Winter is nearly with us and I for one am very pleased as I prefer winter to summer as for some reason I seem to have more energy in the winter. However winter for many people oftens means a very bad cold, flu or throat infection.

In my personal experience and opinion the best way to stop getting the flu,colds and throat infections in the winter is through natural herbal methods.

Firstly I would recommend taking two echinacia tablets a day, echinacia gives an enormous boost to the immune system. Secondly take a multi vitamin mineral everday as much modern food does not provide enough minerals and vitamins as it is over produced. Thirdly and most importantly take  three teaspoonfuls of manuka honey everyday. I take it evey day it is well known for its anti bacterial properties. I get an enormous feeling of strength when I take a spoonful of manuka  honey.

So in my view the  best way to stop getting  colds,the flu and throat infections is through natural herbal and organic methods.

Other advise I would recommend are meditating twice a day  to relax yourself, meditation  also boosts the immune system. Also consider have a warm thermal insole in your shoes to keep the feet warm.

In conclusion I hope you find these ideas useful.

Have a lovely and healthy winter.




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