In this latest blog. I will look at the present dire state of Europe,s left wing political party,s. How they have abandoned support for socialism and social equality in favour of neo liberalism and globalism. I will explain the reason for this and I will try and offer a possible solution to this sad situation.

The current state of Europe,s political left can I feel be traced back first to the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. It was put forward at that time by Europe,s political elites that this showed that socialism had failed. So left wing political party,s could instead only offer social democracy. However with the threat of the Soviet Union gone Europe,s corporate elite felt that they no longer had to offer the masses social democracy. They could instead opt for privatization, neo liberalism and globalism. By globalism I mean taking economic powers away from countries national parliaments. So that they could no longer offer socialist policies.

The European Community 1992 Maastricht Treaty agreed to establish the European Union and ever closer member state integration. It also agreed to establish the Euro currency which was established in 2002. With the establishment of the Euro currency. The countries that adopted the currency could no longer control their own economic policies. Instead their economic policies was controlled by the pro corporate elite European Central Bank.

Two factors in recent years in my view have destroyed the credibility of the European left. Firstly, the pathetic ‘socialist’ presidency in France of Francois Hollande from 2012 to 2017. Where he put the interests of the EU corporate interests before that of the French people. Due to his neo liberal policies he left office with an approval rating of 4%.

Secondly in Greece the Tspras Syriza government budget sell out in 2015. Where they agreed to carry out massive privatization policies and austerity so as to keep Greece in the Euro currency.

The French and Greek experience has created the impression that left wing politicians are sell outs. They will not fight for the working class.Instead they will give into the interests of the corporate elite. Also a majority of European left wing politicians and left wing activists nowadays tend to be professional people like lawyers and academics who are not really connected to the working class.

So it is not surprising that support for left wing political party,s has collapsed in recent years. They have abandoned socialism and the working class. Alas many working class people in the EU countries have increasingly turned to right wing populist party,s.

Of course we must ask is there a solution to this sad state of affairs. I believe that there is. We must fight to build new socialist party,s which are anti globalist and put their own countries parliament powers before that of the EU. They must campaign for public ownership and social equality. Also campaign for their countries to leave NATO and the EU.

The recent success of the Red Party in the recent Norway general election was an encouraging sign. Also here in Britain the Workers Party of Britain, Chris Williamson,s new political formation and the Socialist Labour Party are encouraging signs for the future.

Best wishes to all for the future.



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