This blog is about the future of the truth movement some people may say the conspiracy theory movement but that is their choice of description.

My self I have been involved in political campaigns since the 1970,s. I have been interested in exposing the cover up of UFO,S since the late 1980,s after a UFO sighting myself. I have also been involved in the nine eleven truth movement since shortly after the nine elven attacks took place. It was immediately obvious to myself that the building was brought down by a controlled demolition.This was confirmed by William Rodriguez the janitor of the building who stated bombs were exploding in various parts of the building.

Since the 9/11 attacks it is clear that certain aspects put forward by the truth movement are true.The global elite are clearly moving towards a centralized bankers technocratic bankers dictatorship. The clear evidence of this is the European Union where the European Central Bank is dictating the economic policies of countries like Greece,Spain,Italy,Portugal and Ireland.

Also there is no difference between the economic policies of the right wing political parties and the ‘socialist’ international ‘socialist’ parties. Both advocate neo liberalism and privatization.So the global bankers elite dictate their policies.So clearly the truth movement main analysis has been proved correct over the last ten years regarding the globalist world dictatorship and the elites use of false flag terrorism.

However there in my view a minus side to the truth movement despite its general good work. In the last year some researchers have possibly got a few predictions wrong. For instance project bluebeam at the London 2012 Olympics which predicted a false flag alien attack on the olympics so it could be used as an excuse to set up a world government.The other main bogus prediction was the 21/12/2012 poll shift which did not take place.

The other bad aspect of the truth movement is that it can attract a few unstable people who state that other people in the truth movement are either working for MI5 or else the illuminati without any clear evidence. Probably because they  do not like the other person.

However despite this negative points that I have just mentioned the truth movement is clearly a positive thing with a bright future.However their are a few things that people should bear on mind.There  are some people who will put  false evidence on the internet. So  always be discerning about the evidence. Make sure that the ideas put forward  on the internet,in books,magazines or in public speeches is backed up by clear evidence.

Have a good day all.


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