Well 2014 has finally arrived and of course the big question is what will happen in the world in this new year? Now to be perfectly honest as somebody who has studied for five years at the College Of Psychic Studies you cannot predict for certain what will happen in the future however you can provide insights regarding what will happen in the future. So I will use my insights to predict what may happen in 2014.

I feel that there are four key issues which may affect us in 2014 here in Britain. Firstly I see the storms getting worse and worse and the weather may even start to affect the British economy this year due to transport and power failures. Looking ahead to 2015 I feel that the general election of that year will be the first election where the climate and the weather may be an issue.

The second key prediction is that the worldwide neoconservative Zionist wahhabism alliance will try and derail both the peace talks with Iran over its nuclear programme and also the Syria civil war peace talks planned for Geneva. But I think that they will fail.

The other third prediction is that there will be a major row here in Britain leading up to the 100th anniversary of the first world well. David Cameron and his fellow ruling class politicians will try and ‘celebrate’ the anniversary as a noble cause of a war in which ten million people died. When in reality the war was just a war between rival imperialist capitalist national powers who were prepared to let millions die in an unnecessary war to defend the ruling class of each countries profits. Quite rightly the stop the War Coalition will try and point this out in its propaganda this year.

Fourthly although the British economy may grow by 1.5% this year it will not create a fell good factor as much of the growth will be in property speculation and many of the new jobs created will be low paid temporary jobs.

Of course there will probably be a few surprise events in 2014 which we cannot predict. For instance Scotland may defy the odds and vote for independence in 2014?

However the key message for 2014 is it is for us all to try and do good things in the world. Both by voluntary work and through political action. So try and do good things in this world. You may gloriously fail but at least try and make this world a better place.

God bless you all and have a happy healthy prosperous 2014 and hopefully we will see you all in 2015.


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