The reactionary Conservative government are introducing a minimum services bill in relation to strikes in certain sections of employment. These include transport,border security,national health service,education and nuclear power.

Under the legislation workers have to provide a minimum level of service in the above mentioned employment sectors during strikes. Trade unions can be fined for not complying with this legislation.

Of course the aim of this legislation is to make strikes totally ineffective. It is a vicious attack on both the working class and trade unions, Britain is undergoing a very much to be welcomed strike wave. Inflation is running at 11%, gas prices have increased by 54%, it is understandable that many workers are going on strike to obtain wage increases in line with the rate of inflation.

The key question is what should trade unions do to defy this anti working class legislation. My personal view is a campaign of prolonged unofficial guerrilla strike action in the sectors covered by the legislation.

Britain is facing a major economic crisis. The corporate elite are trying to shift the blame and burden of the crisis onto the working class.

So I say to all trade unionists in the sectors covered by the legislation form unofficial strike committees to resist this anti working class anti trade union law.

Best wishes to all for the future.



My second blog of 2023 is for once on a more light hearted subject. Feeding the squirrels in my garden.

My Central London basement flat garden has always been regularly visited by grey squirrels. In recent times my neighbours three cats have adopted a very much to be welcomed live and let live attitude towards the squirrels. In turn the squirrels just ignore them.

According to wikipedia sadly many squirrels die in their first year. However those that live past their first year can live until the age of ten. They mainly live on a vegetarian diet.

The squirrels in my garden walk mainly in zig zag movements. Perhaps this is their natural instinct to ward off predators.

To myself they have a sense of vulnerability, particularly in the Winter. They lift their front two feet to beg for food and search for food in my garden in a state of desperation. Thus my inner self tells me to give the Squirrels a daily diet of monkey nuts. For some reason they do not acknowledge my good deed. Again perhaps this is just their instinct.

But I have a sense of inner pleasure that I am helping these innocent squirrels. So in conclusion if you have squirrels in your garden why not consider giving them a daily diet of monkey nuts?

Best wishes to all for the future.


This first blog of 2023 as it enters its 13th year. Is a review of a book written by Simon Elmer called, The road to fascism a critique of the global bio security state.

I recently heard Simon give a talk in North London about his recently published book. Like me he is involved in left Lockdown Sceptics. He is a socialist opponent of lockdowns and the resulting repressive restrictions introduced during the covid events. He is like me he is also critical of the way the majority of the ‘left’ went along with the covid restrictions.

In his book he points out that it is mainly elderly people who are dying from covid. In Germany the average age of people dying from covid is over 80 years of age. Here in the UK under the age of 70 only two thousand seven hundred people have died form covid. So the covid lockdown restrictions were not necessary.

He also points out the dangers of the covid vaccines. Explaining the views of people like Dr Robert Malone the inventor of the MRNA vaccine who has highlighted the dangers of the covid vaccines. But only a small minority of people on the ‘left’ have pointed out the dangers of the vaccines. They just said, ‘trust the science’

Simon in his book points out how degenerate most of the ‘left’ in the west are now just accepting globalism, neo liberalism and corporate rule. Their group thinking is now dominated by personal identity politics. He also correctly in my view states that woke is fascism for adopting a cancel culture point of view against people with enquiring minds who question the official narrative on such subjects as lockdowns, covid vaccines and climate change.

But the most important point of the book is that the covid events have been used as an excuse to introduce a fascist global bio security state. I have touched on this subject in my recent blog defeat trans humanism defend the human race.

The bio security state includes vaccine passports and mandatory vaccines both in operation in many countries. Also micro chipping of people. Digital currencies to check all of peoples payments,the abolition of cash and the need for a smart phone for shopping. There are plans to implement smart phones in peoples brains by 2030. See my recent blog on trans humanism. Alas at present neither a majority of the ‘left’ or the general population are opposing these totalitarian bio security state measures.

Simon urges people to resist these fascist bio security measures through networks of friendship. This is a very interesting idea as this is already happening in both London and the rest of Great Britain. With many Freedom networks already established to fight against the fascist global bio security state plans.

In conclusion I would urge people to buy Simon,s book. Also to join a resistance group against both the World Economic forum ‘great reset’ and the plans for a fascist global bio security state.

Best wishes to all for the future.


In my final blog of 2022 I will try and predict what may happen in 2023.

Sorry to be miserable but I expect both 2023 and 2024 to be a continuation of 2022. However they may be a change in 2025.

Firstly on the international stage I expect the conflict between the Western imperialist powers and the Russia/China alliance to intensify in both a political and military sense. Let us hope that it does not lead to world war three in 2023. I expect the military conflict in the Ukraine to continue in 2023.

Secondly I expect the world economic crisis to deteriorate in 2023. There could be food shortages even in Western Europe. I expect inflation to remain high.Thirdly I suspect that Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum fascists may try and introduce their ‘great reset’ in 2023. This must be resisted by democractic forces with all of their might.

I do not expect there to be any major lockdowns in 2023. However people should keep their eyes open for the excess death rates at the end of 2023. There were thirty nine thousand in 2022. If they are much larger at the end of 2023 this will show that people are dying due to the affects of the covid vaccine.

Here in the UK I expect Starmers ‘Labour’ party to maintain their big lead in the opinion polls. However, I have a hunch that the Reform party,s support in the opinion polls may increase considerably in 2023. I expect the strike wave in the UK to increase in 2023. All strikes by Trade Unionists to defend their standard of living should be fully supported.

In conclusion, of course there will be some unpredictable surprises in 2023. But the main thing is that people fight for peace,justice.equality and freedom against the corporate globalist fascist war mongering elite.

Best wishes to all for the future. Have a happy 2023.


2022 in my opinion can be summed up in one word turbulence. Dominated by the war in the Ukraine, as well as the growing political and economic instability

Firstly the war in the Ukraine the story that has dominated the world news in 2022. My views on the war are well known. The blame for the war must be laid at American imperialism. They were responsible for the 2014 fascist coup against the Ukraine,s democratically elected President. In my view the western imperialist powers want to control the Ukraine as as a base to attack Russia itself.

However this has backfired on the western powers. As Russia is no longer supplying them with gas leading the huge gas price increases, 54% here in the UK. It has also led to a rapid increase in inflation in the west. 10% here in the UK.

Also Russia has largely disconnected itself economically from the west. It now does most of its trade with China and the countries of the Shanghai Economic Cooperation Council.The Russian economy is doing quite well.

Turning to other issues the economic crisis has led to the spectacle of three prime ministers in as many months in the UK. As an anti globalist anti new world order socialist who was opposed to lockdowns. Although I am opposed to Boris Johnson I do not think that should have had to resign for breaking the lockdown ‘rules’

Sticking to the UK the ‘Labour’ party has now built up a huge lead in the opinion polls of between about 15% and 25%. This is only because the Conservative government is so much despised not because the ‘Labour’ party is popular

Alas 2022 will be remembered for the growing political and military conflict between the western imperialist powers and the Russia/China alliance. The world is now increasingly divided into three rival blocks,the non aligned, the western imperialist powers and the Russia/China alliance. However the west is clearly very much a declining economic power.

On a brighter note I thought that the Qatar football world cup was a huge success. Well done to Argentine worthy world cup winners. Lets look forward to the Cricket and Rugby world cup in 2023.

In my next blog in a few days. I will try and predict what may happen in 2023.

Best wishes to all for the future.


Today I felt a sense of relief and exhilaration after leaving my flat in the morning to do my shopping in Central Islington. The typical mild London Winter weather had returned after a week of freezing cold weather.

Winter is my favourite season of the year. But I do not like freezing cold weather. Thankfully in London the mild Winter weather is the norm.

Walking in Central Islington this morning I felt a sense of joy. There was I felt a certain sense of beauty in the grey sky. Also the green grass and green garden hedges added to this beauty as well.

Maybe this being the week of Christmas helped bring a special energy to today. But this memory of the return of the mild weather will remain with me for a long time.

In conclusion enjoy the special energy of the week of Christmas.

Best wishes to you all


This latest blog looks at the current British political situation at the end of 2022.

Surprisingly the ‘Labour’ Party led by the reactionary Keir Starmer has taken a huge lead over the Conservatives in the opinion polls of between 21% and 27%. However as I will argue this lead is not based on the popularity of Starmers ‘Labour’ Party but is instead based on the intense hatred of the present Conservative government.

Britain is a country in both political and economic crisis. Inflation is now running at 11%, gas bills are increasing on average by 54%. Surprise surprise gas company profits are soaring. Also food prices are expected to soar in 2023. No wonder this Conservative government is hated.

But looking deeper Starmers ‘Labour’ is not really that popular. He only has a small lead over Sunak in terms of popularity. Surprisingly one poll gave the Conservatives a small lead over ‘Labour’ in terms of economic competence. So in reality neither of the two main party’s are really that popular.

The Trilateral Commission Starmer has said that hard economic decisions will have to be made by a future ‘Labour’ government. This means make the working class pay for the economic crisis. He has refused to support public ownership of the gas and electricity companies.

One of the few encouraging signs has been the massive increase in strikes in Britain in the last year. This interestingly includes strikes in the private sector.

The Liberal Democrats and the Green Party are both on low opinion poll ratings. They have nothing really to offer. The Reform Party are on about 5% in the opinion polls. However, I have a hunch this will increase in the next year as some voters will turn to them.

As an anti globalist anti new world order socialist. I personally feel that we must build a mass anti globalist anti new world order socialist movement in Britain. Alas at present there is little sign of this happening at present.

However, providing world war three does not intervene. I will stick my neck out and predict that Starmers ‘Labour’ Party will win the next election which will probably be held in late 2024. This will be due to the fact that the Conservative government is now so widely hated. However his government will have nothing to offer the working class. In fact it will be up to the working class and the trade unions to fight back against any attacks that Starmers government will make on them.

In conclusion in these turbulent times may I wish all readers of this blog a very happy Christmas and I offer you all my customary best wishes for the future.

God bless you all.


December approaches the month of Xmas. Christmas 2022.
The leaves gather on the ground.
To some a certain magic abounds.

Christmas all things to mankind.
To some a month of joy.
To others the mystic of the saviours birth.
The three wise men following the heavenly star.

To many a time of grief,of financial woe.
To pay for gifts for children which parents hearts cannot say no.

The extended family get together.
Where old animosities must be put aside, for a nice pleasant veneer.

Some souls prefer to play the lone wolf.
Reflect on the season alone.

Meditate on the past year and sigh, oh it has so quickly passed by
Plead for help in times to come by.
2023, a time perhaps of troublesome strife.

Christmas 2022 is approaching.
Written by KO 16/11/2022.
Comment. This is my very latest poem.


This latest blog deals with a subject that in the past many people have dismissed as a conspiracy theory. For instance the microchipping of the human race and the merging of humans with machine parts. But as I will now show is an evil outrageous idea that is now based on fact and will have to be confronted and defeated head on if human free will is to be maintained.

Transhumanism basically means the merging of humans with machine parts. The microchipping of the human race is a key plan of the transhumanists.

The American transhumanist Ray Kurzweil in his 2005 book ‘The singularity is here’ put forward the idea that it is inevitable that humans would merge with machine parts to create a new race of humans. But at the time most so called experts played down the idea of this happening.

However as I will now show statements in the last year by spokespeople from the World Economic Forum show that the globalist fascist elite are now pressing full steam ahead with the transhumanist agenda. This includes plans for the microchipping of the human race.

Pekka Lundmark an executive of Nokia told a recent World Economic Forum conference that smart phones would be inserted into peoples body parts by 2030. Klaus Schwab, surprise surprise head of the World Economic Forum has called for all children to be microchipped by 2026.

The Israeli transhumanist Yuval Noah Harari has said that the human being is a very hackable animal and human free will will soon be over. He is of course an advocate of merging humans with machine body parts. But what a chilling statement that human free will will soon be over. Also note the description of humans as animals.

If the human race are microchipped and smart phones are inserted into human body parts it will lead to the creation of a new cyborg type of human being. For instance without free will or free thought. The authorities will be able to plant thoughts into peoples brains for instance to change their mind on issues such as having vaccines which they may have been opposed to in the past. So if the transhumanists succeed with their evil plans to merge humans with machines it will and lead to a totally new world of a new type of unfree human being.

So the next eight years up until 2030 are going to be crucial for the human race. People must refuse to be microchipped. They must refuse to have their smart phones inserted in their bodies. People should attend demonstrations against the ‘great reset’ and the transhumanist agenda.

Despite our individual faults as humans and our collective faults as a human race. We must maintain human free will and individual human conscience. So in conclusion human beings unite to defeat the evil transhumanist agenda.

God bless you all.


So you thought you could overcome our elite globalist plans.
Brexit alas did run our plans into the sands.

Pro Brexit  Lexit Marxists realize the EU is the rule of the capitalist markets.
Now post modernist Marxists we can accept. 
Tsipras Syriza Greece mass privatization gets our full accepts.

The EU referendum vote went the wrong way.
So second, third, fourth referendum until the EU gets its day.

The anti globalists think that they can overcome our plans.
They think that national democracies can put our ideas into the sands.

Ha, Ha, Ha.

We are not going away.
The international globalist one world government capitalist dictatorship
is still on its way.

Synarchy rules the world.

Written by KO on 5/7/2018.

Comment. Although mercifully  the UK did eventually leave the EU.
I feel that the subject of this poem is sill very relevant towards our present time. With the Davos World Economic Forum Led by Klaus Schwab  still trying to implement their corporate globalist fascist economic' great reset'.