In in his latest blog I will try and make some predictions for 2017. Although I am sure that there will be some surprises in the world.

In Europe there will be a continued reaction against the EU.Geert Wilders could become the prime minister of the Netherlands and the five star movement could come to power in Italy.This could put both countries membership of the Euro currency under strain.Francois Fillon will almost certainly become president of France. Although his neo liberal policies could cause social tensions.

Here in Britain moves towards brexit will continue. Although the Tory government will lose some popularity due to the NHS crisis.

The big world event is of course Donald Trump taking over as president of the USA. He says he wants to improve relations with Russia which is good news. However his attitude towards China and Iran leave some cause for concern.

It looks like the Syria civil war may be coming to an end after the Russia,Turkey and Iranian recent agreement. This will be very good news indeed.

I will stick my neck out and predict a major financial crisis in October 2017. Due to the massive debt in the world financial system.

In conclusion keep fighting for peace and social justice and lets hope we make it through to 2018. God bless you all.


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