My basement flats garden is like
Clapham Junction for the local cats.
My upstairs neighbours four all consider it their home and right of way.

Lovely ginger Babs.
But runs so fast when you go near to her
oh what does provoke fear to her?

Pearl so timid and passive.
Alas a little over weight.
Also runs so fast when to her one goes near.
Oh just what does she have to fear.

Winnie the youngest and most feistiest.
The lioness of the garden.
Tough and brave.

Finally Berlioz the only male
He gives a strange funny stare.

The most magical thing is the
mystery of what goes on in their minds.
Alas by 2037 there maybe human, pet translators.

I hope this never happens.
As the magic and mystery of
communications between cats
and humans will come to an end.

Probably by 2037 the four neighbours cats
will have moved to the cats heaven in the sky.

Where hopefully they will lay on a party for me.
If ever I arrive.

Written KO. 18/3/2020.



This latest blog is regarding the crypto currency Bitcoin. In this blog I will argue that bitcoin is just another fictitious capitalist currency. In other words a typical oligarchical capitalist currency. I am sure that this will upset bitcoins right wing libertarian supporters. However, as a militant socialist I do not mind this at all.

Bitcoin was founded on the 18/8/2008 by Satoshi Nakomoto. It is a crypto currency in that is it not connected to any national or state bank. Bitcoins are made of gold. Its transactions take place on blockchain an internet online based system whereby people check their bitcoin transactions. Max Keiser the host of the RT show the Keiser Report is the major well known advocate of bitcoin.

However, I will now argue that bitcoin is just another parasitical fictitious currency. In 2011 bitcoins were worth 32 Dollars per coin. In 2013 they were worth 266 Dollars. In 2017 the value of the coins went up from £700.00 to £15000.00. On the 24/4/20 each coin was worth £7598.73.

This as the American Joseph Stieglitz correctly states shows bitcoin to be a speculative bubble. What productive value increase has bitcoin achieved to earn this massive increase in value from 2008, absolutely nothing.

Karl Marx in volume three of Das capital describes fictitious capital as non productive capital. Not based on any increase in productivity, instead it is based on stocks and shares. It is a paper claim to future speculative claims in wealth. This correctly sums up the speculative parasitical bitcoin currency.

Just 40% of bitcoins are owned by on thousand people. In other words it is an elite oligarchical currency. Bitcoin is not the answer to the worlds problems. It helps to promote an I am all right jack attitude. People wanting something for nothing, a speculative gain.

What we need to do is build a socialist society based on democratic public ownership with public ownership of key industries and resources and financial institutions.

Best wishes to all for the future.