Like me you probably acted with shock and outrage to the decision of the European Central Bank that Cyprus must impose a tax on all Cypriot savers bank accounts of 6.75 % for accounts below 100.000 Euros and 10% for accounts over 100.000 Euros.This is of course an outrageous suggestion it is the blatant theft of working class Cypriot peoples savings. They are being made to pay for a crisis that they did not create a crisis which was created by the Cypriot and EU capitalist banking class.

A number of points need to be made about the Cyprus banking crisis.Firstly the emotions and interests of ordinary working class people in both Cyprus and the rest of the world just do not count.The recent suggestion of the deputy governor of the bank of England  recently that negative interest rates may have to be introduced in Britain underlines this point.

The Cypriot parliamant is trying to resist the EU dictate but in the end it seems as if they will submit to the Mekel EU dictate. Perhaps with a slightly less draconian bank theft.

The affects of the Cyprus bank theft are being felt throughout Europe.Even here in Britain people are asking are their  savings safe. Could the British government carry out raids on British peoples savings.There is a real sense of fear amongst oridinary working class savers throughout Europe particularly amongst senior citizens who have saved for their retirement.

The obvious question is what can we do to fight back against the globalist banker thugs. Firstly the European Union needs to be disbanded and replaced by a federation of independent European nation states.Secondly the banking system needs to be taken into public ownership.Thirdly we need to set up local municipal run banks. Fourthly the neo liberal coroprate fascist globalist dictatorship is finished and needs to be replaced by a co-operative run system.

But it is down to us the masses to basically awake from our passivity and start fighting back against the political globalist corporate bankers dictatorship.

So wake up today get busyand politically active against the system.



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