This is a rare return to a political blog but the death of Hugo Chavez merits this return.

Let me state where I stand, Hugo Chavez was a great fighter for peace,social justice and democratic socialism.

He was democratically elected president of Venezuela four times.The fairness of the election was confirmed by the Jimmy Carter foundation ran by the former American president.

Hugo Chavez achievements are immense. He gave the  ordinary people of Venezuela a sense of dignity.Before he became president Venezuela was a colony of the United States of America. He took the major industries into public ownership and used the oil revenues for the benefit of the people.He brought in free health care and subsidized food for the poor.

Also his democratic revolution led the way for the elections of other left wing governments in Latin America to confront western imperialism.

Nicolas Maduro the vice president of Venezuela who will hopefully be the next president has stated that he is certain that Hugo Chavez cancer death caused by American CIA cancer causing radar beams. Although there is as yet no evidence of this the CIA have form in using this method to kill political enemies. So I suspect that this is the case.

However what we should do is firstly hope that Nicolas Maduro is elected president of venezuela. Also we should honour Hugo Chavez memeory by stepping up the fight against western imperialism and to fight for world social justice and and end to world corporate rule.

Hugo Chavez you will live for ever.

Nicolas Maduro for president.



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