In  this blog I will put forward the view that the media saturation of corporate sport does promote false consciousness. I will use soccer as the main example.

Other famous people have in the past put forward this view. Noam Chomsky has stated that corporate sport can take ordinary working class peoples mind of the real social and economic problems that they are facing and of the need for political change.George Orwell has stated that international competitive sport can promote ill will  between nations and a nasty frame of mind. He put forward this point of view after Dynamo Moscow soccer team visited London in 1945 for soccer matches against Arsenal and chelsea.He stated that the matches created a nasty atmosphere.

Now some people may take the view that corporate sport promotes false consciousness is an elite middle class point of view. However I endorse this point of view through my own experience and somebody who is from a working class background and a light hearted sports fan.

Years ago soccer players wages were relative in relation to that of ordinary working class people.However I must confess that I am amazed as somebody who is a light hearted soccer fan how a working class person earning twenty five thousand pounds per year can idolize a soccer player earning two hundred an fifty thousand pounds per WEEK.

As far as I am concerned it is not in an ordinary working class person to admire soccer players earning such wages also I have seen ordinary people discussing soccer stars personal life with relish such as their new girlfriends.

Years ago in the 1950s in London non league top non league  soccer teams could attract crowds of four thousand people per game now in London they are lucky if they get three hundred people watching  each match.The emphasis is all on hero worship of the elite soccer stars who earn two hundred thousand pounds per week.  Besides this there is the subject of the unnecessary thirty pounds per week satelite tv subsciptions that working  class people pay to line the pockets of the soccer ‘stars’

As for international sport creating ill will I can confirm this through personal experience. I was in London on the night after the England Germany soccer world cup match had just ended in South Africa, England lost 4-1. The atmosphere was so nasty and jingoistic it was unbelievable.

So my own personal expereince confirms Chomsky and Orwells point of view that coroporate sport does promote false consciousness. Corporate sport is promoted by the ruling elite to take working class peoples minds of their economic and social problems. As  Chomsky states it is a fake distraction.

However what one can do to change this false consciousness I do not really know. All I can suggest is that people who have seen through this fake distraction boycott corporate sporting events both live matches and on television and instead start watching their local non league soccer,rugby and cricket teams.


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