December approaches the month of Xmas. Christmas 2022.
The leaves gather on the ground.
To some a certain magic abounds.

Christmas all things to mankind.
To some a month of joy.
To others the mystic of the saviours birth.
The three wise men following the heavenly star.

To many a time of grief,of financial woe.
To pay for gifts for children which parents hearts cannot say no.

The extended family get together.
Where old animosities must be put aside, for a nice pleasant veneer.

Some souls prefer to play the lone wolf.
Reflect on the season alone.

Meditate on the past year and sigh, oh it has so quickly passed by
Plead for help in times to come by.
2023, a time perhaps of troublesome strife.

Christmas 2022 is approaching.
Written by KO 16/11/2022.
Comment. This is my very latest poem.


This latest blog deals with a subject that in the past many people have dismissed as a conspiracy theory. For instance the microchipping of the human race and the merging of humans with machine parts. But as I will now show is an evil outrageous idea that is now based on fact and will have to be confronted and defeated head on if human free will is to be maintained.

Transhumanism basically means the merging of humans with machine parts. The microchipping of the human race is a key plan of the transhumanists.

The American transhumanist Ray Kurzweil in his 2005 book ‘The singularity is here’ put forward the idea that it is inevitable that humans would merge with machine parts to create a new race of humans. But at the time most so called experts played down the idea of this happening.

However as I will now show statements in the last year by spokespeople from the World Economic Forum show that the globalist fascist elite are now pressing full steam ahead with the transhumanist agenda. This includes plans for the microchipping of the human race.

Pekka Lundmark an executive of Nokia told a recent World Economic Forum conference that smart phones would be inserted into peoples body parts by 2030. Klaus Schwab, surprise surprise head of the World Economic Forum has called for all children to be microchipped by 2026.

The Israeli transhumanist Yuval Noah Harari has said that the human being is a very hackable animal and human free will will soon be over. He is of course an advocate of merging humans with machine body parts. But what a chilling statement that human free will will soon be over. Also note the description of humans as animals.

If the human race are microchipped and smart phones are inserted into human body parts it will lead to the creation of a new cyborg type of human being. For instance without free will or free thought. The authorities will be able to plant thoughts into peoples brains for instance to change their mind on issues such as having vaccines which they may have been opposed to in the past. So if the transhumanists succeed with their evil plans to merge humans with machines it will and lead to a totally new world of a new type of unfree human being.

So the next eight years up until 2030 are going to be crucial for the human race. People must refuse to be microchipped. They must refuse to have their smart phones inserted in their bodies. People should attend demonstrations against the ‘great reset’ and the transhumanist agenda.

Despite our individual faults as humans and our collective faults as a human race. We must maintain human free will and individual human conscience. So in conclusion human beings unite to defeat the evil transhumanist agenda.

God bless you all.


So you thought you could overcome our elite globalist plans.
Brexit alas did run our plans into the sands.

Pro Brexit  Lexit Marxists realize the EU is the rule of the capitalist markets.
Now post modernist Marxists we can accept. 
Tsipras Syriza Greece mass privatization gets our full accepts.

The EU referendum vote went the wrong way.
So second, third, fourth referendum until the EU gets its day.

The anti globalists think that they can overcome our plans.
They think that national democracies can put our ideas into the sands.

Ha, Ha, Ha.

We are not going away.
The international globalist one world government capitalist dictatorship
is still on its way.

Synarchy rules the world.

Written by KO on 5/7/2018.

Comment. Although mercifully  the UK did eventually leave the EU.
I feel that the subject of this poem is sill very relevant towards our present time. With the Davos World Economic Forum Led by Klaus Schwab  still trying to implement their corporate globalist fascist economic' great reset'.


The United Kingdom has its third Prime Minister in three months. Rishi Sunak replacing Truss as Prime Minister on the 25/10/22.

Sunak has had fairly typical road to the top job. After completing his degree at Oxford University he went to work for Goldman Sachs from 2001 to 2004. Various business adventures has now established his personal wealth in the region of seven hundred and thirty million pounds. He was elected member of parliament for Richmond in North Yorkshire in 2014. After various cabinet posts he was appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer in 2020. Becoming Prime Minister on the 25/10/22.

Sunak is very much a product of our present globalist, technocratic impersonal times. So he will fit in well amongst the present corporate globalist fascist political leaders. Biden, Macron,Scholz etc.

We are in my own personal view going to face both a major world economic and political crisis in the next few years. Alas it could result in world war three. Let us for god sake that this does not happen.

So Sunak will become a Prime Minister in a period of growing crisis. However despite this grim prognosis. I personally expect him to remain Prime Minister until the next general election which will quite likely take place as late as January 2025. There is no body of ability to replace him in the Tories. He is I feel ‘as good as thy have got’. It is not entirely impossible that Sunak,s Conservative Party will deprive Starmer,s spineless ‘Labour’ Party of a victory in the next general election we shall just have to wait and see.

As I have said in my last blog on the Truss resignation I am personally an anti globalist anti new world order socialist. Who is hostile to all of the major UK political party,s

We must build an anti globalist Socialist political movement here in Britain to fight for real political and economic change.

Best wishes to all for the future.


My blog of the 17/8/22 regarding Liz Truss as the next British Prime Minister turned out to come true much quicker than I expected. I predicted that she would very quickly become overwhelmed by events. Truss became Prime Minister on the 6/9/22 and resigned on the 20/10/22 after just 44 days in the job. Many people may find Truss short reign as Prime Minister quite farcical. But as I shall explain in this blog it raises much deeper issues.

Firstly we should welcome her resignation as Prime Minister. She is a nasty warmonger. Also she is a neo liberal who could not care less about the poor or the working class.

Truss wanted to cut the wealthy top rate of income tax from 45%. She also wanted to cut corporation tax. As a warmonger she wanted to increase defence spending to 3%. However the threat of a market meltdown forced her to reverse these reactionary policies. She tried to pass the blame onto the Finance Minister Kwasi Kwarten who she sacked. But when the Home Secretary Suella Braverman resigned Truss position became untenable and she had no choice but to resign as Prime Minister yesterday.

Many political commentators put the blame for the present crisis on Truss incompetence. However I believe we are facing a much more deep seated economic crisis, which neither the next Conservative Prime Minister or Keir Starmer the ‘Labour’ Party leader will be able to solve.

Firstly western imperialism is losing ground economically to China, Russia and the Asian countries. No amount of western imperialist bullying will be able to reverse this.

Secondly the British economy heavily based on financial services and fictitious capital. Will suffer heavily from the fast approaching next economic crisis.

Thirdly Russia, s correct decision in my view in the face of western imperialist bullying to withhold the supply of gas to Britain and European Union countries will cause massive economic disruption in these countries. Along with the threat of power cuts this Winter.

The next Conservative Prime Minister will not be able to solve this crisis and will quickly become lame ducks just like Truss. So will Keir Starmer the Trilateral Commission reactionary right wing leader of the British ‘Labour’ Party. Starmer has already said that ‘hard’ economic decisions will have to be made. In other words make the poor and the working class pay for the economic crisis.

So what should the working class do in the face of this economic instability? Firstly fight to stop the implementation of the reactionary World Economic Forum ‘great reset’. I have already written about this ‘great reset’ in my previous blogs.

Secondly support the growing strike wave here in Britain. Also fight against cuts in social security benefits.

Thirdly support people who refuse to pay their gas and electricity bills.

Fourthly help to build a new anti globalist anti new world order socialist movement here in Britain.

Fifthly help to build a new economic system system based on democracy, equality, peace and justice.

Best wishes to all for the future.


The three months build up to Christmas day has always been my favourite time of the year. I feel that there is is a certain magic about this period. This particularly applies to myself as some sort of Christian.

However the build up to Christmas 2022 is to say the least taking place in very uncertain times. In fact a time of great fear.

Firstly there is the threat of a war between the Western imperialist powers and Russia and China. God help us that this does not happen.

Secondly there is the growing economic crisis. Inflation at 10% in the UK at the present time. A Czech friend of mine has informed me that inflation is 18% in the Czech Republic. Also there is the threat of a possible banking and financial crash. These usually takes place in the month of October for some reason. Of course there is also the continued threat of the World Economic Forum, ‘Great Reset’

I personally found last weeks economic turbulence in the UK quite threatening. As somebody who has an occupational pension. Let us hope that this is not the sign of a world economic crash to come in October 2022.

So with all the problems in the world at the present time how should people act in the build up to Christmas 2022. Of course the answer to this question to a certain extent depends on whether or not you are a Christian. If you are a Christian you should pray and meditate to Jesus asking for guidance on how to make both ourselves and the world a better place. Christians should also examine their conscience each day so as to analyse their personal faults, to be honest we all have personal faults. They should try and do good deeds like giving donations to charity.

However I feel that both Christians and non Christians can still tap into the positive energy of the Christmas period despite the worlds present problems. Both can and should meditate to calm themselves. Also as I have already said try and do good deeds such as giving money to charity. I personally recommend that people abstain from watching and listening to the mainstream media for its negative energy and lies.

In conclusion those of us who believe in the virgin birth should savour these three months of October, November and December leading up to Christmas day 2022. We should try and make both ourselves and the world a better place. Try and rid the world of wars,imperialism inequality and injustice.

God bless you all.


Some people have argued that there will be revival in syndicalism. This is where people try and achieve political changes through strikes and direct action. However I will argue in this blog that we are not facing a return to out and out syndicalism. But that the situation is more complex than modern day supporters of syndicalism suggest.

In the UK in the last year there has been a very much to be welcomed quite large increase in strike action. This is mainly due to return of high inflation of about 10%. So workers are going on strike to obtain wage increases in line with the rate of inflation.

Besides the increased strike action there is the growing movement of people not to pay their fuel bills. This is largely due to the huge increases in gas bills. There is talk of gas bills rising to three thousand pounds per year. So quite simply the majority of people will not be able to afford to pay these bills.

So due to the big increase in strikes and the movement of people not to pay their fuel bills there is talk of a return to syndicalism in the UK.

Syndicalism started in the late 19th century and largely died out after the end of the first world war. It was quite strong in Latin America,Spain,Italy and France. It had a limited influence in Britain. But nowhere near as much as in the other countries just mentioned. Syndicalists tended to feel excluded from the political process. So they believed in achieving change through strikes and direct action.

The main reason for the decline in syndicalism was the introduction of universal suffrage in most countries. So in theory working class people could influence political events by voting in elections. Also after the Bolshevik revolution in Russia many syndicalists joined the newly created Communist party,s in their own countries.

However, regarding the situation in the UK in our present times. Although there is a widespread distrust of the political elite and growing opposition to globalism I do not at present feel that we are seeing a return to widespread syndicalism. The strike wave in the UK while it is very much welcome is still limited to a small section of the population at present

To be blunt I fell we are now entering very dystopian uncertain times planned I expect by the WEF Davos globalist elite. Alas as the recent lockdowns have shown there is still a herd attitude amongst the majority of the population. So how thing will turn out in the next few years cannot be certain.

Those of us who are awake and aware must try and build the resistance to the corporate globalist elite. We cannot be certain of victory but we must try and fight for peace justice and equality.

Best wishes to all for the future.


Where is the healer that can heal the troubled body.
The Bio energy, the Reiki, the Shamanic healer.

The journey takes the troubled body to many healing places.
But still the pain of the troubled body remains.
A pain that can keep the troubled body sometimes insane.
Perhaps the pain is alas a sad quirk of fate.

But the troubled body will continue to search for the
healer that heals.
For the troubled body will not shirk for an end to pain
and a new life of joy gained.

Written by KO- 29/8/2022. 


Liz Truss the present Foreign Secretary is almost certain to become the United Kingdom,s next prime Minister around about the 5/9/22 when the leadership ballot result of Conservative party members will be announced. In the latest opinion poll of party members published on the 13/8/22 she leads Riki Sunak by 61% to 39%. This is surprising as she campaigned to stay in the EU during the referendum whilst Sunak campaigned to leave. In this blog I will argue that Truss will be totally overwhelmed by economic events in the next few months and she will soon become a lame duck Prime Minister.

The daughter of ‘left’ wing parents Truss was a member of both the Liberal Democrats and the CND whilst at university. However in 1998 she joined the Conservatives, in 2006 she was elected as a councillor in the London Borough of Greenwich. In 2010 she was elected member of parliament for South West Norfolk. In 2014 she was appointed Environment Secretary,she held various government jobs before being appointed Foreign Secretary in 2021.

In many ways Truss is ideally suited for the role of Prime Minister in our present time. She will fit in very well with the current bunch of western psychopathic war monger leaders. Truss like to be seen driving tanks. But she is a typical chickenhawk. She likes to make aggressive threats to Russia and China. She praised Israel,s attack on Gaza last week. However, she would not go any where near a real battlefield and the fear of death.

However I will now put forward the view that she will quickly be overwhelmed by events when she becomes prime minister, events that she will not be able to handle. By this I mean the rapidly growing world economic crisis. This Winter will almost certainly see growing food shortages,price increases and quite likely power cuts. As well as the huge energy bill increases. Keir Starmer the pathetic leader of the ‘Labour’ Party will also not be able to deal with this economic crisis.

On a positive not their is the growing workers militancy and rising strike wave here in the UK. Also the growing campaign for people to refuse to pay their gas and electricity bills. This campaign and the growing strike wave is very much to be welcomed. Its seems that here in the UK there is the start of a fightback against the corporate globalist elite.

Truss is an economic ‘libertarian’ who promotes an i/m all right jack ideology. It is essential that as many people join the fight back against her government. Either by taking part in strikes or else refusing to pay energy bills. We cannot trust any politician either Conservative. ‘Labour’ or any other party.

So in conclusion join this resistance against the Truss government. Fight for peace,justice, equality band socialism.

Best wishes to all for the future.


The Italian government fell on the 20/7/22. After the Five Star, Lega and Forza political party,s withdrew their support for the government of Mario Draghi. The reason was because of a disagreement over an economic aid package. So President Sergio Mattarella called a general election for the 25/9/22. Italy like many other countries is suffering from growing political instability this is due to the growing world economic crisis.

The big talking is the rise of the hard right Brothers of Italy led by Giorgia Meloni. It polled 4% in the election held in 2018. But it is now neck and neck in the race for first place with the Blairite’ Democratic Party.

Brothers of Italy tries to make out that it is an anti globalist party that will defend Italian national interests against the EU. However Salvini,s Lega party used to have this policy. But now that they are in government they are lapdogs of the EU.

Meloni is now backing sending western imperialist powers weapons to Ukraine. Her stance on defending Italian national interests is fake just like Salvini Lega party,s is. She is neither in favour of Italy leaving the EU or of leaving the Euro currency.

So alas after the election of 25/9/22. My prediction is that nothing will change in Italy. Brothers of Italy may become part of the Italian government. But they will have to agree to Italy still being controlled by the EU globalist forces which I am sure that they will do for a little slice of power. So alas nothing of consequence will change after the Italian general election of 25/9/22.

The only real long term hope for Italy is to leave both the EU and NATO. Also to build an anti globalist anti EU socialist movement in Italy.

Best wishes to all for the future.