This latest blog looks at what I call the non herd type of person. By this I mean the free spirit who will not automatically conform to the dictates of central authority. They will question the motives behind the government actions. The will also question the stories put forward by the mainstream media. The non herd type of person may also feel alienated from the majority of the population who unquestionably conform to the actions of the authorities and tend to believe the news put forward by the mainstream media.

This blog has been largely motivated by the corona events and the resulting lockdowns and other such restrictions such as facemasks. The non herd type of person is the 20% or so of the population who question the real motives behind the lockdowns, compulsory facemasks, also the narrative behind the ‘corona virus’ itself.

The non herd person is the type of person who looks for the real agenda under the surface behind a major geopolitical event. Has there been a secret plan by the elites to bring about the geopolitical event. Of course this particularly applies to the corona narrative.

As I have previously stated the non herd type of person is quite likely to be alienated from the 80% or so majority of the population who accepts the usual official explanations for major events.

The non herd person will quite likely be a loner who will keep themselves to themselves. Or else they will only mix with other free spirits who do not conform to the so called ‘normal’ society dictates. They will also largely disconnect themselves from the mainstream media whether it be print,radio or TV. They will also avoid watching most TV programmes such as soap, celebrity TV. Instead they will only watch a few specialist TV programmes such as nature or train journeys.

Most importantly the non herd person will question the whole make up of our present world. Why is there so much cruelty and suffering in the world. They may take a gnostic point of view that this world is a carbon copy of the real world. We live in a fake world made by the demiurge the bad creator god. So the non herd person may try and disconnect from this world as much as possible.

In conclusion you may have correctly guessed that I personally would consider myself a non herd type of person. In my opinion it is only when the non herd type of person becomes the majority in the worlds population do we have any real chance of moving forward as a human race.

God bless you all and best wishes for the future.


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