In the last few years I have noticed that some herbal capsules that I used to use regularly have now been withdrawn from herbal medicine shops. I have been told by the staff in these shops that the reason for this is the latest updated Codex Almentarius regulations. This has made me quite angry as I am finding it quite hard to get hold of Goldenseal capsules which I use for medical problems.

Codex Almentarius was set up just after the second world war to regulate food and medicine standards. However the 28th session of the Codex Almentarius 4/9/05 and the 2004 EU food supplements directive lay down strict guidelines for the vitamin and mineral guidelines and for herbal medicine supplements. The aim of these two directives of 2004 and 2005 appears to be firstly to limit the strength of the vitamins, minerals and herbal capsules so as to make them useless and secondly to withdraw some herbal capsules from herbal medicine shops as is the case with goldenseal.

This action of the Codex Almentarius regulations of 2004 and 2005 is outrageous as perfectly safe herbal capsules and medicine is being denied to people with medical conditions. This action is obviously the result of the international multinational and pharmaceutical drug company cartel who want to deny people the right to use effective herbal medicine so that they will be forced to use toxic drug company non herbal medicine.

The obvious question then is what can be done to defend the right to use herbal medicine. Fortunately there is an effective organization to defend herbal medicine it is called the Alliance for Natural Health. So I would suggest that anybody who wants to protect the right to use herbal medicine check this group out on the internet and consider joining it.


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