Well Easter 2013 will be with us tomorrow. Now I must confess I prefer Easter,s that take place in mid April but alas we cannot change the date of Easter so that is that.

Easter 2013 is taking place against a back ground of troubled times.The economic crisis the strange very cold weather for this time of the year.Many people in both this country and abroad are facing a great deal of economic uncertainty. Also many people are suffering a great deal of stress in their lives at the present time. I know myself I have for some reason been under a great deal of stress this month.

However despite this there is still something special about the Easter festival.That  is besides the two extra days leave that people get and the easter eggs. Whether or not you believe in the Jesus resurrection story Easter brings a message of hope for people living in troubled times. It can also be a guide to take postive action to make both the world and peoples own life a better place.

So despite the troubles in the world and your own personal life try and take some positive action this Easter in are what are very troubled and worrying times.


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