The parliamentary report that Rupert Murdoch is not fit to run a company is without doubt correct. The  phone hacking carried out by News International is outrageous.

However the parliamentary report poses certain questions.

Firstly Labour under the Blair and Brown governments were quite prepared to almost grovel to the Murdoch media empire when he supported the Labour governments from 1997.Blair even gave Murdoch the date of the general election before it was  publicly announced he even consulted him on government policies.

Secondly what we must learn from this whole episode is how rotten the whole international media system is. They overwhelmingly support corporate big business rule and the wars that they wage.

So what we must do is build an alternative media system from below with internet newspapers,internet television and radio stations. Also the 3D printing revolution could have a big affect on a new democratic media.

In conclusion I expect   that the Murdoch media empire may survive although sales of the Sun newspaper are falling rapidly.

But as I have already said it is down to us to build a new democratic media from below.



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