In this latest blog I will look at the legacy of England,s patron saint St George.

St George Englands patron saint was a Palestine Syrian Christian martyr who was executed in 303 because he refused to renounce his Christian faith. The fact that he was of Palestine descent is ironic as Tommy Robinson, zionist fascist English Defence League have tried to claim St George as a symbol. However, St George was obviously a just and noble man. Somebody all decent people should identify with.

He is also a focus for international unity. Besides being the patron saint of England, his feast day being celebrated on the 23/4/18. His feast day is celebrated by the Russian orthodox church on the 3/11/18 and the Egyptian Coptic church on the 17/11/18. Many other countries also celebrate St Georges feast day on different dates.

St George is very relevant for our very difficult present time as a focus for international unity and justice. If you are a person of faith I would suggest asking him to intercede on your behalf and also to make the present world a more just place.

In conclusion ironically my next blog will be related to England and how we can defeat the English Defence league.

Best wishes to all for the future.



Now its over it has to to be said that the 2018 Russia world cup was a huge success. Flowing football in excellent stadiums.

Many congratulations to France the worthy winners of the competition.

Also hats of to Gareth Southgate and the England team confounding all expectations in reaching the semi final. As I have said before I very much like Gareth Southgate with his polite manner and smart dress sense. He has firmly established himself as the England manager.

However alas turning to a more serious manner the Russian world cup has created a huge problem for the neo conservative war mongers. The England and other country,s fans have stated how warm and friendly the russian people are.

This is of course very bad news for the western imperialist war machine. However I am sure that they will quickly resort to their war drive and hate campaign against Russia.

However we must use the success of the Russian world cup as a springboard to fight for peace and socialism.

In conclusion enjoy the new football season when it starts in August I hope your team does well this season.

Best wishes to all for the future.


People should take part in the demonstration in London on 13/7/18. I will, but not to specifically demonstrate against Donald Trump but against the evils of American/Western imperialism.

Trump is no better or worse than any other American president all are basically evil. They all resort to war,murder and violence against third world countries to steal their resources on behalf of American corporate interests.

He seems to want better relations with Russia but at the same time increase tensions with China and Iran. I suspect that his strategy is to try split the Russia China alliance but he will not succeed.

USA imperialism has used mass violence in the last 60 years mainly against third world countries. They have organized fascist coups in Brazil 1964,Chile 1973 and in other Latin American countries in the 1970,s. Also there was the mass terror of the Vietnam war.

The Iraq war under Bush. Obama,s inspired wars in the Ukraine and Syria. Trump by the way was interested in invading Venezuela to overthrow its democratically elected socialist government.

Besides American imperialism, European imperialism is just as evil. In the early 1900,s Belgium murdered ten million Africans in the Congo in slave conditions. Also in 1943 in East Bengal nearly four million people died in a famine deliberately created by British imperialism.

Not much has changed in the present times. Support for Israels, repression against the people of Palestine. Also western imperialist inspired wars are always on the horizon for the future.

But we must do something positive to change this situation. Get involved in anti war and anti corporate rule groups.

In conclusion attend the demonstration in London on Friday 13/7/18. But protest not against Trump in particular but against western imperialism in general.

God bless you all.


Well miraculously the 2018 Russia world cup will kick off this Thursday 14/6/18 without any boycotts. Despite the attempts of the neo conservative war mongers such as Boris Johnson to wreck the competition. Skripal event etc if you know what I mean.

Now I am a die hard non league football fan myself and I am usually not that interested in international football. But I am looking forward to this world cup as I feel that it could be a pathway towards world peace. A successful competition will be a blow and set back for the imperialist war mongers.

The hopefully friendly atmosphere between the fans of the different countries and the Russian people may help to create a climate for world peace. Although do not rule out the false flag football hooligan events staged by MI5.

Myself I think that England will do alot better in this world cup than in recent competitions. I think that they will reach the quarter final this time. I personally quite like Gareth Southgate. I also hope that the host country Russia do well in the competition. Alas though I think that they will not.

Although Germany will probably win the competition do not be surprised if an outsider wins this time. Such as Portugal or Belgium.

Enjoy the 2018 Russia world cup. Also have a happy summer. Keep on fighting against war,and social injustice.

Best wishes to all for the future.


The latest goings on in Italy are quite astonishing even for the standards of the fascist EU.

The political coalition which clearly won the Italian general election have been denied the chance to form a government. The Italian EU lackey president Sergio Mattarella has turned down the government of the perspective new prime minister Giuseppe Conte because he did not agree with his choice of economics minister who is euro sceptic. Mattarella has stated that he is acting to protect the euro.

He has appointed and IMF technocrat Carlo Cattarella as prime minister. This is clearly an unconstitutional act by Mattarella. Also it shows that firstly his first loyalty as president of Italy is to Merkel and the EU dictatorship and not to the Italian people. The election results of Italy are irrelevant as far as he is concerned Italy is a vasal to be controlled by the fascist EU whatever the results of the Italian election results.

This is clearly a watershed moment for the EU. Its contempt for countries national election results are now beyond doubt. As a socialist I do not support the new Italian government, but the people of Italy have a right to elect their own government and not have one imposed on them by the EU. The Italian trade unions should organize a general strike against the new government. Their should also be a major campaign for Italy to leave the EU and NATO.

As for Britain it shows the total correctness of the Brexit decision.

Best wishes to all and keep on fighting for a better world.


The Israeli massacre of 59 unarmed civilians in Gaza is by and large par the course based on recent history. As the courageous Israeli dissident Gilad Atzmon said last week it shows the total failure of the Zionist project.

This in fact is the them of this blog. The fact that the Israeli state is resorting to these methods shows that they know they are facing the long term failure of the Zionist state.

I base my conclusions on demographics. In the total Israeli/Palestine area there are now seven million Palestinians and six million Israelis. The population gap between the two groups is likely to grow rapidly in the Palestinians favour in the coming years.

Turning now to a political solution to the problem. The idea of a two state solution is in my opinion dead in the water due to Israel,s settlements in the West Bank. So we are moving into the Hegelian dialectic of a one state solution which is what Israel does not want. But which its actions are going to create.

The Palestinians have shown great resilience in my opinion in response to the theft of their land. Their tactic in the future should be to sit still and resist the Israeli repression with peaceful measures. History is on their side and a one state solution is the inevitable outcome.

Then peace will finally come to the land of Christ. Best wishes to all for the future. God bless you all. Keep on fighting for peace,justice and social equality.


In this latest blog I will analyse the relevance of the ideas of the Political philosopher Karl Marx to our present times. I will not look at the past legacy of Marxs ideas but as I have just stated his relevance to our present times.

However getting back to the theme of this blog. I will argue that some of Marxs ideas are very relevant to our present time. Although some of his ideas need updating.

I feel that Marx is correct in his view that capitalism tends to produce monopoly trading. This is very much the case in our present times as in each economic,industrial and financial sector just a few major companies tend to dominate. For instance Amazon and in the banking sector there is the tendency towards the monopoly of a few companies.

He has also been proved correct in my view regarding the instability facing the working class. The days of secure well paid jobs of the 1960,s are well and truly gone. Now in North America and Western Europe many well educated young people face a future of low paid casual employment.

After the political changes in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union from 1989 to 1991 many political commentators said that Marx ideas were now irrelevant. However there has been a revenge of history with the 2008 financial crisis. In fact banks and financial income is now mostly fictitious capital made up of numbers on a computer. Many capital economists are predicting a much bigger economic crisis than in 2008 in the next few years.

We are also facing the possibility of world war between Britain, USA and other western powers against Russia,China and Iran. So the world wide race for for capitalist profits by the western imperialist powers is looking like it could produce a major war in the future.

However one idea where I feel that Marx was wrong is in his total materialist atheist outlook. Evidence of near death experiences tend to suggest some sort of after life and spirit world. Perhaps we need a reformed type of idealist Marxism. I am sure that Gramsci would understand.

In conclusion Karl Marxs ideas are still relevant to our present times. Capitalism is still very much a two headed beast. Being able to produce technological advance but at the same time wars, injustices, inequality and economic instability.

So we need to mark his 200th birthday by trying to build a just humane peaceful socialist world.

Best wishes to all for the future.