This Christmas I feel has an interesting spirit and energy connected to it. At the Christmas events that I have attended there is a sense of I am going to enjoy and let my hair down whatever the consequences. This is a very different atmosphere from previous  Xmas years when there has been a feeling of controlled celebrations.

We are living in tense and trying times. A world controlled by a war mongering corporate elite. However this festive season as I have already stated there is a sense that we are going to enjoy ourselves come what may.

The world is in a sense of transition with new leaders taking over. Donald Trump in the USA and Francois   Fillon almost certainly the  next president  of France being the obvious examples. Both leaders have stated that they want better relations with Russia so lets hope they choose the path of peace.

One thing that life and my spiritual mentor Eckhart  Tolle has taught me is to concentrate on the present moment and not the past or the future.

In the future we should of course fight for a better world. But for period between now and the new year take in the magic of Christmas and have some fun. Enjoy yourself in a spiritual and fun loving way.

Enjoy Christmas and god bless you all.


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