duma election results must without doubt be considered very welcome news.

Best wishes to all for the future.