Yesterday along with over six thousand other people I attended David Ickes mammoth twelve hour Remember Who You Are Talk at the Wembley Arena.

Now its been a long journey for me as I have attended all of David,s six major talks starting with the first one at the Battersea Arts Centre in December 2002 and the four subsequent talks at the Brixton Academy.However I must confess that Davids sixth major talk at the Wembley Arena was by far the best. For a start the Wembley Arena seems to have a very positive energy attached to the building and I could not notice that positive happy energy which existed amongst most of the six thousand people present.

However lets get down to the talk itself.

David explained his spiritual awakening and how he gradually realised that we are controlled from behind the scenes by a reptilian race who do not have the best interests of the human race at heart these reptilians hide themselves under a human face.This has been confirmed to him by many eye witnesses

David then explained how we humans are really infinite conscious energy which lives for ever.The reptilians who have hijacked our planet have imprisoned the human race in a matrix straight jacket.The ruling elite who control this planet are trying to increasingly sent up a globalist dictatorship with a world government, world currecy, army and a microchipped population.

David then said that it is in our hands to escape from the ruling elite matrix by not complying with their system. We just have to remember who we are infinite conscious energy we should ingnore the corporate media, don,t fight in their wars and by pass their system. Stop being afraid there is nothing to fear.

Now whatever you think about Davids views on the reptilian race it is clear to me that most things what he is saying are coming true.You only have to look at Greece and Spain where these countries and Italy appear to be losing their independence to the European Union bankers dictatorship.The same applies to many third world countries where their economies are controlled by the IMF the World Bank and multinational corporations.

What I personally have drawn from Davids talk and message is the need for passive resistance to the system.Just be ourselved don,t be taken in by the corporate media don’t support the elites evil wars. Do not put on a show to impress others.

As Anita Moorjani said in one of my previous blog we all live for ever as infinite consciousness just as David says. So we should stop being afraid and enjoy life.

Well done David.



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