Without doubt 2016 has been a very eventful year which produced some major changes  in the world that surprised some people. However not myself.

The two major changes  in the world were of course Brexit and Donald Trumps election as President of the USA. Both of these two changes were correctly predicted by myself.

The first change Brexit, Britain,s  vote to leave the European Union is a decision which I very much welcomed as I feel that the EU is becoming a technocratic fascist dictatorship which overides the national sovereignty of national parliaments. I myself participated in LEXIT the left leave the EU campaign.

Without doubt there is a growing revolt  in EU member states against the EU dictatorship. The 59% to 41% defeat for the Italian government in the recent referendum was a major setback for the EU technocrats in 2016. I am sure that there will be many more in 2017.

The other big major change in the world was of course Donald Trumps  election as President of the United States of America. I myself was not at all surprised by Trumps  victory in fact I predicted it to other sceptical people early in 2016. Clinton was seen as a corrupt war monger by many people.

Trump has stated that he wants good relations with Russia, this change is very much to be welcomed. Although Trumps  attitude to China an Iran seem more worrying. On the whole it seems as if Trump will adopt a less military inteventionist approach. If he does adopt this approach this will again be very welcome.

On a perhaps positive side it looks like that the Syrian civil war may be nearing its end. Particularly now that Russia and Turkey have agreed to work for peace in Syria again a very welcome event. Perhaps President Assad can now hold peace talks with the non violent elements of the opposition now that the  jihadists who were foolishly supported by some western countries  have been  almost  been defeated.

So in conclusion there are perhaps some grounds for hope at the end of 2016?

In my next blog to be published on 1/1/2017 I will look at what may happen in 2017.

Best wishes to all.


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