Now I must confess that I have never particularly liked the website of the so called American ‘truth movement’ activist Alex Jones. I sight which Mr Jones claims gets three million visits everday day.

Firstly his strange reluctance to criticize Israels ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. Secondly his admiration for Rand Paul the right wing neo conservative who is really up for world war three and who takes a tough stancewith Iran . Thirdly Mr Jones admiration for America,s so called’ free enterprise’ system.

Mr Jones states that he is a libertarian who is sympathetic towards libertarians who work inside the Republican party a party of total corporate fascism.

To me there has always seemed  something fake about his oppostion towards the new world order. His refusal to confront imperialism, and world corporate rule and the wall street dictatorship in the USA.

However two days ago Alex Jones was exposed as a total fake with his gloating article regarding the death of Hugo Chavez. This as far as I am concerned totally exposed him as an agent of world corporate rule, the new world order, world imperialism and Wall Street.

So I say boycott his webste Instead I suggest everday you should visit the website of Michel Chossudovsky, This website is a progressive website which provids real opposition to imperialist war,the new world order and corporate rule.

Have I nice weekend all.


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