POEM- 11-11-2018

Sunday 11-11-2018,Tavistock Square.
A day of Autumn beauty abounds.
As leaves full rapidly to the ground.

We gather to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the
end of the first world war.
The war to end all wars.

As the peace ceremony rolls on,
my mind in a meditative state 
goes back to 11-11-1918.
Then slowly goes forward to our present time.

1920s, 1930s, depression high unemployment,
Hitler, fascism, world war two.
Sixty million dead.

1945 to 1990, endless wars.
Vietnam, Korea.
1991 end of the USSR,the promised peace dividend?

Alas no.
A new cold war and the menace of world war three
with Russia and China.

My mind rapidly shifts 100 years forward to the
Alas I cannot find the answer
I have been looking for.
How many wars to end all wars 
from 11-11-2018 to 11-11-2118?

Then as the ceremony comes to an end.
My mind quickly comes back to our present time.
Then I head back in the fresh Autumn days beauty to
Friends Meeting House Euston
for the rest of the days proceedings.

Written by KO. 14-11-2018

Comment. Avery apt poem for the present time.
Best wishes to all for the future.

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