Last Sundays election in Greece led to two significant events.

Firstly in France the election of the Socialist party candidate Francois Hollande  as president of France and in Greece the big vote against austerity. In particular the big vote for Syriza who polled 16.8% of the vote and came second.

The defeat of  Nicholas Sarkozy was most welcome it is a defeat for the British, American and Israel war drive and a set back for neo liberalism. However Francois Hollande the new socialist president should not be entirely trusted. He has had meetings with City of London bankers and will probably back track quickly on his policies. However the defeat for Sarkozy is a welcome development.

In Greece the election result was a clear defeat for austerity.Syriza the radical Greek left coalition came second. Alexis Tsipras the Syriza leader has correctly refused to join an austerity government and opinion polls show that Syriza would top the poll in future elections with 27% of the vote.

In Greece people are taking action from below forming their own co-operatives and bartering systems and this should be the main lessons which we should take from the Greek and French elections results. It is basically down to us to take action from below by forming co-operatives, take over closed down enterprises and set up our own independent media enterprises. So in conclusion its down to us to fight  against austerity and for change from below.



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